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What happens when ICE melts? From (environ)mental block age to the co-creative flow of natural inclusion Alan Rayner.

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1 What happens when ICE melts? From (environ)mental block age to the co-creative flow of natural inclusion Alan Rayner

2 Trapped by self-definition Our perception of environmental crisis makes us ask ‘what can we do about it?’ But we don’t question the thinking that traps us in adversarial views of self and neighbourhood We can change how we view our human situation in the world This can help us to live more harmoniously

3 Two questions of feeling How does it feel to understand your self fluidly, as a simultaneously receptive and responsive inclusion of all you behold? How does it feel to deny or be denied that understanding?

4 The thought that leads to conflict Pitting ‘self’ or ‘us’ against ‘other’ ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’ – Hamlet ‘The environment is everything that isn’t me’ – Einstein ‘The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life’ – Darwin ‘You are either with us or against us’ – sundry political ‘leaders’

5 The thought that leads to care including context in self and self in context ‘In Nature everything is distinct, yet nothing defined into absolute, independent singleness’ – William Wordsworth ‘We cannot step in the same river twice’; ‘wisdom is…understanding of how all is steered through all’ – Heraclitus ‘The microbe is nothing, the terrain is all’ – Louis Pasteur

6 Representations of space and boundaries – what makes us detach from nature? ‘Nature does not complete things. She is chaotic. Man must finish, and he does so by making a garden and building a wall’ – Robert Frost From Warm Involvement to COLD DETACHMENT Fluid and FIXED perceptions of natural geometry

7 Dynamic involvement – fluid nature

8 Arid confrontation - the rationalization of nature

9 The cubical cubicle of objective rationality – ‘the ICE block’ The fixed perception of natural geometry corresponds with classical objective rationality Based on the exclusion of space from matter and resulting logic of absolutely definable form Everything, by definition, is made discontinuous: either A or not A, it cannot be both – the Law of the Excluded Middle

10 The fluid dimensionality of inclusionality Recognizes that material (informational) and immaterial (spatial) are mutually inclusive Inner/outer worlds are dynamically continuous All local appearances arise as flow-forms in dynamic receptive and responsive relationship Space (receptive influence) pools together and boundaries (responsive surfacing) are dynamic relational interfacings

11 The fluid logic of inclusionality A new logic and principle of the ‘included middle’ The inhabitant is a dynamic inclusion of the habitat, not an exception from it Inclusional flow entails the local-non-local logic of somewhere as a dynamic inclusion of everywhere

12 Future Present Diversity outflowing the box

13 Natural Inclusion The co-creative, fluid dynamic transformation of all through all in receptive spatial context ©

14 A Copernican revolution of ‘self as neighbourhood’ From local, fixed centred and discontinuous, to local-non-local and dynamically continuous Self-identity is transfigured from an autonomous ‘I alone’ to a receptive-responsive, local-non- local dynamic neighbourhood The ‘ghost in the machine’ decentralizes everywhere. Receptive (loving) influence permeates all

15 Mathematical re-evolution The fluid continuity of natural numerical form and geometry is recovered through dynamic spatial inclusion ©

16 Channel no. 5 One, other twogether

17 The ‘superchannel’ of fluid neighbourhood Overlapping local spheres of non-local influence create a continuous, double helical, resonant channel of three-in-one informational couplings

18 The language and art of natural inclusion Definitive language and imagery reinforce discontinuous perceptions of nature Inclusional language and imagery correspond with evolutionary flow

19 Lament and Longing inclusional images and lyrics

20 Digitalis

21 The war of the pots and kettles

22 Holding openness

23 The hole in the mole

24 Child of reason

25 Achilles heal

26 Inclusional Research Forum

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