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حول إمكانية عزل الجاذبية الكونية

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1 حول إمكانية عزل الجاذبية الكونية

2 تجارب حديثة في الموضوع Introduction Some Features of Superconductors
Summary of the new discovery Experiments and Theoretical outline Physics Lows Applications Conclusion

3 مدخل نظري إلى موضوع الجاذبية
Is it true that no more big discoveries? Is there a theory for every experiment? What percentage of what we know to what we don’t know? What did Einstein said about the growth of our knowledge?

4 الخصائص البارزة في الموصلات الفائقة
Los of Resistance Magnetic Levitation Magnetic Shielding Ultra Magnetic Sensing

5 ملخص تاريخ الاكتشاف In 1991 Dr. Ning Li published a paper about the possibility of weak gravitation shielding based on General Relativity. In 1992 E. Podkletnov reported an experiment with 0.3% reduction of weight. In 1994 Podkletnov was contacted by G. Modanese, theoretician for more info. In 1994 Podkletnov could shield 0.5% of gravity In 1995 G. Modanese submitted an article to LA archives explaining theoretically the shielding effect

6 تابع تاريخ الاكتشاف In middle of 1995, a paper made by Pod. Was accepted for publication by Journal of Physics D of IO in England, but was withdrawn later by the author At the end of 1996 J. Schnurer, got in contact with Modanese and began to look for a simplified version of Podkletnov apparatus In 1999 Modanese issued another updated theoretical report to explain the effect. Recent experiment claimed shielding of 2% of gravity, Including recent work by Pod. Himself.

7 أحد التجارب البارزة First Experiment made by Podkletnov in “ disk made from YBCO, Positive 0.3%

8 تجربة أخرى نتائجها مذهلة
2nd Exp. made by Podkletnov in % YBCO (10”)

9 وتجربة في مكان آخر John Shnurer % YBCO, 1”

10 ناسا تشارك في البحث عن الحقيقة
Ning Li March YBCO, 10” Supported by NASA. Sure About results

11 مزيد من التجارب والبحث Peter L. Skeggs July YBCO, 1” No effect was recorded

12 خلفيات علمية نظرية Since 1989 and early 1990, Ning Li of Huntsville, Alabama has been working to prove that a Superconductor disk spinning in high frequency should have an anti-gravity effect. It was assumed by Einstein that a spinning object shall disturb the gravitational fields but the effect is too small to be sensed. She claimed that Superconductors can amplify the effect.

13 هل يوجد تعارض بين النظرية والتجربة
In 1995 and 1999 two reports theoretically explain the effect. He rejected the results of Classical General Relativity because the effect is 10 times larger in magnitude. He thinks that results don’t contradict, nor violates Physics lows. It is a special situation in special environment. Prof. G. Modense Theoretician

14 الصدام مع القوانين الفزيائية
Some think that results don’t violate Physics lows but are special situation in special environment (Modanese) Some think that General Relativity already expected the effect (Ning Li). Superconductivity already violated Physics lows and is not yet modeled theoretically. However, no body could deny experimental results. Physics lows were based on our experience of this real life and limited to it. Angles, Jin!! Already violated known Physics lows and they cant be measured yet!!

15 التطبيقات المذهلة لعزل الجاذبية
As the Daily Tlegraph said: Applications are only limited by ones imagination. Everything you can think of could be revolutionary changed. Cars could move with no wheels No more need for highways, railroads Airplanes could travel without fuel! House roofs could be established without any columns All space become a small village for humans Electricity can be generated almost with no cost

16 المواد الفائقة بدون مقاومة للكهرباء
درجة الحرارة - كالفين المقاومية (أوم/م)

17 فيديو مصور ظاهرة الطفو في المواد الفائقة

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