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2 This resource is intended for occasional review of vocabulary used in the ISAT, based on the DesCartes Vocabulary by RIT document. -Suggestion: Randomly select 8-10 words each time you use this with your class -The words are organized by RIT Band to allow you to focus on a particular set of skills. The RIT Bands are coded by color. - Definitions were taken from a generic student glossary. You may choose to change the definition to better fit your curriculum or content, as needed. Below Above

3 Reading ISAT – Question 1 A list of books used for research that includes a brief explanation of each is an ______ ______. A. Brief Biography B. Annotated Bibliography C. Thesis Paper D. Ordered List

4 Reading ISAT – Answer 1 Back to Game Annotated Bibliography

5 Reading ISAT – Question 2 What kind of article, often written by an editor, expresses an opinion? A. Editorial B. Newspaper C. Sonnet D. Quote

6 Reading ISAT – Answer 2 Back to Game Editorial

7 Reading ISAT – Question 3 What kind of note appears at the bottom of the page of a research paper? A. Note cards B. Bibliography C. Footnote D. Reference

8 Reading ISAT – Answer 3 Back to Game Footnote

9 Reading ISAT – Question 4 What kind of figure of speech uses one thing to describe something else that’s different? Example: “All the world’s a stage” (Shakespeare) A. Metaphor B. Paradox C. Oxymoron D. Figurative Language

10 Reading ISAT – Answer 4 Back to Game Metaphor

11 Reading ISAT – Question 5 The part of a word that’s heard between the beginning and the ending sounds is the ______ ______. A. First Syllable B. Thesis Paper C. Vowel Blend D. Middle Sound

12 Reading ISAT – Answer 5 Back to Game Middle Sound

13 Reading ISAT – Question 6 A short piece of writing that highlights the main points of a longer piece is a ________. A. Short Story B. Summary C. Editorial D. Novel

14 Reading ISAT – Answer 6 Back to Game Summary

15 Reading ISAT – Question 7 The base part of a word that gives the word its meaning is the _____ _____. A. Beginning Sound B. Word Root C. Vowel Blend D. Homonym

16 Reading ISAT – Answer 7 Back to Game Word Root

17 Reading ISAT – Question 8 What is it called when a series of words all start with the same sound, like in a tongue twister? Example: Patty planted pretty petunias. A. Poem B. Rhyme C. Alliteration D. Opposite

18 Reading ISAT – Answer 8 Back to Game Alliteration

19 Reading ISAT – Question 9 What is it called when words repeat a similar vowel sound but don’t actually rhyme? Example: great gray whale A. Assonance B. Alliteration C. Syllogism D. Homonym

20 Reading ISAT – Answer 9 Back to Game Assonance

21 Reading ISAT – Question 10 Something that is believed to be true without any proof is an ________. A. Ending Sound B. Novel C. Announcement D. Assumption

22 Reading ISAT – Answer 10 Back to Game Assumption

23 Reading ISAT – Question 11 Novels and other writings written in England or other parts of Great Britain are part of _________ __________. A. Short Stories B. British Literature C. American Literature D. Personal Narrative

24 Reading ISAT – Answer 11 Back to Game British Literature

25 Reading ISAT – Question 12 To _________ means to describe the qualities or distinctive features of something. A. Explain B. Characterize C. Modify D. Persuade

26 Reading ISAT – Answer 12 Back to Game Characterize

27 Reading ISAT – Question 13 Events listed in the order that they happen, from oldest to newest, are in _________ order. A. Chronological B. Alphabetical C. Footnote D. Consonance

28 Reading ISAT – Answer 13 Back to Game Chronological

29 Reading ISAT – Question 14 The problem or situation in a story that needs to be resolved is the _______. A. Setting B. Character C. Conflict D. Chapter

30 Reading ISAT – Answer 14 Back to Game Conflict

31 Reading ISAT – Question 15 What is it called when words repeat a similar consonant sound but don’t actually rhyme? Example: big angry gorilla A. Alliteration B. Consonance C. Poetry D. Antonym

32 Reading ISAT – Answer 15 Back to Game Consonance

33 Reading ISAT – Question 16 A small piece of paper used to get a discount when buying something is a _______. 25¢ off A. Note card B. Novel C. Thesis Paper D. Coupon

34 Reading ISAT – Answer 16 Back to Game Coupon

35 Reading ISAT – Question 17 An organized argument during which each person defends their opinion is a ______. A. Recipe B. Quote C. Debate D. Pun

36 Reading ISAT – Answer 17 Back to Game Debate

37 Reading ISAT – Question 18 An __________ is when something is described as bigger or better than it really is. A. Oxymoron B. Exaggeration C. Index D. Homonym

