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Filters, Barriers, and Impediments

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1 Filters, Barriers, and Impediments
Hindrances to critical thinking

2 Filters Allow things that meet certain criteria to flow through while preventing others Color or shape what comes through Can be a useful sorting mechanism Can be a feature of mindful and reflective thinking But also screen out valuable input if they aren’t applied mindfully

3 Barriers Keep out rather than let in
May indicate the presence of non-critical, manmade, or enculturated thinking patterns Can be useful in some circumstances Require some kind of monitoring Can be removed, sometimes with heavy lifting Unless monitored carefully, usually a hindrance to mindful, reflective thinking

4 Impediments Often involve walls or total blockages
Often involve non-critical instead of critical standards of thinking, so they may inhibit mindful thinking Often are reflexive and habitual, so they contradict or replace reflective thinking Must be understood before they can be thought around

5 Nosich’s Impediments Pictures formed from the news media
Pictures formed from entertainment and pop culture All-or-nothing thinking/black and white Us vs. them Stereotyping Fear

6 Nosich’s Impediments Educational practices (see p. 21) Egocentrism
Developmental Thinking Previous Commitments Personal Experiences Denial

7 The Difference Between. . .
Impediment-free thinking Highly unusual Not likely to happen when subject is significant AND Impediment-aware thinking Means you are working mindfully Lets you make allowances for your barriers and impediments

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