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Paddy Stapleton Retirement Planning The new you. Paddy Stapleton Retirement Planning  End of key phase  Beginning of new phase  OPPORTUNITY to live.

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1 Paddy Stapleton Retirement Planning The new you

2 Paddy Stapleton Retirement Planning  End of key phase  Beginning of new phase  OPPORTUNITY to live your remainder of life DREAM

3 Paddy Stapleton childhood adolescence adulthood retirement old age Traditional view of life Personal Growth

4 Paddy Stapleton childhood adolescence adulthood new life retire- ment New view of life old age Personal Growth

5 Paddy Stapleton Transition WORKING LIFE TO DATE Structured Job Title – Identity Regular Income Part of Work Community REACTIVE NEW LIFE New Opportunities Mix of Working, Learning, Relaxing, Trying New Things Reduced Earnings New Identity New Community PROACTIVE

6 Paddy Stapleton What would be great for you to get from this presentation?

7 Paddy Stapleton FEARSEXPECTATIONS Retirement Planning

8 Paddy Stapleton Pre retirement – planning period Hesitation – will I or won’t I? Anticipation – I can’t wait The Big Day – Celebration Honeymoon Phase – I’m Free Disenchantment Phase – Is this it? Reorientation – Building a new identity Embark on a new routine Phases of retirement

9 Paddy Stapleton I can be done without Life goes on Too much free time Anxiety and boredom  Pessimists complain about the wind  Optimists hope it will change  Realists adjust the sails (proactive) Can be a strong connection between work (paid or voluntary) and mental health Isolation

10 Paddy Stapleton Mistakes help us discover who we are  Discover limits to our capabilities  Become more tolerant of self / others “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful, than a life spent doing nothing” G.B. Shaw Mistakes

11 Paddy Stapleton Mind SpiritBody Transition Values 3 Pillars

12 Paddy Stapleton Values Core beliefs –Identify what you enjoy –Evaluate what is important for you –Identify opportunities that are likely to be satisfying Do things in line with values – Happy Do things that contradict values - Stress Think Values first - Good decisions will follow

13 Paddy Stapleton New Brand Other Side StreamStory Like a New Career NewOpportunities Work Reflection MIND Not just a pensioner Not just a pensioner New title New title Build self-esteem Build self-esteem Prepare Prepare Leave with warm feeling Leave with warm feeling Ritual/Event Ritual/Event Not still water Not still water Travel Travel Hobbies Hobbies Learning Learning Family Family Friends Friends Meaningful Meaningful Voluntary Voluntary Paid Paid Successes Successes Failures Failures Made a difference Made a difference 20/30 years 20/30 years Purpose Purpose Milestones Milestones Don’t simply retire from something......have something to retire to

14 Paddy Stapleton Successes and Failures in life A positive process for some Others ruminate over failures and wrongdoings Bitterness and anger are not good  Emotionally  Physically  Mentally Complete life achievement exercise (10 year gaps)  Positive impact on self-esteem Life review

15 Paddy Stapleton Inventory of  Values  Interests  Skills We become experts on our weaknesses; meanwhile our skills and strengths lie dormant We only realise 40% of our potential Self awareness “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” Steve Jobs You are more than your job

16 Paddy Stapleton HealthFinance Learning Boundary Management Boundary Management BODY Exercise Exercise Diet Diet Checks Checks Plan Plan Review Review Discuss Discuss Support Hobby / Work Support Hobby / Work New tech – iPhone Laptop New tech – iPhone Laptop Language Language D.I.Y. D.I.Y.

17 Paddy Stapleton Recontract with partner: - Space - Tasks - Time together - Own hobbies - Own friendships - Travel Contract with family: - Babysitting - Money Conversation – Key - Manage expectations Boundary management

18 Paddy Stapleton Save for the future – enjoy the present Key Outer success vs Inner success Outer Success: House, car, expensive holiday Inner success:Quality time, family time, time to think These good feelings can be replicated in a much less expensive manner. Money saved can fund what you really want in the future Finance

19 Paddy Stapleton SPIRIT - Quiet Reflection time -Compassion & Community support - Make a difference 'Be' Different in addition to 'Doing' Different things Legacy Identify things I would like to be remembered by Positivity - Positive Plan in morning - Daily Reflections - Interact with Positive People

20 Paddy Stapleton Transform into empowering beliefs I naively believed if I did a good job in the past, opportunities would come to me I’m not as qualified as some of the new kids on the block My old job is all I know I could never imagine myself doing anything else Because of my age I feel I don’t have many options If I move into a new job it will increase stress for me and my family LimitingBeliefs

21 Paddy Stapleton Wheel of life Work Spiritual Health Hobbies Family Friends Learning Finance SignificantOther Balance

22 Paddy Stapleton Wheel of life Work Spiritual Health Hobbies FamilyFriends Learning Finance SignificantOther Balance Plans Aspirations

23 Paddy Stapleton Options adjust the sails panic zone stretch zone comfort zone learning zone

24 Paddy Stapleton Adjust the sails

25 Paddy Stapleton Happy and fulfilling retirement The new you

26 Paddy Stapleton Values Work Target Market Promotion Brand Learning Competency WORK Helping others Helping others Delivering real value Delivering real value Family Family Fairness Fairness Leadership Leadership Strategic planning Strategic planning Change management Change management Facilitation Facilitation Coaching Coaching On-going Renewal & Development On-going Renewal & Development Experience Experience Knowledgeable Knowledgeable Making a difference Making a difference Supportive Supportive Create awareness Create awareness Networking Networking Suitable fit Suitable fit Meaning & purpose Meaning & purpose Paid / voluntary Paid / voluntary Time commitment Time commitment

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