38 Reading ISAT – Answer 18 Back to Game Exaggeration

39 Reading ISAT – Question 19 What kind of writing is intended to give information and to explain difficult material? A. Exposition B. Short Story C. Bibliography D. Novel

40 Reading ISAT – Answer 19 Back to Game Exposition

41 Reading ISAT – Question 20 The events in a book that come after the plot’s climax are the _______ _____. A. Rising Action B. Ending Sound C. Falling Action D. Summary

42 Reading ISAT – Answer 20 Back to Game Falling Action

43 Reading ISAT – Question 21 What kind of resource book includes information about local plants, animals, and trails? A. Encyclopedia B. Field Guide C. Short Story D. Dictionary

44 Reading ISAT – Answer 21 Back to Game Field Guide

45 Reading ISAT – Question 22 What literary device is used to tell about a past event during a story? A. Metaphor B. Flashback C. Paradox D. Allusion

46 Reading ISAT – Answer 22 Back to Game Flashback

47 Reading ISAT – Question 23 What is the title of a newspaper article called, which is intended to get attention? A. Editorial B. Billboard C. Headline D. Coupon

48 Reading ISAT – Answer 23 Back to Game Headline

49 Reading ISAT – Question 24 Writing that is intended to teach something is written for the purpose of _______. A. Entertainment B. Literature C. Humor D. Instruction

50 Reading ISAT – Answer 24 Back to Game Instruction

51 Reading ISAT – Question 25 What literary device uses words to express something different or opposite from their actual meaning? A. Antonym B. Irony C. Contradict D. Syllogism

52 Reading ISAT – Answer 25 Back to Game Irony

53 Reading ISAT – Question 26 A technique that an author uses to create a specific effect in a story is a ________ _______. Examples: figure of speech, flashback A. Extended Metaphor B. Topic Sentence C. Literary Device D. Viewpoint

54 Reading ISAT – Answer 26 Back to Game Literary Device

55 Reading ISAT – Question 27 Each part of a story, such as the plot, characters, setting and theme, is an example of a ______ _______. A. Literary Element B. Reference Material C. Folk Tale D. Novel

56 Reading ISAT – Answer 27 Back to Game Literary Element

57 Reading ISAT – Question 28 A short note intended to provide information, and often abbreviated as “memo,” is a _________. A. Memorial B. Footnote C. Memorandum D. Reference

58 Reading ISAT – Answer 28 Back to Game Memorandum

59 Reading ISAT – Question 29 To tell a story or explain the events in a story is to _________. A. Persuade B. Quote C. Contrast D. Narrate

60 Reading ISAT – Answer 29 Back to Game Narrate

61 Reading ISAT – Question 30 The sequence that things happen in a story is the _____ ___ _______ A. ABC Order B. Problem and Solution C. Order of Events D. Thesis Paper

62 Reading ISAT – Answer 30 Back to Game Order of Events

63 Reading ISAT – Question 31 A story that is told to explain a moral lesson is a ________. A. Parable B. Fairy Tale C. Novel D. Paradox

64 Reading ISAT – Answer 31 Back to Game Parable

65 Reading ISAT – Question 32 Someone who is able to get others to change their minds about an issue can be described as _______. A. Opinionated B. Persuasive C. Loud D. Oxymoron

66 Reading ISAT – Answer 32 Back to Game Persuasive

67 Reading ISAT – Question 33 What tense is used to tell a story that is happening right now? A. Future Tense B. Past Participle C. Present Tense D. Current Events

68 Reading ISAT – Answer 33 Back to Game Present Tense

69 Reading ISAT – Question 34 What kind of source comes from the people who were really there? Examples: letters, diaries A. Pathetic Fallacy B. Primary Source Historical Documents C. Biography D. Reference

70 Reading ISAT – Answer 34 Back to Game Primary Source Historical Document

71 Reading ISAT – Question 35 A ______ is a play on words, which is often humorous. A. Pun B. Cartoon C. Rhyme D. Homonym

72 Reading ISAT – Answer 35 Back to Game Pun

73 Reading ISAT – Question 36 The exact words that a person says are a _______. A. Editorial B. Quote C. Autobiography D. Reference

74 Reading ISAT – Answer 36 Back to Game Quote

75 Reading ISAT – Question 37 Something that is referred to in order to get information is a _________. A. Sonnet B. Note C. Reference D. Novel

76 Reading ISAT – Answer 37 Back to Game Reference

77 Reading ISAT – Question 38 What kind of paper summarizes information from several sources and often includes a title page and a bibliography? A. Research Paper B. Narrative C. Persuasive Essay D. Extended Metaphor

78 Reading ISAT – Answer 38 Back to Game Research Paper

79 Reading ISAT – Question 39 One event in a story or in a play is called a _________. A. Plot B. Context C. Scene D. Fiction

