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Communication #43, 44, 45.

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1 Communication #43, 44, 45

2 Channels of Communication in SER Industry
The avenues through which messages are delivered Forms of Communication include: Face-to-face communication with consumers Telephone calls (telemarketing/sales) Press releases, letters, reports s ( blasts)

3 What is Communication The process of exchanging messages between a sender and a receiver Communication skills include listening, reading, speaking and writing Good communication skills are key to effective communication Sender Receiver

4 Telephone Calls Telemarketing to sell season tickets
Calling to see if their company provided you with excellent customer service Consumer feed-back, suggestions, etc Message is communicated solely by voice Must make sure you have a pleasant voice

5 Online communication Online communication is the fastest and most informal form of communication Companies use many channels of online communication, which include: Blogs and chats Newsletters Online Press Releases

6 Social Networks Using social networks is a must for sports, entertainment and recreation companies Companies are constantly letting their “fans” know what they are doing and where Businesses are using social networks to reach their niche target markets

7 Communication in the workplace
Team Member Team Member Football – Coaches talk to Quarterback in helmet Team Encouragement – team members shout “encouraging” words to follow players on the field Media The Fans All pro sports – media interviews with coaches and players Commentators – giving play by play analysis of the games TV talk shows and internet – provide highlights and up to date information about athletes and teams

8 Communication in the workplace
Communication in the sports industry, like any other workplace, is critical. You must be able to communicate with co-workers, or members of your team, in order to get the job done You must understand social cues to interact with co-workers Players, coaches and management must have good communication in order to be successful as a team

9 Check Point Activity What is communication?
What are the different channels of communication? What form of communication is essential this day in age? In what ways do we see communication in sports?

10 Nonverbal Communication
Expressing yourself without the use of words Facial expressions, hand motions, eye movements, etc.

11 Positive Effects Help give you clues about a customer’s mood and interest in a product Can reinforce what was said verbally Can be used as a substitute for a verbal message Gestures or facial expressions

12 Negative Effects May be misunderstood May contradict a verbal meaning
Nod reinforces a positive message, but a wink may contradict it Can create tension in communication

13 Review What is nonverbal communication?
What are the positive/negative effects? Why is it important to observe nonverbal communication in co-workers? In customers? What are some nonverbal cues that have different meanings in different cultures? How do these affect communication?

14 Assignment Students will apply their knowledge of effected communication All About Me PowerPoint

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