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Where’s the Air? The Air Around Us Investigation 2, Part 1 -edited for Website.

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1 Where’s the Air? The Air Around Us Investigation 2, Part 1 -edited for Website

2 Air Weather happens close to the earth’s surface or Troposphere. We live surrounded by air, a mixture of gases.

3 Weather Tools First investigation To measure weather conditions Air plays a very important role in the weather

4 The Experiment Investigate air with your shoulder partner using a tube and giant syringe Do not: use your syringe to annoy another student point either end of the syringe at another student

5 Questions As you work with the syringe answer the following questions: What happens to air in the syringe when you push and pull on the plunger? What can air do?

6 Air Investigations (Lab Handout) 3 Part Investigation 3 Observations 3 Questions

7 The Experiment … when you push and pull on the plunger? Add a binder clip? What happens to the air in the syringe…

8 When you clamp the tube closed and push the plunger down what happens to the air? The air is pushed into a smaller space

9 What happens when you let go of the plunger after pushing it down? The air pushes the plunger back up


11 Observations What do you think happens to the air when it is pushed into a smaller space? What happens to push the plunger back out when you release pressure on the plunger?

12 Compression Air forced into a smaller space The air (same amount) was compressed Force

13 Compression and Pressure C ompressed air will push the plunger out Pressure is the push back of compressed air Pushes back Compressed air… with a force equal to the force compressing it

14 Conduct an Experiment What happens? Gets smaller Why does this happen? The air inside the foam is being compressed

15 Compression MultiMedia View the “Gas in a Syringe” animation Gas in a Syringe model

16 What is the air made of? Everything is made of atoms, including air Molecules of gases move around freely There is a lot of space between molecules of gases

17 Compression and Air The same number of molecules are pushed closer together Molecules bump into each other more Volume of air Is compressed into a smaller space Pressure pushes in all directions

18 Our Question Does air have weight? Does air have mass?

19 Weight? How can we confirm that something has mass? We can weigh it Weight - pull or force between Earth and the matter in an object or substance Can vary slightly at different places in Earth Can vary greatly on different planets

20 Prove It! Does air have mass? Available materials for use: -balloons- tape - plastic zip bags- paper clips - string - clear straws

21 Prove It! In your group design an experiment to show air has mass. Use 1 Science Buddies sheet, but all members contribute. Write name in the box you wrote. Use your metacognitive skills. (Think about your thinking)

22 Reading Turn to p. 6 in text Read “What’s in the Air?” Answer the questions on the bottom of pg. 3 lab worksheet.

23 Ticket Out To leave today, on a half sheet of paper, complete the following. Three key points from your learning. One concept that I am square with. (completely understand) Write a question that is still rolling around in your head.

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