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Qhsun Unit One para.01 –L01 hints, tips, information –L01 vow, swear, assure, guarantee –L02 … was that of a gang of ten… … was those of a gang of ten…(X)

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1 qhsun Unit One para.01 –L01 hints, tips, information –L01 vow, swear, assure, guarantee –L02 … was that of a gang of ten… … was those of a gang of ten…(X) –L03 revere, respect, adore, worship, reverence –L04 oracle, prophecy para.02 –L02 sneak, steel(n.), creep(v.) –L04 captivate, charm, delight, attract, fascinate –L02 philosophy, idea

2 qhsun Unit One para.03 –L01 … in an environment where…, where…, where …in an environment there…, there… there (X) –L03 rebel, resist, oppose, disobey, revolt –L03 grossly, rather, very –L04 membership, member para.05 –L01 balk, refuse –L02 plague, disaster –L02 hectic, busy, occupied –L03 inclination, disposition

3 qhsun Unit One –L05 cleanliness, (n.) clean (a.), cleanly (a.& ad.) ( 喜清洁的 ) –spring, split, crack para.07 –L02 purge, purify, cleanse –L02 grime, dirt –L04 howl, bellow –L05 callous, hard para.08 –L02...I sat frozen in the bathtub… …I sat freezing in the bathtub…(X)

4 qhsun Unit One para.09 –L01 shrilling, sharp, harsh para.10 –L01 heave, utter –L02 unlatch, unfasten para.13 –L01 beckon, signal para.14 –L03 While I stood debating… While I stood debated… (X) L02 ungodly, outrageous, unbearable

5 qhsun Unit One –L03 stain, discolor, soil, dirt –L04 fade, disappear para.15 –L01 tog, clothes para.16 –L01 lavishly, wastefully –L01 smear, spread, embalm –L02 insulate, isolate, detach –L03 gleam, flash, shine –L04 … and I smelled God knows like what… … and I was smelled God knows like what…(X)

6 qhsun Unit One –L04 embalm, smear para.19 –L01 gasp, breath –L02 blurt, say, utter –L02 lunge, leap, jump –L03 tussle, struggle para.20 –L01 triumphantly, victoriously, triumph, triumphant para.21 –L01 grab, grasp, capture

7 qhsun Unit One –L01... a piece a rope nearby and came to my mother’s aid.... a piece a rope nearby and came through mother's aid.(X) –L01 claw, scratch –L03 jiffy, sudden, moment para.22 –L01 veld, grassland, prairie –L03 wizen, wither, wrinkle, shrivel –L03 ragged, torn, shabby –L03 ramble, roam, wander –L04 coterie, circle, group

8 qhsun Unit One –L04 shebeen, bar –L04 … in the backyard where they discuss… … in the backyard there they discuss…(X) –L05 contemplate, ponder; meditate –L07 … dusty streets in search of food… –L07 … dusty streets in search for food… (X) –L08 … carrying bawling infants piggyback. –L08 … carrying bawling infants piggybackly.(X)

9 qhsun Unit One para.23 –L03 chubby, plump, –L03 deafeningly, noisily, deaf, deafening – L04 swathe, wrap, bind –L05 scuttle, basket para.24 –L01 regretful, sorrowful, regret –L02 confound, confuse,embarrass –L02 unsolicited, unsought, solicited

10 qhsun Unit One para.25 –L01… and suddenly burst into tears… … and suddenly burst out tears…(X) burst into tears, laughter burst into crying, laughing(X) burst out crying, laughing burst out tears, laughter(X) –L03 tsotsi, rascal, hooligan, rogue

11 qhsun Unit One para.26 –L01 consolatory, relieving, comforting, console, relieve, comfort para.27 – L01 puffy, inflated, dilated, swollen para.28 –L01 sympathetic, rueful, sympathy para.29 –L01 shun, avoid para.32 –L01 ruefully, regretfully, sympathetically, sorrowfully

