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October 21, 2013 Pick up your journal before you sit down.

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1 October 21, 2013 Pick up your journal before you sit down.

2 JOURNAL Describe 3 teeny-tiny “downers” that annoy you. These are very personal. It’s like the little hard ball of lotion that forms on the spout of the lotion bottle that makes the lotion burst out in a blob and splatter on you.

3 Agenda DGP Vocabulary – Flash a Partner Prepare for Sophomore Project Oral Presentation/PowerPoint

4 DGP carla looked at herself in the mirror and recited the poem fire and ice

5 Vocabulary 4 Flash a Partner!

6 Oral Presentation Criteria p. 67 5-7 minutes Effective Introduction Clearly Stated Purpose 3-5 Main Points Organization Effective Conclusion

7 Power Point Presentation p. 65 Title Slide—include your name, your topic, and some sort of artwork Introduction Background Information—define any term Causes/Effect/Problems/Solutions Self-Reflection (see page 66) Conclusion

8 Self Evaluation – choose 3, copy & answer Narrowing the Topic: Did you choose your topic thoughtfully or in a hurry? Explain. Are you satisfied with your topic choice? Locating Sources How well did you research your topic? Did you use a wide variety of sources? Did you use all of the sources that were available to you? Problems What problems arose during your research project? How did you solve them? Explain. Time Management How would you describe your time management skills prior to the completion of the sophomore project? Have your time management skills changed as a result of successful completion of the sophomore project? Explain.

9 Self Evaluation – choose 3,copy & answer Overall Evaluation: If you could go back and do anything (or things) about the project differently, what would you do and why? If you had to offer any advice to future sophomores about the project, what would it be and why? (And no, you cannot tell them to move somewhere else where they don’t have to do sophomore projects). What three adjectives (yes, that’s describing words) would you use to describe you and/or your research process? Explain. Did you experience a learning stretch? If so, in what way(s)? Explain.

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