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Vocabulary #3 African-American Folk Tales and Storytellers.

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1 Vocabulary #3 African-American Folk Tales and Storytellers

2 extensive After the tornado, there was extensive damage to the houses in our neighborhood.

3 superficial The superficial cut on my arm barely bled at all.

4 articulate Sometimes when I am really upset it is hard for me to articulate my feelings.

5 distraction My cell phone is a terrible distraction when I’m trying to do my homework.

6 inclination I have a natural inclination to yell in a noisy room.

7 secluded Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother lived in a secluded house in the woods.

8 derived My name derived from the Greek origin, meaning “bold”.

9 detach Once you land on your feet, you can detach your parachute.

10 miscellaneous We divided our items into kitchen, playroom, bedroom, office, and miscellaneous.

11 tangible It was so tense in the room, the pressure in the air was almost tangible.

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