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Does Imperialism Contradict American Principles?.

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1 Does Imperialism Contradict American Principles?

2 Democratic Principles Life Liberty Pursuit of happiness Self Government (Monroe Doctrine)

3 Basis of Imperialism Cultural Superiority Spread Christianity Military Strength New Markets (economic)

4 Puerto Rico

5 Military control (General Nelson Miles) Puerto Rico wanted- -Independence -State hood 1900 - The Foraker Act set up a Civil Government President chose their positions 1917 - Congress gave them U.S. citizen status Spain gave them no freedoms then U.S. occupies

6 Cuba

7 Officially Independent because of Treaty of Paris America still occupied and jailed protestors (Jose Marti) U.S. provided food, clothing, schools, farms, and sanitation Platt Amendment - We can intervene and have naval bases -31 years - Cuba was a protectorate (Guantanamo Bay still ours) U.S. wanted to protect (business interests) -Sugar, tobacco, mining, railroad

8 Philippines

9 American annexed 1798 Emilio Aguinaldo rebelled for independence

10 Philippines U.S. forced them to live in camps 3 years to put down rebels Blacks helped inferior people of Philippines (treated inferior in the US) U.S. President appointed a Governor to lead the country until finally gave them independence in 1946

11 China

12 John Hay proposes Open Door policy (1899) -No single nation has monopoly on trade with China Chinese Response Boxer Rebellion - Secret group to get rid of “foreign devils”

13 U.S. Reasoning on China U.S. depended on their exports U.S. had a right to intervene to keep foreign markets open U.S. feared closing of markets, areas for citizens to go, and ideas to develop

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