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Ppt created by R.Surendran. Agasthiya vidyalaya.

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2 Ppt created by R.Surendran. Agasthiya vidyalaya.

3 RRam took an oath to abide by the law. AAbide: to conform to

4 RRahul accused pavithra of telling lies. AAccuse: to charge with a fault or offense

5 JJuliet is addressing a letter to her friend. AAddress: to greet by a prescribed form

6  The sponge absorbs water.  Absorb: to suck up or take up

7  Vikram’s legs were aching after the long walk.  Ache: dull persistent pain.

8  Nikil is adjusting his watch.  Adjust: to bring to a more satisfactory state.

9  The guard admitted the children into the park.  Admit: to allow entry

10  Dhanush is accessing the computer.  Access: ability to make use of something.

11  Subashree accepted the gifts on her birthday.  Accept: to receive willingly.

12  Hariharan acted as a prince in the play.  Act: the doing of a thing.

13  John added another pencil to his collection.  Add: to bring about an increase

14  Ravi decided to adopt the poor puppy he found on the road.  Adopt: to sponsor the care and maintenance

15  Sharon is adorning the Christmas tree.  Adorn: to enhance the appearance of something with beautiful objects.

16  Arjun aimed carefully before pelting the stone.  Aim: to direct toward a specific object.

17  Rohit amused Dinesh with his tricks.  Amuse: entertain with a sense of humour

18  Mother advised Rahul not to talk to strangers.  Advise: caution or warn

19  The dog alarmed the cat by jumping over it.  Alarm: disturb,excite

20  Ramesh always annoyed suresh with his silly grin.  Annoy: to disturb or irritate by repeated acts

21  Kiran is affixing a stamp on the letter.  Affix: to attach physically

22  The policeman stopped the traffic and allowed Padma to cross the road.  Allow: to permit

23  Sita answered the door bell.  Answered: something done in response

24  Somu and Balu agreed to finish their homework before dinner.  Agree: to accept or concede something

25  Rudra is altering the height of her bicycle seat.  Alter: to make different without changing into something else.

26  Sachin pulled his toy apart.  Apart: to pieces

27  The magician made the rabbit appear out of the hat.  Appear: to show up

28  Nithiya is applying cream on her face.  Apply: to lay or spread on

29  Sunitha approached her teacher Mrs. Elizabeth for help.  Approach: to draw closer

30  Bhim and Ragu argue over everything.  Argue: disagree in words

31  Sumitra arranged all her books neatly on her desk.  Arranged: to put into proper order

32  The Police arrested the thief.  Arrest: the taking or detaining in custody by law.

33  Rosy asked Padmini for some water.  Ask: to make a request of

34  The teacher assigned to Ravindran, a project in science.  Assign: to appoint to a duty

35  Mother assured Geetha that she was safe in her arms.  Assure: to make sure or certain

36  Deepthi attached a greeting card to the letter.  Attach: to bring into an association

37  Dhoni attained glory as he won the world cup.  Attain: to reach as an end.

38  Mithun avoided the traffic on his way home from school.  Avoid: to keep away from

39  Vikas lay wide awake the whole night.  Awake:to become active again

40  Simon is babbling as he lies in hospital.  Babble: to utter meaningless sound

41  Dinesh’s dog bagged the first prize at the dog show.  Bag: to achieve in competition

42  Dheeraj is baiting the fish with some worms.  Bait:something ( as food)used in luring esp. to a hook

43  Simran was baking a cake for the first time.  Bake:to cook by dry heat like in a oven.

44  Gymnasts balance themselves on a narrow beam.  Balance: to equal or equalize in weight,propotion or number.

45  Narmada’s sister bandaged her wound.  Bandage: a strip of fabric used to cover or dress wounds

46  The vehicle banged against a wall.  Bang: to knock or hit with a sharp noise

47  The dog barked at the rabbit.  Bark: short loud cry of a dog.

48  Neha is basking in the sun.  Bask: to lie or relax in a pleasant warmth or atmosphere.

49  Vishal bathes everyday.  Bathe: to take a bath.

50  The beating of the drum echoed through the jungle.  Beat : to hit or strike repeatedly.

51  Raju beckoned kumar from outside the classroom.  Beckon : to signal typically with a wave or nod

52  The old lady was found begging near the temple.  Beg : to ask for as a charity

53  Yuvraj singh bent down to pick up the ball.  Bend : to turn from straight to curved or angular

54 The teacher asked Rohit to bind his books. Bind: to wrap around with something so as to enclose or cover

55  Adam will bite the apple.  Bite : to seize especially with teeth or jaws

56  The rocket blasted off into the sky.  Blast off : used especially of rocket propelled missiles and vehicles.

57  The little lamb is bleating for his mother.  Bleat : the cry of a sheep or goat.

58  Peter had a nasty fall and her knee was bleeding.  Bleed : to emit or lose blood

59  The wind blows strongly during a storm.  Blow : to move with speed or force

60  The protestors blocked the traffic.  Block : halting the progress or movement

61  The thief blurted out the truth on being questioned by the police.  Blurted : to utter abruptly and impulsively.

62  Sam blushed when priya started praising him.  Blushed : to become red in the face especially from shame, modesty or confusion.

63  Vijay is boasting about his new car.  Boast : a cause for pride.

64  Sunder asked Ramesh whether he could borrow pencil from him.  Borrow : to receive with the implied intention of returning the same or equivalent.

65  Kumble walked along bouncing the ball.  Bounce : to cause to rebound or be reflected.

66  Shruthi bowed after her performance.  Bow: to bend the head, body or knee in reverence or submission.

67  Nehra bowled Ricky ponting out.  Bowl : a delivery of the ball in bowling.

68  The donkey brayed loudly.  Bray : loud harsh cry of the donkey.

69  Saravanan broke the branch off the tree.  Break : to separate into parts with suddenness

70  Sunil breathed deeply before diving into the swimming pool.  Breathe : to draw air into and to expel it from the lungs.

71  Anil bullies sankar.  Bully : to affect by means of force or coercion.


73  Ramdev brings newspaper every morning.  Bring: to carry forward

74  Ranjitha brushes her teeth twice a day.  Brush : an act of brushing

75  It took 18 years to build Tajmahal.  Build: to cause to be constructed.

76  Jack fell down and bumped his head.  Bump : a sudden forceful blow, impact or jolt

77  The balloon burst with a bang.  Burst : to break open or apart or into pieces usually from impact or pressure from within

78  The dog is burying a bone  Bury : to conceal by or as if by covering with earth.

79  Sandeep buttoned up his shirt.  Button : to close or fasten with button.

80  Nikil went shopping to buy some chocolates.  Buy : to make a purchase

81  Manoj called out to his friend to wait for him.  Call : to make a request or demand.

82  The drowning boy called for help.  Call for : shout or request for help.

83  Balu and Mukesh camped in the jungle.  Camp : temporary shelter

84  Mani is carrying the basket home.  Carry : to move while supporting

85  Harbhajan is about to catch the ball.  Catch : to take hold of or seize

86  Ben is trying hard to catch up with carl lewis.  Catch up : to travel fast enough to overtake an advance party.

87  The bulls charged at the crowd.  Charge : to rush forward in or as if in assault

88  The Lion chased the deer in the jungle but couldn’t catch one.  Chase : to follow rapidly

89  Molly and Parul are chatting over the phone.  Chat : idle small talk

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