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MRS. FRAZEE VOCABULARY UNIT 2 Test: September 19 th.

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1 MRS. FRAZEE VOCABULARY UNIT 2 Test: September 19 th


3 My genetic makeup seems to predispose me to colds and sore throats.

4 PREDISPOSE Verb To incline to beforehand Synonym: make susceptible to Antonym: shield from


6 Severe illness forced me to relinquish my role in the school play.

7 RELINQUISH Verb To let go, give up Synonym: surrender Antonym: hold on to, keep


9 Time had effaced almost all signs of struggle that took place on that famous battlefield.

10 EFFACE Verb To wipe out; to keep oneself from being noticed Synonym: blot out, erase, obliterate


12 The murderer must've been demented and deranged. Persons become incarcerated in mental institutions because they exhibited behaviors which have been deemed by society to be demented.

13 DEMENTED Adjective Suffering from dementia Driven to behave irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement. Synonyms : mad, crazy, insane, lunatic, daft Antonyms : balanced, sane, sound


15 If you wish to kill something with that old spear you must first hone it to a sharp point. Camps will hone your skills in horseback riding and surviving in the wilderness. You must first hone the knife if you will use it in the kitchen.

16 HONE Verb Sharpen with a whetstone. Synonyms : sharpen, grind, edge


18 Johnny and I gorged ourselves on barbecue sandwiches and banana splits. I'm not going to the holiday cookie exchange because I don't want to gorge myself on sweets all afternoon. The Jones River is gorged with water during the rainy season.

19 GORGE Verb Eat a large amount greedily; fill oneself with food: "we used to go to all the little restaurants and gorge ourselves “. Synonyms : gobble, devour, guzzle, cram Antonyms : munch, nibble


21 The spinning wheel is an antiquated machine. Aunt Hilda's sense of style was somewhat antiquated. Frustrated, Mrs. Smith cannot get broadband through her phone line due to antiquated technology servicing her countryside home.

22 ANTIQUATED Adjective Old-fashioned or outdated Synonyms : aged, dated, elderly, fusty, old hat, old-fangled, old- fashioned, out-of- date, outworn Antonyms : modern, new, recent


24 In the movie 'Wizard of Oz', the Wicked Witch of the West used poppies, a source of opiate, to put Dorothy and her friends to sleep. The opiate pill was calming for the man to sleep.

25 OPIATE Noun A narcotic used to cause sleep or bring relief from pain Synonyms : narcotic


27 In keeping with expression "A picture is worth a thousand words," a political cartoonist can, with one clever caricature, destroy a politician's career. These poor animals are mere caricatures of their magnificent wild counterparts. The world, in the person of those we meet, must shape our lives or else we become unhealthy caricatures of ourselves.

28 CARICATURE Noun exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics a representation especially in literature or art that has the qualities of caricature Synonyms : mockery; cartoon


30 Students tend to dally around in the hallway and not get to class. Please don't dally. We need you here right away. The two of us dallied over our coffee that morning.

31 DALLY Verb To waste time and act playfully Synonyms : linger, hang around, dawdle Antonyms : hurry, bolt, dash



34 Verb To spread or scatter freely or widely Example: The scent of lilacs slowly diffused through the open window. Synonym: disperse Antonym: concentrate

35 DIFFUSE Adjective wordy, long-winded, or unfocused; scattered or widely spread Example: The speech was so long and diffuse that most members of the audience were thoroughly confused by it. Synonym: rambling Antonym: brief


37 Adjective Lasting for a long time; persistent Example: Pizza is a perennial favorite of young and old alike in the United States. Synonym: recurring Antonym: short-lived

38 PERENNIAL Noun A plant that lives for many years Example: A garden of perennials is relatively easy to maintain.


40 Manufactures who make spurious claims for their products may face fines or lawsuits.

41 SPURIOUS Adjective Not genuine, not true, not valid Synonym: false, bogus, counterfeit Antonym: genuine authentic


43 Companies often merge or amalgamate when they exist in a common industry. Dentists will amalgamate silver and mercury to form a filling for cavities in teeth.

44 AMALGAMATE Verb Combine or unite to form one organization or structure: "he amalgamated his company with another” Synonyms : blend, combine, incorporate, integrate, interfuse, intermix, meld, merge, mix Antonyms : break down, break up, separate


46 The beleaguered crew was outgunned, out-manned, and outranked, but they valiantly refused to surrender. Once beleaguered and defeated, they now glow with life and hope and humor.

47 BELEAGUER Verb to surround with military forces. to surround or beset, as with troubles. Synonyms : annoy, badger, block ade, nag, tease, worry Antonyms : leave alone

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