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Moving Along: The Muscular System.

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1 Moving Along: The Muscular System

2 Parts of the Muscular System
Muscle Tendons

3 Muscle Muscle is an organ: cells and tissues that work together.
The basic unit of a muscle is called a muscle cell. Aka muscle fibers Since it is a living thing, it needs what? There are more than 650 muscles in your body. Males weight can be up to 42% muscle. Females weight can be about 35%

4 Do You Want to or Not: Classifying Muscles
Voluntary: muscles that you can control Involuntary: when muscles work without you controlling them. Ex.? Sometimes involuntary muscles can be controlled and not controlled. EX.?

5 Which is it?

6 Voluntary Muscles Are usually called “skeletal muscles” because they are attached to the skeletal system. They can also be called “striated muscles” because if you look at the muscle under a microscope they look like they have stripes. Skeletal muscles need lots of food and water.


8 Involuntary Muscle They work without thinking about it!
They are found in your skin, blood vessels, and in the organs inside your body. Cardiac Muscle is only found in your heart.

9 Holding it All Together: Tendons
Tendons: attach muscle to bone. Muscle is attached to bone in two places. At one end, the attachment is firm called the “origin” of the muscle. The other end is stretchy and is called the “insertion”.

10 Common injuries to tendons
Tendonitis: when the covering around tendons becomes swollen and very sore. Sprain: when a muscle, tendon, or ligament has been stretched too far. Some times tendons can detach from the bone and needs to be surgically repaired.

11 What's it’s job? Muscular system gives the body extra shape.
Muscle Tone is the way it looks and works. Good muscle tone is developed by using muscles properly. Hypertrophy muscle size increase in size from being used too much. Atrophy muscle size is reduced from a lack of use.

12 Hypertrophy Atrophy

13 What’s it’s job? Cont. Moves the skeletal system
And pushes materials through passages in your body. Ex. digestive system, blood vessels, muscles of the pupil, cardiac muscles

14 Activity 1.) Write your name 15 times and record how long it took to do so.

15 2.) Open and close your fist as many times as possible for one minute.

16 3.) Repeat 1 and 2

17 4.) rest for 5 min. and write your name 15 more times

18 How did your hand feel after #1?
How did your hand feel after the second 15 times? And so on? How did you hand feel after you rested for 5 min.? Did your hand writing change? How? Why

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