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OSTOMY CARE A Brief Overview Catherine Walsh RN,BSN,CWOCN.

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1 OSTOMY CARE A Brief Overview Catherine Walsh RN,BSN,CWOCN

2 Types of Ostomies Colostomy= large intestine Ileostomy= small intestine Ileal Conduit/Urostomy=urine

3 Appliances Available One piece-Active Life=Cut-to-fit Two piece=Natura wafer and pouch, must match, cut-to-fit Pediatric Pouches=urostomy and drainable (colostomy), one piece Preemie=Newborn pouches-up to 10lbs

4 Additional Ostomy Supplies Stomahesive Paste Stomahesive barrier=4x4, 8x8 Colostomy clamps Colostomy deodorant Stoma dressing-Stomaseal-for non-producing stomas Skin prep (Coloplast),

5 Care Measure stoma with measuring guide. Cut wafer/base same size as stoma. If measuring guide not available, cut small then enlarge opening as needed. Never leave exposed skin to contact with effluent.

6 Care…continued Clean skin with water only Do not use perineal wipes or bath wipes around area for appliance when system is off pt

7 Care… Continued Paste is applied only to immediate area around stoma- like caulking a pipe Remove paper backing thick base first Apply to skin Skin prep only where tape goes Remove remaining paper.

8 Care…continued Fold pouch over clamp only once-more folds will break lock of clamp and leak Deodorant may be placed in pouch before clamping Urostomy pouches must be opened when attached to foley bag

9 Care…continued Empty ½ full Do not let fill to top-will leak Replace when leakage occurs Ileostomy and Urostomy not connected to foley bag will fill quickly-2 hours Empty/burp gas frequently-teach pt-can detach completely

10 Weartime: One piece pouch: 3-4 days or longer Two piece system: 5-7 days Contact WOCN nurse if changing more often


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