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"With dreary obedience the choir raised their hands." pg. 23 Abby VDT.

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1 "With dreary obedience the choir raised their hands." pg. 23 Abby VDT

2 "Then Piggy, too, raised his hand grudgingly into the air." pg. 23 Bailey

3 The Vote

4 "About being called Piggy. I said I didn't care as long as they didn't call me piggy; an I said not to tell and then you went an said straight out--" (pg. 25) Quinnn:)

5 Ralph, looking with more understanding at Piggy, saw that he was hurt and crushed. (pg.25) Estere

6 He hovered between the two courses of apology or further insult. pg.25 trevor “Better Piggy than Fatty…”

7 A kind of glamour was spread over them and the scene and they were conscious of the glamour and made happy by it. (pg. 25) Abby B

8 "What made this track?" p. 26 Elliott

9 "Ralph peered into the darkness under the trees. The forest minutely vibrated." pg. 26 Bretteny

10 Immersed in these tangles, at perhaps their most difficult moment. Pg. 27 Morgan,Ralph turned with shining eyes to the others.

11 "Again came the solemn communion of shining eyes in the gloom." PG. 27 Alexis

12 "There was no place for standing on one's head. This time Ralph expressed his intensity of emotion by pretending to knock Simon down." pg27 Kim P. 28 boys roll rock size of car together

13 The coral was scribbled in the sea as though a giant hand bent down to reproduce the shape of the island in a flowing chalking line but tired before he had finished. pg 29 Plendl

14 "The three boys rushed forward and Jack drew his knife again with a flourish." Pg. 31 Daren

15 The pause was only long enough for them to understand what an enormity the downward stroke would be. "I was going to," said Jack..."I was choosing a place. Next time!" p.s. (pg. 31) Allison

16 "You cut a pig's throat to let the blood out," said Jack, "otherwise you can't eat the meat." "Why didn't you-?" (pg.31) Schwaybs

17 "They knew why he hadn't: because of the enormity of the knife cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood." pg. 31 Lexe:)

18 "Next time there would be no mercy." Daniel Next time there would be no mercy. He looked round fiercely, daring them to contradict. pg. 31 – Jenny "He looked around fiercely, daring them to contradict." pg 31 Steph

19 *** NOTES***

20 Theme (According to Golding) “The theme is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature.” Moral: the shape of society must depend on the individual and not any political system however logical or respectable.

21 Allegorical Novel: main ideas and themes conveyed through symbolic characters and objects Piggy – scientific logic and intelligence Roger – brutality & bloodlust to the extreme Ralph – order, leadership, civilization Jack – unbridled savagery & desire for power Simon –natural human goodness (Christ figure) Conch --

22 Homework Chapter 3 – Worksheet

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