80 Reading ISAT – Answer 39 Back to Game Scene

81 Reading ISAT – Question 40 What kind of source tells about an event, but is written by someone who wasn’t actually there? A. Autobiography B. Letter C. Secondary Source D. Narrative Essay

82 Reading ISAT – Answer 40 Back to Game Secondary Source

83 Reading ISAT – Question 41 A ________ is a talk that someone gives, or a written copy of the talk that someone gives. A. Thesis Statement B. Summary C. Viewpoint D. Speech

84 Reading ISAT – Answer 41 Back to Game Speech

85 Reading ISAT – Question 42 Another name for a short story is a _______. A. Novel B. Tale C. Historical Fiction D. Play

86 Reading ISAT – Answer 42 Back to Game Tale

87 Reading ISAT – Question 43 What kind of research paper focuses on a specific topic and is often used in college classes? A. Editorial B. Thesis Paper C. Persuasive Essay D. Bibliography

88 Reading ISAT – Answer 43 Back to Game Thesis Paper

89 Reading ISAT – Question 44 Puns and other humorous uses of words are called _____ _____. A. Literary Device B. Oxymoron C. Word Play D. Pathetic Fallacy

90 Reading ISAT – Answer 44 Back to Game Word Play

91 Reading ISAT – Question 45 Stories and other writings written anywhere in the world thousands of years ago are part of world and _______ _________. A. Autobiographies B. Problem and Solution C. Ancient Literature D. Historical Fiction

92 Reading ISAT – Answer 45 Back to Game World and Ancient Literature

93 Reading ISAT – Question 46 Stories and other writings written in any country are part of _________ __________. A. Standard English B. World Literature C. British Literature D. Fairy Tale

94 Reading ISAT – Answer 46 Back to Game World Literature

95 Reading ISAT – Question 47 An indirect reference to something is an __________. A.AllusionAllusion B. Oxymoron C. Metaphor D. Allegory

96 Reading ISAT – Answer 47 Back to Game Allusion

97 Reading ISAT – Question 48 The section at the end of a book or research paper that at additional information is an ____________. A. Bibliography B. Chapter C. Footnote D. Appendix

98 Reading ISAT – Answer 48 Back to Game Appendix

99 Reading ISAT – Question 49 The act of describing a character by their unique qualities is ____________. A. Personification B. Viewpoint C. Characterization D. Archtype

100 Reading ISAT – Answer 49 Back to Game Characterization

101 Reading ISAT – Question 50 To ________ things means to describe what makes them different. A. Compare B. Explain C. Contrast D. Classify

102 Reading ISAT – Answer 50 Back to Game Contrast

103 Reading ISAT – Question 51 A metaphor that is used throughout an entire poem or piece of writing is an ________ ________. A. Extended Metaphor B. Literary Element C. Pathetic Fallacy D. Annotated Bibliography

104 Reading ISAT – Answer 51 Back to Game Extended Metaphor

105 Reading ISAT – Question 52 The letters at the top of a dictionary page that indicate what words are on that page are _______ _______. A. Page Numbers B. Guide Letters C. Point of View D. Alphabetical Order

106 Reading ISAT – Answer 52 Back to Game Guide Letters

107 Reading ISAT – Question 53 Two words that sound the same but have different meanings are __________. Examples: their, they’re, there A. Rhyme B. Alliteration C. Homophone D. Homonym

108 Reading ISAT – Answer 53 Back to Game Homophone

109 Reading ISAT – Question 54 A phrase with words that seem to be opposites is an __________. Examples: “pretty ugly” or “jumbo shrimp” A. Word Play B. Paradox C. Oxymoron D. Onomatopoeia

110 Reading ISAT – Answer 54 Back to Game Oxymoron

111 Reading ISAT – Question 55 To _______ a problem means to come to a solution so that the problem is over. A. Plot B. Resolve C. Narrate D. Debate

112 Reading ISAT – Answer 55 Back to Game Resolve

113 Reading ISAT – Question 56 The anticipation or excitement that builds up in stories like a mystery novel is called ________. A. Problem and Solution B. Falling Action C. Suspense D. Narration

114 Reading ISAT – Answer 56 Back to Game Suspense

115 Reading ISAT – Question 57 An original model or pattern that others follow is an ________. A. Allegory B. Primary Source Document C. Archetype D. Syllogism

116 Reading ISAT – Answer 57 Back to Game Archetype

117 Reading ISAT – Question 58 To express an opposing opinion or to go against an idea is to ________. A. Contradict B. Persuade C. Symbolize D. Contrast