12 qhsun Unit One para.33 –L01 usher, direct, guide –L02 … a tiny cubicle facing a row… … a tiny cubicle faced a row…(X) para.34 –L01 rascal, mischief, hooligan, rogue –L01 wiry, well-built, muscular –L01 foppishly, showily, fashionably –L02 wiry man, foppishly dressed in a black… wiry man, foppishly dressing in a black…(X)

13 qhsun Unit One –L02 austere, strict, severe –L03 inscrutable, unfathomed, mysterious –L03 imposing, impressive, splendid, magnificent –L05 array, display, decorative –L05 nestle, lie(vi) –L06 … handkerchief whose presence was more… … handkerchief which presence was more…(X) utilize, utilitarian para.36 –L01 notorious, infamous, notoriety –L02 remedy, correct

14 qhsun Unit One para.37 –L03 grin, smile, laugh –L03 … in a manner suggesting that he had wanted me to… … in a manner suggesting that he want me to…(X) para.38 –L02 inkling, idea, thought para.39 –L01 register, enroll para.41 –L01 surrender, give up, abandon

15 qhsun Unit One –L02 … independence over to what I heard … …in dependence over to that I heard… (X) –L02 tyrannous, arbitrary, tyranny –L05 … principal’s office gave ample credence to rumors… … principal’s office give ample credence about rumors…(X) –L06 allegiance, loyalty para.42 –L01 lamentation, lament –L02 compelling, convincing, compulsory –L05 humiliation, shame, disgrace

16 qhsun Unit One para.43 –L01 accost, greet para.47 –L02 cleaver, cut, knife –L02 chase, pursue –L03 intervene, interfere para.48 –L01 brush aside, ignore –L02 skirmish, conflict, dispute para.49 –L01 growling, yell

17 qhsun Unit One para.51 –L01 whore, prostitute para.54 –L01 obscenity, indecency, lewdness –L01 dare, challenge, provoke –L02 pelt, strike, assail –L02 tirade, abuse para.55 –L01 overwhelm, submerge, affect, engulf –L02 nosey, inquisitive –L02 congregate, gather

18 qhsun Unit One –L03 spectacle, performance, display –L03 Not wanting to make a spectacle of myself… Wanting not to make a spectacle of myself…(X) –L03 … of myself, which was something many of … … of myself, that/ what was something many of my … (X) –L06 bruise, injure –L06 puff, distend, swell, (puffed, swollen) –L06 … puffed to the point where she could… –L06 … puffed to the point there she could…(X) para.56 –L02 disfigure, mar, spoil, deform

19 qhsun Unit One para.59 –L01 reluctant, unwilling –L02 delicacy, tasty, delicious, tasty(n.& a.) para.66 –L01 bolt,lightning –L02 mechanism, system –L02 pretext, excuse para.69 –L05 lot, fortune –L06 … a world and life different from that of … … a world and life different from those of…(X)

20 qhsun Unit One –L07 … different from that of either of your father’s and… … different from that of either of your father and…(X) –L08 perseveringly, persistently, insistently, persevere –L08 … will open the door where… … will open the door there… (X) –L10 embrace, accept para.70 –L01 reflect, ponder, meditate para.72 –L02 thunderous, tremendous, thunder

21 qhsun Unit One –L03 … my mind, like darkness giving way to … … my mind, like darkness giving away to… (X) –L04 yawning, gaping –L04 void, empty, unoccupied –L05 blot out, defeat, destroy, vanquish –L06 … blot out all the blackness. … blot out all the black (X) dark, darkness (in the dark, in the darkness) –L07 … in me, I hadn’t been aware of up until now. … in me, I hadn’t been aware up until now. (X)

22 qhsun Unit One para.73 –L02 … under the sway of tribal tradition,… … in the sway of tribal tradition,…(X) –L02 …, thought it unnecessary to educate… …, thought of it unnecessary to educate…(X) –L04 … would come to go, old as I would be then. … would come to go, as old I would be then. (X) para.74 –L03 illiterate, ignorance, uneducated –L06 magnitude, greatness, significance –L07 thrust, push, force –END--

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