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Outcome 4 Alignment of Content, Instruction and Assessment.

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1 Outcome 4 Alignment of Content, Instruction and Assessment

2 Foundational Curriculum Terms Objectives: –By the end of this activity, participants will be able to: Recall and explain the definitions of foundational curriculum terms Organize foundational terms into a framework of logical relationships

3 Definitions are established Consistent definitions across the state Definitions are aligned with other Department initiatives and programs

4 Directions 1.Review definitions and cards. p73 2.Create a framework, visual representation (i.e., how the terms work together/can be logically organized). 3.Copy your framework onto a sheet of chart paper. 4.Post your framework, be prepared to explain. 5.Compare your framework to another model framework, discuss similarities and differences. 6.Change your framework if necessary, based on any new perspectives.

5 Alignment expert – Brad Neibling DVD

6 6 Understanding Alignment What is Alignment? –To paraphrase…The extent to which and how well all policy elements (e.g., content, instruction, and assessment) work together to guide instruction and, ultimately, student learning (Webb, 1997). –In other words…content, instruction, and assessments need to provide clear messages about the important goals and outcomes of the educational system. –Alignment information can be thought of as a characteristic of the relationship among content, instruction, and assessment

7 7 Understanding Alignment DVD slides match The purpose of alignment work is to determine the extent to which content, instruction, and assessment are in agreement AND facilitate student learning. It’s not just an event…it’s a process!

8 8 Why Alignment is Important Aligned content, instruction, and assessment provide clear messages about important goals and outcomes. Conversely, when policy elements contradict each other, increased stress and pressure may be placed on educators and students.

9 9 Why Alignment is Important Having alignment data provides valuable information about system functioning to be used for improvement efforts. Poorly aligned instructional content with assessments can “result in our underestimating the effect of instruction on learning” (Anderson, 2002).

10 10 Why Alignment is Important What research tells us the impact of alignment on student outcomes –As alignment between what is taught and assessments increases, so to do student outcomes (e.g., Gamoran et al., 1997; Cohen, 1987). –This is true even for students with low achievement, low SES, and ethnically and culturally diverse groups. –Important to consider both topical/ conceptual information, as well as cognitive complexity when measuring alignment.

11 11 Alignment Logic and the Iowa Core Curriculum The Iowa Core Curriculum defines the Essential Concepts and Skill Sets students need to learn. The content of instruction should be guided by (aligned with) the Iowa Core Curriculum. Fair assessment practices means students are assessed on what they are supposed to learn (align assessments with the Iowa Core Curriculum). Fair assessment practices also means students are assessed on what they have will have or had an opportunity to learn (align assessments with instructional content).

12 12 Rationale for Alignment In other words… –figure out what to teach (i.e., the Iowa Core Curriculum), –teach it, and –assess it Because if we don’t… –we are being unfair, and –adults and children get confused and frustrated Instead, the goal of alignment with the Iowa Core Curriculum is to… –reduce confusion –improve opportunity to learn for students, and ultimately –improve outcomes for each and every student

13 Outcome 5: Professional Development to improve Content, Instruction, and Assessment

14 Iowa Professional Development Profile Aligns w/Outcome 5- Action 2 Need total score from profile to complete self- study


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