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DAT307 Developing Applications With SQL Server Desktop Edition (MSDE) Stephen Forte (USA) CTO, Corzen Inc Microsoft Regional Director- New York.

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1 DAT307 Developing Applications With SQL Server Desktop Edition (MSDE) Stephen Forte (USA) CTO, Corzen Inc Microsoft Regional Director- New York

2 Speaker.Bio.ToString() CTO and co-Founder of Corzen, Inc Microsoft Regional Director for New York & NJ Wrote a few books (Jet, VB, SQL Server, Access) Writing ‘Yukon Book’ for MS Press due out in ‘04 Technical Editor & Author of VB/SQL Advisor International Conference Speaker for 6+ Years Co-moderator & founder of NYC.NET Developers Group Former CTO of Zagat Survey Hobbies include: high altitude trekking, scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing and independent film

3 In This Session Overview of MSDE Scenarios Types of applications you can create MSDE internals Upgrading to SQL Server Deployment Security Replication Managing your MSDE database

4 Overview Of MSDE Single user or small workgroup Same programming model as SQL Server Applications will run on all versions Designed for smaller systems Great for laptops, tablets (not for PocketPC) Mobile/disconnected user It’s redistributable – ship a DB with your app! Concurrency-based workload governor

5 Scenarios Types of apps Rich desktop application Low-end server application ASP.NET Web app [Example: ASP.NET Web matrix] Windows Server 2003, Web edition Low-end Web server applications No SQL database (only MSDE) Disconnected applications Provides offline, mobile usage Synch with server database

6 MSDE Specs Supports a maximum of 2 GB of RAM Five concurrent workload throttle (shh…actually eight!) Active connections only Throttle is per instance Sixteen instances per machine Enables multiple applications that use MSDE 2 GB database limit Limit applies to data (.mdf and.ndf files) No limit on transaction log (.ldf files) SMP limited to two CPUs No full-text search; no Analysis Services No GUI tools (only osql.exe is available) No publishing for transactional replication Merge replication is supported

7 Creating An Application Using MSDE demo demo

8 About The “Five Concurrent Workload Throttle” It is not user/connection limit It is a workload limit Throttling occurs when more than eight queries are concurrently executing Throttling affects all connections

9 Knowing When To Upgrade Detect throttling… is it time to upgrade? Errorlog has entries like 2000-02-02 11:03:17.20 spid12; this SQL Server has been optimized for five concurrent queries; this limit has been exceeded by two queries and performance may be affected DBCC ConcurrencyViolation shows a histogram

10 Moving To SQL Server Upgrade MSDE to SQL Server standard automatically Uses in-place upgrade using Install Easy! Unlimited users No governor Up to four CPUs Upgrading to Enterprise Edition Doesn’t do In-place upgrade Need to detach and re-attach to server

11 Upgrading To SQL Server: Our App After The Upgrade demo demo

12 Deploying MSDE Options 1. Simply use MSDE installer (easiest) Regular setup using setup.exe Could be automated by passing command-line parameters (/Q = silent) 2. Use MSDE Merge Modules Not recommended unless you provide regular patches [Microsoft cannot update msde – SP3 won’t work – only hotfix.exe] 3. Add.MSI file to your custom install programmatically (recommended)

13 MSDE Security Use Windows authenticated (instead of mixed mode) More secure No passwords in connection string Can use “IntegratedSecurity” instead

14 MSDE Security – SP3a DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS on by default Disables all network protocols (TCP/IP, Named Pipes, etc.) Box is now secure outside of local application (which uses shared memory) Existing setting retained when upgrading To allow network access use DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS = 0 during setup of MSDE You must specify an sa password during installation using SAPWD = “password value” Never use a blank sa password – security risk! Always use a strong password for the sa login

15 Replication No publishing for transactional replication Can subscribe to transactional publication Full publishing and subscribing for merge replication

16 Managing MSDE If you have Enterprise Manager, you can see/administer MSDE instances SQL Server Personal  Enterprise Manager MSDE  No Enterprise Manager Using SQL-DMO, you can also administer through code Things DMO can do Add users Attach/detach databases Configure settings

17 Managing SQL From Within Your Application Using SQL-DMO demo demo

18 Summary MSDE can be very useful for certain apps Deploying using.MSI See Brian Randell’s session tomorrow! 5.00 PM – DAT311 Virtually everything in SQL Server Books online will work on MSDE URL=/library/psdk/sql/portal_7ap1.htm

19 Questions?

20 Community Resources Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Newsgroups Converse online with Microsoft Newsgroups, including Worldwide User Groups Meet and learn with your peers

21 evaluations evaluations

22 © 2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

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