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UNIT 1: WORLDVIEW THINKING What binoculars do you see the world through?

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1 UNIT 1: WORLDVIEW THINKING What binoculars do you see the world through?

2 DQ 1.1 1) Explain the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning (1-2 sentences) Match the following: 2) Law of non-contradiction 3) Law of excluded middle 4) Premise 5) Conclusion a) A justifying reason in an argument b) Something can’t be both true and not-true at the same time c) Attacking the ‘arguer’ not the argument itself d) The thing being argued for e) A thing is either true or false f) Circular reasoning g) A thing is identical to itself

3 Wk 2 QuickWrite  What do you think ‘worldview thinking’ is?  Do people act the same way in all circumstances? Why or why not?

4 what is a worldview?  A set of beliefs that shape our answers to key questions, and how we choose to live.  Approaching life holistically requires a robust, coherent worldview  Thick v. Thin notions

5 understanding worldviews: input “a worldview is a conceptual framework and a set of beliefs used to make sense out of a complex, seemingly chaotic reality. Increasingly it becomes the source of your goals and desires, and as such it shapes your behavior and values”

6 “Your worldview fundamentally affects what you perceive, think, feel, and do.” worldview perceptionsthoughtsemotionsactions understanding worldviews: output

7 Metaphysical Metaphysics has to do with ‘being,’ what is real, & what exists.

8 Metaphysical Questions (Being)  Where did we come from? (origins)  What happens when we die? (afterlife)  What exists/What is real? (ontology) Now, spend some time reflecting on your beliefs and answers to the WVAP metaphysical or ‘being’ questions.

9 Daily Quiz 1.2 1. Define metaphysical. 2. List three things that go into making up a person’s worldview? 3. What does the law of identity say?

10 Wk2 QuickWrite  How does your worldview effect your life? Beliefs? Actions?  Do people act contrary to their beliefs on a regular basis? beliefs actions

11 weighing the worldview changes the output  We first observe  We take things to be real or not real  We develop ideas/beliefs about reality  Then we weigh the observations  Are we justified?  Do we have good reason to hold these beliefs? What is real?How do we know?

12 Epistemology Epistemology has to do with the nature and scope of knowledge. It looks at ideas about truth, belief, and justification Justified Worldview beliefsexperiences observations TESTING, WEIGHING

13 Epistemological Questions (Knowing)  How do we discover knowledge?  What can we know?  What is truth?

14 does consistency matter? Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself" US poet (1819 - 1892)

15 Worldview Questions  Metaphysical  Concerned with ‘being’ in the world  Epistemological  Concerned with ‘knowing’ in the world  Ethical  Concerned with ‘living’

16 Ethical Questions (Living)  How do we explain human nature/sin/evil?  What determines right from wrong?  Is there purpose?

17 Daily Quiz 1.3 1. Define epistemology. 2. Define ethics. 3. List three things that flow out of a persons worldview.

18 Wk3 QuickWrite

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