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Vocabulary 13 Using Context Clues. Adept Very skilled; proficient; expert.

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1 Vocabulary 13 Using Context Clues

2 Adept Very skilled; proficient; expert

3 Axiom A self-evident truth; a universally accepted principle or rule

4 Complement Something that completes or makes perfect; either of two parts or things that constitute a whole; counterpart; full quantity or amount

5 Confound To perplex or amaze; confuse; to throw into confusion or disorder; to contradict or refute

6 Cumulative Increasing or growing by accumulation or successive additions

7 Delve To carry on intensive and thorough research for data, information, or the like

8 Diligent Constant in effort to accomplish something; done or pursued with persevering attention; painstaking; industrious; untiring; tireless

9 Superlative Of the highest kind or order; excessive or exaggerated, as in language

10 Tantalize To torment with the sight or prospect of something desired that cannot be reached or attained; tease by arousing expectations

11 Unerring Not going astray or missing the mark; undeviatingly accurate; unfailingly right or appropriate

12 Vocabulary 14 Compound Words

13 Backlash An antagonistic reaction to an earlier action

14 Benchmark A standard in measuring or judging a quality or characteristic

15 Common sense Sound judgment

16 Gridlock Complete lack of movement or progress

17 Outsource Send work to an outside resource

18 Overkill More of something than is necessary or appropriate

19 Superhighway An expressway that has four or more lanes for traffic

20 Tip-off Confidential disclosure

21 Underdog One that is expected to lose

22 Wind chime Hanging decoration that makes noise when there is a breeze

23 Vocabulary 15 The Latin Roots frag and fract

24 Defray To undertake the payment of costs or expenses

25 Fractional Comprising a part or the parts of a unit; comparatively small; inconsiderable or insignificant

26 Fractious Peevish, irritable, or quarrelsome; refractory or unruly; testy, petulant; snappish; touchy; stubborn; difficult

27 Fragment A small part broken off or detached; to break or separate something into small pieces

28 Frail Physically weak or delicate; easily broken or destroyed

29 Fritter To reduce or squander little by little

30 Infraction A violation of a law or rule

31 Infringe To trespass or encroach on; to violate or go beyond the limits of

32 Osprey A large fish-eating bird

33 Refractory Obstinately resistant to authority or control; resistant to treatment

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