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Solace for the soulS ‘Originally prepared to as presentation in camps in Gulf and India’

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1 Solace for the soulS ‘Originally prepared to as presentation in camps in Gulf and India’


3 BIBLE IS  God’s Revelation  The Will of God for every human being being  Revealed through prophets & other men of God  God’s Inspirations

4  Bible is Ancient  First book written around 3400 years ago  Last book written around 2000 years ago  Beginning of the Universe, Pre- historic Events, etc …..(All Explained) TRUE FACTS

5 Does the Bible contradict with true scientific facts discovered in modern history???? No….Not at all

6 Until A.D. 1400 everybody believed that the earth was flat 1. Earth is flat/round

7 About 2700 years ago prophet Isaiah wrote that the earth is “ROUND”

8 Isaiah 40:22 “It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth” Circle = Khung (Hebrew) Implies “Sphericity” or “Roundness”

9 Proverbs 8:27 “He set a compass upon the face of the depth” Compass = Spherical

10 Heavenly bodies like planets, sun, moon & stars are just suspended in empty space What’s keeping them in their orbits?

11 Isaac Newton formulated in A.D. 1666 that: “It is their motion against the force of gravity”

12 Book of Job written around 4000 years ago mentions that the earth is suspended in empty space

13 Job 26:7 “He (God)………… hangeth the earth upon nothing”

14 2. Blood Essential factor of Human Body By purification of blood any disease can be healed

15 Modern Medical Science Discovery Transport of Transport of Respiratory Respiratory Gases Gases Transport of Transport of Nutrition Nutrition Drainage of Drainage of waste products waste products Acting as a Acting as a vehicle for vehicle for hormones, hormones, vitamins vitamins Maintenance of Maintenance of water balance water balance Maintenance of Maintenance of Imbalance Imbalance Regulation & Regulation & distribution of distribution of body temperature body temperature Defensive Defensive action against action against bacteria & bacteria & foreign substance foreign substance Maintenance of Maintenance of osmotic osmotic pressure in pressure in tissues tissues Life of tissues is in the blood

16 Lev. 17:11 “For the life of the flesh is in the flesh is in the blood” blood”

17 Reflections of Modern Scientific Discoveries are in the Bible in Prophetical Language

18 3.Modern Satellite Technology Prophesied in Rev. 11:9 That the dead bodies of two prophets lying in the streets of Jerusalem shall be seen by “they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations” Not Impossible with today’s Satellite Technology

19 4. Modern Information Revolution Prophesied in Dan 12:4 ….knowledge shall be increased….. ….knowledge shall be increased….. Anything….Anywhere…. Anytime at the fingertips Indication Towards the Modern I.T. Revolution

20 5. Computerization was in the annuls of the Bible as prophecy Read Rev. 13:18 “……..number of the beast (Anti- Christ)……. 666


22 So, Bible is Reliable Accurate Truth

23 Bible Says; “ For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son, whoever believeth in Him will have eternal life” (Jn.3:16)

24 Your comments: Visit us online: ‘Originally prepared to as presentation in camps in Gulf and India’

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