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The Word Within the Word Stem Lesson 2 Part 2 (stems 41-50)

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1 The Word Within the Word Stem Lesson 2 Part 2 (stems 41-50)

2 41. dict meaning: say Sentence example: The grand jury returned a robbery indictment against him.

3 Clue Words: dictionary, predict, dictation, addict, contradict

4 Contradict To say the opposite

5 42. cred meaning: believe Sentence example: A credulous person will believe anything.

6 Clue Words: credit, incredible, credible, incredulous, discredited, credibility, credo

7 Credible believable

8 43. cent meaning: one hundred Sentence example: Fortunately, the centipede wears no shoes.

9 Clue Words: century, bicentennial, centimeter, centipede

10 Century 100 years

11 44. neo meaning: new Sentence example: Homer was a neophyte in the business world, but he learned quickly.

12 Clue Words: neophyte, neon, neolithic, neoclassic, neonatal

13 Neophyte A beginner

14 Clue Words: neophyte, neon, neolithic, neoclassic, neonatal

15 45. ad meaning: to Sentence example: The adhesive allowed the poster to stick to the wall.

16 Clue Words: adhesive, adapt, addition, addict, advent, advocate

17 Adapt Change to fit one’s environment

18 46. cede meaning: go Sentence example: At last the flood waters began to recede from the land.

19 Clue Words: recede, precede, antecedent, proceed, secede, concede, intercede, succeed

20 Secede To withdraw from a group/ alliance

21 47. miss meaning: send Sentence example: The unfortunate missionary was sent to the cannibal tribe.

22 Clue Words: dismiss, remiss, missile, admission, emission

23 Emission Discharging something or something released, i.e. Carbon dioxide from a car

24 48. centri meaning: center Sentence example: The ripples on the pond spread out in concentric circles.

25 Clue Words: centrifugal, centripetal, centrist, concentric, decentralize, eccentric

26 Eccentric Peculiar or odd

27 49. biblio meaning: book Sentence example: The book-smelling Mr. Hurst was a lifelong bibliophile.

28 Clue Words: bibliography, bibliophile, bible, bibliophobia

29 Bibliophile A book lover

30 50. anthropo meaning: man Sentence example: The unsympathetic grouch was sometimes called a misanthropist.

31 Clue Words: anthropology, anthropomorphic, misanthrope

32 Misanthrope A hater of humankind

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