118 Reading ISAT – Answer 58 Back to Game Contradict

119 Reading ISAT – Question 59 A story told by someone who is actually part of the story is told in ______ _______. A. Present Tense B. Rising Action C. First Person D. Narrative Essay

120 Reading ISAT – Answer 59 Back to Game First Person

121 Reading ISAT – Question 60 What common meter used in poetry consists of sets of five unaccented and accented syllables? Sounds like “daDUM daDUM daDUM daDUM daDUM” A. Poetry B. Iambic Pentameter C. Word Family D. Assonance

122 Reading ISAT – Answer 60 Back to Game Iambic Pentameter

123 Reading ISAT – Question 61 The sets of syllables that make up the pattern of poetry are called _____ ______. Hint: Iambic pentameter has five per line A. Standard English B. Falling Action C. Metric Feet D. Pathetic Fallacy

124 Reading ISAT – Answer 61 Back to Game Metric Feet

125 Reading ISAT – Question 62 Someone who knows EVERYTHING is ____________. A. Oxymoron B. Archetype C. Antithesis D. Omniscient

126 Reading ISAT – Answer 62 Back to Game Omniscient

127 Reading ISAT – Question 63 A statement that appears to contradict itself is a _______________. A. Paradox B. Scansion C. Exposition D. Syllogism

128 Reading ISAT – Answer 63 Back to Game Paradox

129 Reading ISAT – Question 64 Giving human emotions to inanimate objects or nature is _______ ______. Example: “cruel wind” A. Extended Metaphor B. Pathetic Fallacy C. Allegory D. Metric Feet

130 Reading ISAT – Answer 64 Back to Game Pathetic Fallacy

131 Reading ISAT – Question 65 What form of writing uses the pronoun “you”? A. Stereotype B. Viewpoint C. Second Person D. Persuasive Essay

132 Reading ISAT – Answer 65 Back to Game Second Person

133 Reading ISAT – Question 66 A fourteen-line poem with a fixed rhyming pattern is a _________. A. Scansion Scansion B. Paradox C. Sonnet D. Metonymy

134 Reading ISAT – Answer 66 Back to Game Sonnet

135 Reading ISAT – Question 67 Proper, grammatically correct English is referred to as _______ English. A. British B. Standard C. American D. Literal

136 Reading ISAT – Answer 67 Back to Game Standard English

137 Reading ISAT – Question 68 A conventional or commonly held belief that is often untrue or over simplified is a __________. Example: Blondes are dumb A. Archetype B. Synecdoche C. Stereotype D. Footnote

138 Reading ISAT – Answer 68 Back to Game Stereotype

139 Reading ISAT – Question 69 The extra information provided in a story that makes it more interesting and meaningful are ________ ________. A. Footnotes B. Literary Element C. Secondary Source D. Supporting Details

140 Reading ISAT – Answer 69 Back to Game Supporting Details

141 Reading ISAT – Question 70 The use of symbols to represent things or events is __________. A. Symbolism B. Allusion C. Assonance D. Myth

142 Reading ISAT – Answer 70 Back to Game Symbolism

143 Reading ISAT – Question 71 To represent or to act as a symbol is to _________. A. Reference B. Symbolize C. Persuade D. Contrast

144 Reading ISAT – Answer 71 Back to Game Symbolize

145 Reading ISAT – Question 72 A story written about other people, using pronouns such as “they” is written in what form? A. Second Person B. Folk Tale C. Metonymy D. Third Person

146 Reading ISAT – Answer 72 Back to Game Third Person

147 Reading ISAT – Question 73 The position from which an event or object is seen is a __________. A. Stereotype B. Consonance C. Viewpoint D. First Person

148 Reading ISAT – Answer 73 Back to Game Viewpoint

149 Reading ISAT – Question 74 Something that is the opposite is the __________. A. Exposition B. Paradox C. Omniscient D. Antithesis

150 Reading ISAT – Answer 74 Back to Game Antithesis

151 Reading ISAT – Question 75 A. Metonymy B. Extended Metaphor C. Allegory D. Irony A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is substituted for another word or phrase that is closely related is ___________. Example: “Washington” for “United States government”

152 Reading ISAT – Answer 75 Back to Game Metonymy Pronounced: me-TŏN-eh-mee

153 Reading ISAT – Question 76 The analysis of the metric patterns in poetry is ________. A. Metric Feet B. Exposition C. Iambic Pentameter D. Scansion

154 Reading ISAT – Answer 76 Back to Game Scansion

155 Reading ISAT – Question 77 A figure of speech in which a part is used as the whole, or the whole is used for a part is a _________. Example: “law” for “police officer” A. Metonymy B. Synecdoche C. Consonance D. Allusion

156 Reading ISAT – Answer 77 Back to Game Synecdoche Pronounced: sin-EK-doh-kee

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