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REVIEW TIME World History: Chapter 14. Socialism deals with what area?

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1 REVIEW TIME World History: Chapter 14

2 Socialism deals with what area?

3 What/who should own businesses in socialism?

4 Socialism was created to contradict what “ism” of the IR?

5 Socialism emphasizes the group’s importance. True or False.

6 Socialism believes that people should cooperate together for the common good and have no.

7 Who developed communism?

8 What was the book called authored by Karl Marx?

9 What did Karl Marx believe history was all about?

10 Who are the bourgeoisie?

11 How did Karl Marx believe classes should be overthrown?

12 What “ism” defines common ownership in Marxism?

13 What blinded people according to Karl Marx?

14 What is suffrage?

15 What group of people esp. wanted the right to vote?

16 Generically, women finally received the right to vote after what war?

17 What was the temperance movement against?

18 Why was it hard to pass laws to restrict beer sales?

19 What did America pass to ban alcohol that was eventually overturned?

20 What law in GB allowed the price of food to drop?

21 The Reform Bill in GB allowed what class of citizens to vote?

22 What is the idea of universal manhood suffrage called?

23 Benjamin Disraeli allowed voting in GB to all male.

24 Which PM in GB created secret ballot, improved education, and a national court system?

25 Which House in Parliament could no longer veto bills proposed in the House of Commons?

26 Who took control of France after the revolutions in 1848?

27 Louis Napoleon Bonaparte allowed few freedoms and made France have limited liberties. True or False

28 Why did L.N.B. lose the throne of France?

29 What is hostility to Jews called?

30 What are targeted attacks Russia did against Jews called?

31 Capt. Alfred Dreyfus was accused of doing what in France?

32 Capt. Alfred Dreyfus was found guilty of passing information to the enemy. True or False

33 What “ism” in culture attempted to imitate the past and emphasize love of freedom and nature?

34 What “ism” replaced Romanticism that looked at life as it really was?

35 Louis Pasteur created the process of pasteurization which helps reduce the harm of what?

36 What book did Charles Darwin author?

37 Charles Darwin came to believe that all life came from who/what?

38 What was the first nation to develop railroads?

39 Why were railroads an important means of transportation?

40 What nation was the best or most prominent of railroads?

41 What did steamships no longer require to power them?

42 The internal combustion engine was helpfully in revolutionizing what form of transportation?

43 Who mass produced automobiles in America?

44 What powers an internal combustion engine?

45 Who conquered flight first?

46 In what year did the Wrights conquer flight?

47 What did the Wrights build to test their machines?

48 What is the most complex part of any aircraft?

49 What was the original occupation of the Wright brothers?

50 Who created the telegraph machine?

51 Who developed the telephone?

52 What region struggled even while Europe and America were advancing quickly?

53 Porfirio Diaz was the ruler of what nation for many years?

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