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Social Computing at Work The Consumerisation of Enterprise IT Dave Coplin Enterprise Strategy Consultant Microsoft Consulting Services.

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1 Social Computing at Work The Consumerisation of Enterprise IT Dave Coplin Enterprise Strategy Consultant Microsoft Consulting Services

2 From: Jonathan Murray Worldwide Technology Officer Microsoft Disclaimer* 1.Forward Looking Statements: The following presentation contains certain predictions and forecasts which may possibly/probably, turn out to be wholly inaccurate. 2.Utility: The forward looking nature of this presentation is unlikely to provide any information which will prove useful for addressing near term challenges in your business or personal life. 3.Work In Progress: This is an ongoing piece of work; as such the author reserves the right to right to amend, replace or contradict any premises, argument or logical statements contained herein. 4.Investment Decisions: Under no circumstances should the information be used to make investment or other life changing decisions. The author’s liability shall not exceed the fee received for this presentation.

3 The Balance of Power Will Change...

4 Users Will Be In Control

5 Welcome to the New World of Work!

6 It’s All About Me...

7 Social Computing Will Make it Happen! And Change Enterprise IT Forever...

8 Shifting the Balance of Power






14 But What Does This Mean?

15 You’re Not Special Anymore...

16 Welcome to the New World of Work!

17 Source: “ Get Ready: The Millennials Are Coming!”, Forrester Research, Inc., September 2005 “The Millenials Are Coming!”

18 Social Computing at Work

19 The Third Age Content Commerce Community

20 Semantic Web Connects Knowledge The Metaweb Connects Intelligence The Web Connects Information Social Software Connects People Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistants Ontologies Taxonomies Knowledge Bases Knowledge Management Semantic Webs Intelligent Agents Enterprise Minds Group Minds Lifelogs Semantic Weblogs The “Relationship” Web Decentralised Communities Smart Marketplaces The Global Brain Search Engines Content Portals Databases File Servers “Push” PIMs Web Sites Enterprise Portals Pub-Sub Marketplaces Auctions Groupware Weblogs Wikis RSS Community Portals eMail P2P File-sharing Conferencing IM USENET Social Networks Permission to re-use with attribution to: Nova Spivack

21 It’s Already Started...

22 PODCAST SELECTION - Filters - Search results EDITORIAL EDITORIAL - News - Top podcasts - Technical updates - Community highlights NAVIGATION - Channels - Filters SEARCH User Experience

23 There’s More to Come Much, Much More...


25 SNARF – Email Assistant Social Network and Relationship Finder Side bar for peripheral awareness Multiple Panes List of people with associated messages Sorted by relationship Yellow bars, for visual indication of scale Double-click on person to see their messages Danyel Fisher, AJ Brush, Andy Jacobs, Marc Smith, Adam Perer, Bernie Hogan

26 Netscan: A tool for studying threaded conversation repositories Newsgroups AuthorsThreads Newsgroups AuthorsThreads The “Message”

27 Reply-To Network Network at distance 2 for the most prolific author of the microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general newsgroup The Ties that Blind?

28 Mapping Newsgroup Social Ties Two “answer people” with an emerging 3 rd. Microsoft.public.windowsxp.server.general

29 Answer person – Outward ties to local isolates – Relative absence of triangles – Few intense ties Reply Magnet – Ties from local isolates often inward only – Sparse, few triangles – Few intense ties Distinguishing attributes:

30 Goal: Make SNA easier Existing Social Network Tools are challenging for many novice users Tools like Excel are widely used Leveraging a spreadsheet as a host for SNA lowers barriers to network data analysis and display


32 Summary




36 Closing Thoughts Make technology invisible - Remember, it’s nothing special Embrace the new mediums but remember the principles you’ve learnt so far Avoid evolving legislation paralysing progress Get your heads “in the cloud” Think function not product Above all, remember this is about the journey, not the destination...

37 And Finally… Source: xkcd,

38 A Disruptive Influence...

39 Acknowledgements MSR Research: – Natasa Milic-Frayling, Marc Smith, Milan Vojnovic, Thomas Karagiannis, Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues, Gabriella Kazai Microsoft Social Computing in Business DL: – Lawrence Liu, Alina Fu, Jason Christie, Venky Veeraraghavan, Todd Ray, Roni Burd, Jay Paulus Academy Mobile Team: – Ludo Fourrage, Paolo Tosolini, Luke Hamilton, Mary Griffin Design inspiration: Ben Keith Images: – © Microsoft – © (sdominick, lisafx, jabiru)

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