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{ Word List # 10: Cred-believe Contra/Counter- against.

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1 { Word List # 10: Cred-believe Contra/Counter- against

2 { Granting approval or belief in a school Accreditation (n)

3 { A document that proves a person is believable Credential (n)

4 { Believable; reliable Credible (adj)

5 { To believe that someone will do something Credit (v)

6 { A person who believes that he will be paid back the money that he loaned Creditor (n)

7 { Tending to believe too easily; easily convinced; easily fooled Credulous (adj)

8 { A set of religious beliefs or principles Creed (n)

9 { To refuse to believe; to reject as untrue Discredit (v)

10 { Not believable; improbable; unlikely Incredible (adj)

11 { Doubting; unwilling or unable to believe Incredulous (adj)

12 Contraband (n)  Anything that is against the law to buy or sell

13 Contradict (v)  To express the opposite

14 Contrarian (n)  A person who thinks differently from other people; a person who does the opposite of what is expected

15 Contrary (adj)  Completely different; opposite in nature, opinion, or action

16 Contrast (v)  To look at different things to see how they are opposites or not related

17 Counterbalance (n)  A weight used to balance an opposite weight

18 Counterclockwise (adv)  In the direction that is opposite of the direction thee hands of the clock move

19 Counterexample (n)  An example used to support a claim or statement that is the opposite of another claim or statement

20 Counterfeit (adj)  Being the opposite of real; fake or artificial

21 Counterintuitive (adj)  Goes against your gut feeling or common sense

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