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AttributedVTo give credit for something The doctors have attributed the cause of the illness to an unknown virus. Accredited ImposedVTo force someone to.

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1 AttributedVTo give credit for something The doctors have attributed the cause of the illness to an unknown virus. Accredited ImposedVTo force someone to accept something I don’t want them to impose their religious beliefs on my children. Force SuccinctAdjmarked by short concise expression without wasted words Anderson put the same point more succinctly. Concise AlludeVto speak of or hint at without mentioning directly Rick didn't want to discuss his past, though he alluded darkly to some bad things that happened Imply InferredVto arrive at as a conclusion: Guess, surmise: ImplyGuess From the evidence we can infer that the victim knew her killer. Conclude

2 ContrastNAn obvious difference between two or more things. I like the contrast of the white pants with the black jacket. Difference ParallelAdjDescribes an event or situation that happens at the same time as and/or is similar to another one Parallel experiments are being conducted in the same university. Similarity FluctuateVTo be constantly changing especially up and down Prices were volatile, fluctuating between $20 and $40. Vary DeviateV, Adj To turn aside from a course, principle, standard, or topic The plane had to deviate from its normal flight path. Change DisplaceVTo remove from a usual or proper place: to expel or force to flee : to remove physically out of position; to take the place of Fifty thousand people have been displaced by the fighting. Replace


4  Before the purchase begins  Determine how much you can afford  How much you make per check minus your:  Personal bills  Pocket money  Money for necessities (i.e. food)  Stick to this budget  What cars can you afford?  Look at a wide variety  Decide on a car that fits your budget, can be easy and cheap to maintain and is comfortable.

5  Now you can go either to a dealership or see if a car is being sold on the street  Compare prices between dealerships  If you can, have the dealers compete  Buying a car at a dealership  Never tell a dealership how much you can afford  They use this to trap you w/a higher interest rate  Make sure you print out your own credit report BEFORE going to the dealership  Dealerships may lie about your credit score in order to charge you a higher interest rate

6  Extended Warranty Scam  Sometimes dealers will say that you need to sign an extended warranty in order to qualify for a loan. This is a scam.  Co-signer Scams  If your credit score is low, make sure that your co-signer is w/you when the contract is drawn up b/c if you leave to get a co-signer the dealer may write up a new contract w/o you realizing it  Dealer Preparation Fee  $ that dealers add on to the car to make up for discounts they give you  Not a scam, but negotiable

7  Legal but risky  Car is purchased “as is”  When you purchase the car, you assume all risks

8  In order to avoid long lines at the DMV, go to an express location for these services:  Address change  DL’s instruction permit renewal  DL’s renewal  State ID renewal

9  Finding the best way to purchase necessities  Food items: Make a weekly menu  Fast food  May be cheap and tasty, but has led to an increase in Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease  Minorities are even more affected b/c fast food is more affordable and the fast food industry targets them  Limiting your spending  If saving for a big ticket item (more than $150), cut down your spending and put the saved money towards your credit cards.  You not only pay the interest, but cut into the principle debt, which saves you money in the long term.

10  Cheated?  If you buy an item and you feel you are being cheated, do not stop payments. If you do, you will damage your credit rating.  You can file a formal complaint w/the Better Business Bureau and the State’s Attorney will conduct an investigation of your claim.  If there is wrong-doing by the seller, you may be compensated

11  Under the Credit CARD Act of 2009, the legal age to sign any legal and binding contract is 21  Any one under this age, must have a co-signer  If a seller states that they are selling something and you, the potential buyer, state that you will buy the item, the contract (verbal) is made right then and there  Always keep a copy of any signed contract  This is a legal document

12  Contracts are fixed in their terms and conditions and cannot be altered by either the buyer or seller alone

13  A.S.A.P. set up a personal checking account at a major bank  There are terms that you must adhere to, but it makes paying off your bills and setting a budget much easier  Set up a Direct Deposit account w/your job so that your paychecks can be deposited automatically into your checking acct.

14  There are several advantages to paying off bills through a checking acct. as opposed to a money order at the currency exchange  Online banking allows you to see the actual check, if it was cleared and when  If a money order is lost in the mail it is a lot harder to have one re-issued whereas canceling a check is easy  The chances of someone fraudulently cashing a money order are much greater than someone fraudulently cashing a check

15  Credit cards should only be used in times of emergency  If you have credit card debt, pay more than the minimum by double or triple  This way you not only pay off the interest (APR) but also the principle balance

16  If you are under 21, and you want to build up your credit score:  The best way is to open up a credit card acct. with the same credit company that someone in the household has that is over 21 and PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME  The worst way is to lower your available credit limit  This may save you money but it shows credit agencies that you can’t control your spending and will lower your credit score by 50 or more points

17  It is also a good idea to open up a savings acct.  Some advantages it offers:  Money is insured if something physically happens to the bank  As long as you have $100,000 or less it is insured automatically  If you were to keep your money in the house, it is not insured and could be lost forever  Money often earns interest in a savings acct.

18  To have an affordable mortgage (home loan), one must put down at least twenty percent of the total value of home as a down payment  You can put down less, but the monthly mortgage payment will be higher

19 ConcentrationNThe ability to think carefully about something you are doing and nothing else The noise outside made concentration difficult Focus HierarchyNa ruling body especially of clergy organized into ranks; an arrangement into a series according to rank She worked her way up through the corporate hierarchy to become president. System PriorityN, Adj the quality or state of coming before another in time or importance Members receive priority bookings and reduced ticket prices to all concerts Importance ContradictVto say the opposite of what someone else has said : deny the truth of The witness statements contradict each other and the facts remain unclear. Opposite IntegrateVTo bring together or incorporate parts into the whole Colorful illustrations are integrated into the text. Included

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