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Word Building Affix and Root. Do you know these words? outdo undo overdo incredible innumerable spoonful handful cupful mouthful.

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1 Word Building Affix and Root

2 Do you know these words? outdo undo overdo incredible innumerable spoonful handful cupful mouthful

3 Group work------ example 找出五个含词根 value 的单词 valuable invaluable valueless evaluate devalue

4 Group work 1. 找出五个含词根 sign ( 表示符号 ) 的单词 2. 找出五个含词根 dict ( 表示说 ) 的单词 3. peopl, popul, publ, 含义是 “ 人民,民众 ” 4. spec, spect, spitc, spis, 含义是 “ 看,视 ” 5. tain 保持,握,容纳 6. port 搬运,带 7. vid, vis, vey, view, 含义是 “ 观看,看见 ” 8. circ/cycl=ring 环,圆

5 group 1 “sign” 符号 signature signal signify design significant significance

6 dict “to say, to speak” contradict, dictate, predict, dictator, indicate, dictionary, dictum ( 格言 )

7 peopl, popul, publ “ 人民,民众 ” public, republic, popular, people, population, publicity publish

8 spec, spect, spitc, spis “ 看,视 ” inspect, spectator, spectacular, respect, spectacle ( 光景,景象 ) prospect ( 展望 ) expect suspect, aspect, special, specimen ( 样本, 标本 )

9 tain,ten,tin 保持,握,容纳 contain 容纳 obtain 取得 sustain 支持 maintain retain 保持, 保留, detain v. 拘留

10 port 搬运,带 export import portable ( 可携带的 ) porter ( 搬运工人 ) transport support sport

11 vid, vis, vey, view “ 观看,看见 ” television, visible, evident, interview, survey, invisible, visual, visit, supervise, visa, video

12 circ/cycl=ring 环,圆 circus, circle, circulate, circuit, circumstance, cycle, recycle, bicycle, tricycle

13 Word Root ann ( 也作 enn) =year audi=hear, cogn=know dent=tooth lingu= language liter=letter mot=move anniversary, annual, millennium recognize, cognition, congnitive audience, auditorium, audible dentist, dental, indent linguist bilingual literate (识字的) literal ( 文字的 ) literary ( 文学的 ) illiterate literature motion motive promote remote motor

14 Word Root ori=rise phon=sound rupt=break scend, scens=climb sci=know struct “ 建筑,构造 ” bio 生命,生物 orient origin bankrupt corrupt erupt ascend descend symphony phonetic microphone science conscious unconscious subconscious structure, construct, instruct, destruction biology antibiotic 抗生的, 抗生素

15 Word Root cent 百 ject 投,掷,抛 volv 滚动 vit,viv 生活,生存 manu, man 手 centimeter 厘米 centigrade 百分度的 eject 射出 project 投射 inject 注射 revolve 旋转 involve 卷入 evolve vital 生命的, 至关重要的 survive 幸存 vivid 生动的 manual manuscript manufacture manage manner

16 Prefix trans- 表示 “ 横过,贯穿 ” 之义 transplant, transform, transaction, transfer, transparent co- 表示 “ 联合, 伴同 ” 之义 ; (con-/ com-), 表示 “ 共同, 联合 ” – cooperation, colleague, coincide, cohere, collaborate (合作) – condense, concentrate, confront, consent, consume (wholly; take), – combine, consolidate, compress ( 压缩 ), commemorate (mention), – com 的变形 corrupt (together; 变坏 ) 腐败, council (together; to summon[ 召集 ]) 会议 contra- ( 变化形 contro, counter) = against – contradict ( 反驳否认 ), contrary, contrast, counterpart ( 相对的人 或物 ) , counteract ( 抵消,消除 ) counterclockwise (反时针的)

17 Prefix de- down, downward, fully, away ( 由往下之意衍生为分 离,否定,加强 ) devalue, decease (die), deceive, decay( 腐败;使腐烂 ), defect, declare( 宣告 ) , deform (使残废), detach dis-,“ 分开, 分离, 否定, 不 ”not, apart, – disease( 疾病 ) discriminate, disgust (apart; to taste; 不能品味, 厌恶 ) , dispose (apart; to place) 处置 destruction re-, 1 回,向后 return, retreat( 后退 ) , recall, reflect 2. 再 重复 reproduce, renew 3 相反 resist, react, reverse, revolt, rebel, resent( 不 满 )

18 Prefix en -, 1 使成某种状态 (en+adj) enlarge, endanger, enable, enroll ( 记入名册中 ) in- 1. 不 incapable, incomplete, inhuman, 2 . 内 inside, inject, indoor over- 1 过度 overcharge overdrink overwork 2 越过 overbridge 天桥 overseas overlook 俯视

19 Prefix a- 表示 in, on, at by, with, to, of 等 asleep, aside, ahead, ashore ab- 离去,相反,不 abuse, abnormal anti- 反对 antiwar antismoking anti-aging auto- 自己,自动 autobiography bi/ di - bilingual biplane 双翼飞机 dioxide ex- 1. 出,外 export exclude, expose, exit 2. 前任的 ex-wife ex-president extra- 超 extraordinary extracurriculum fore- 前 foretell forehead foresee foreground

20 Prefix mal maltreat malfunction mono- monoxide monologue non- nonsmoker nonstop out- outdo outlive outgrow outnumber sub- subway suburb submarine subtropical super- supersonic superpower sym-/syn- 共同,相同 sympathy synonym symphony synthesis

21 Suffix 副词后缀 1)-ly, possibly, swiftly, simply 2)-ward, -wards, downward, inwards, upward afterwards backwards 3)-ways, always, sideways anyway someway 4)-wise, otherwise, clockwise likewise 5 ) -s besides, sometimes

22 Suffix 动词后缀 1)-ize, ise, 表示 " 做成,变成, …… 化 “utilize specialize symbolize, organize, specialize 2)-en, 表示 " 使成为,引起,使有 ” weaken, soften, harden fasten sharpen threaten strengthen 3)-fy, 表示 " 使 …… 化, 使成 ”beautify, purify, intensify, signify, simplify identify justify 4)-ish, 表示 " 使,令 ” finish, abolish, diminish, establish 5)-ate, 表示 “ 成为 …… ,处理,作用 ” separate, operate, indicate isolate originate

23 小知识:词汇的高级与低级 长寿 long life longevity (latin) 银河 milky way galaxy (latin) 东方的 east oriental 太阳 sun solar 月亮 moon lunar 热 heat thermal 药 medicine pharmacy

24 Assignments Vocabulary Book Lesson 46-50 Text A of Unit 4 in Book 2

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