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Acronis Jira New Acronis Bug Tracking System March, 2011.

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1 Acronis Jira New Acronis Bug Tracking System March, 2011

2  Go to https://pmc.acronis.com  Provide your domain credentials in the Username/Password fields without domain prefix (like RU\) OR  Press Log In button Log in to Jira

3 Jira Structure Project is a product instance for which a certain set of bugs and tasks is maintained Issue is a bug or task maintained for this or that Project Set of projects maps, schedules, summaries and boards Recent activities, your tasks dashboard

4 Searching for Bugs in Jira Switch to the Issues Tab -> Search For Issues 1.Choose related project (e.g. product name); 2.Set Issue Type as Bug; 3.Choose Components, Bug Reporter/Bug Assignee, Status, Resolutions and Priority if applicable; 4.Provide Text Search query if any, choose query fields; 5.Press View >> button. Text Searching supports: 1.Single words, such as boot 2.Phrases surrounded with quotes “bootable media” 3.Single character wildcard bo?t or multiple character boo* 4.Fuzzy search such as boot~ 5.Phrases with other words in-between “bootable media”~10 6.AND, OR, NOT, +, - operators 7.Grouping with ( ) brackets

5 Advanced Searching for Bugs in Jira Switch to Advanced Searching under Issue Tab -> Search for Issues. 1.Provide the query syntax manually. 2.Check Jira’s suggestions in pop-up drop-downs for proper syntax. 3.Press Search Button You can also save your search as Filter for future usage

6 Bugs Severity in Jira Blocker Critical Major Normal Minor Enhancement A bug that blocks project effort and creates a risk of affecting the project plan (in terms of schedule, resources or product quality). It as an indicator that a bug must be handled immediately. Only testing manager may apply this rank to the bug. The description of the blocker must explain why such severity has been applied. Bug regarding data loss, service availability loss, massive performance degradation, massive usability degradation, system crashes or loss of important functionality with no reasonable workaround. This bug must be fixed prior to release otherwise it will have negative impact on the product reputation. Loss of important functionality with a reasonable workaround or loss of lesser functionality. Fix highly desirable prior to release. Majority of Customers can use the product with but some of them will object to the problem. Partial loss of lesser functionality or feature set with a reasonable workaround. Cosmetic GUI or text error that does not annoy the Customer. Request for an enhancement.

7 Bugs Statuses in Jira Wontfix Invalid Duplicate Fixed Unconfirmed This task has recently been created. Nobody has validated that the bug really exist. New or Open This bug is reproduced and awaits for the fix. Assigned/Fix or FIXING This bug is assigned and being handled by specific developer. Closed or Resolved This bug is closed. SupportAssist This bug is pending information from Support. QAAssist This bug is pending information from Quality Assurance (Testers). This bug will not be fixed due to design limitations or cost. This bug is invalid, submitted improperly. This bug is duplicating an existing one. This bug was fixed in development. This bug fixed was verified by Quality Assurance (Testers). Verified This bug is closed.

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