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Johan and Tim CONFIGURA DEVELOPER QA Configura Inc.

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1 Johan and Tim CONFIGURA DEVELOPER QA Configura Inc.

2 CORE VS EXTENSIONS Analogy: iOS vs Apps

3 Ortho OSNAP Assigning layers for dimensions Alternative and Block Names Drawing order in paperspace (Elevation) Stretching Viewports THINGS THAT ANNOY YOU!

4 You have questions! We (hopefully) have answers! BEAT UP THE DEVELOPERS

5 Cool Key Bindings Camera angles Copy Viewport to paperview No pricing Tags choice Drawing Properties American Download locations THIS MIGHT MAKE YOU HAPPY

6 Tips & Tricks Arrow Keys – Use when drawing lines, walls and position tool, Ortho functionality. Page Up/Down – Use when using positioning in Up and Down the Z-Axis Graphical Snapping – Similar to O-Snap in AutoCAD. Found in Tools->Graphical Snapping Use Elevation in Paperspace to get items in paperspace to show correctly

7 Feature Requests submitted during session Positioning - Text field to dictate distance between non-uniform objects (uniform aisle ways) Viewports: – Rotate – Be able to see the layout when stretching – Odd Shaped (Polygon) – Camera/Perspective Lock Elevations – Hatching – Colored/Rendered – Assign colors in Elevation – Locate in drawing Tagging – 2pt vs 3pt rectangle option – Polygon – Better dialog. Changing color and label directly not having to jump down. Numbering – Smart sequencing workstation/room numbers. – Custom prefix/suffix Leaders – Add Arrows with Text – Text should be movable and editable Alternatives – Name one, create new one, new one should default to selected name with sequence number – Panel Types should not be shared between alternatives. (Maybe a choice?)

8 Feature Requests submitted during session Drawing Properties – Way to unlock forgotten password – Have the status label show up somewhere on the drawing. (I.e. sketch) Paperspace/Printing – Include option for Time stamp – Better control over colors in Paper Space. (i.e. In Black and white be able to have Red Arrows/Green lines etc) – Default All lines/texts/revision clouds to be above the viewport – Default all checkboxes to unchecked for Article Views – Ability to crop any image Snapping – Snap panels to Worksurfaces as well Text Boxes – Be able to start typing as soon as box is placed Keybindings – Be able to have Query on ’Q’ – Be able to assign ‘W’ to place a wall – Be able to save the key bindings on an account so it is remembered between machines. – Ability to key bind toolbox buttons, callbacks, animations in general. Photo Lab – Be able to use Product Lighting together with Real-Time light Misc – Be able to specify Opacity in 2D – Filter Finishes. Select what finishes should appear in Material Legend. – Make CET renamed shortcut the title of CET Dialog window. (to help users running multiple versions (public vs Beta) – Enhance Symbols Legend to steal 2D graphics from any Symbol in drawing.

9 Issues When zoomed way in on viewport, have trouble getting out of it and back to paper space CET using cache even if file it was based on no longer exists Dialogs that extend below the screen so that you can’t hit apply When zoomed in on viewport and try to edit, it goes grey Sometimes walls go to infinity upon stretch Blue rect shows up in 2D view after a 3D copy to viewport 3D randomly disappears, doesn’t come back even with zoom fit view Crop photos confusing when using with Paper Space. Standard drawing practice should always shows -0” in feet and Inches. CET right now cuts that out.

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