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Sleeping doll Ubicomp Final Hen-Wei Chang Shun-Chi Hsu.

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1 Sleeping doll Ubicomp Final Hen-Wei Chang Shun-Chi Hsu

2 Outline Interaction Design Implementation Future work

3 Interaction Design Purpose = try to help parents build their children’s good sleeping habit Target preschool children

4 Interaction Design Child doesn’t go to sleep at 8:50 At 8:50, the doll calls parents and child to play The doll records the playing scene for 10 mins At 9:00, parents send child to bed The doll starts monitoring child’s behavior

5 Interaction Design If child is sleeping, the doll keeps playing recorded scene If child is moving, the doll stops playing to alert the child After child really falls asleep, the doll stops playing

6 Interaction Design Some design background assumption Hugging a doll is like staying in mother's comforting womb. Recording and playing parent-child interaction sound attracts child staying in bed and isn’t too stimulus Making the sound boring usually makes people fall asleep

7 Interaction Design Some negative effect Security blanket: children might be attracted to the doll too much Annoy child at the mid-night: false-alarm of motion detection might annoy child at the mid-night

8 Implementation Using a Dopod smart phone as recording and playing platform (Implemented) Using WiTilt accelerometer to detect children’s motion on their bed (Can connect but not work now) Integrating with a doll (Not implemented)

9 Implementation Setting recording start time I Setting recording start time II

10 Implementation Recording and playing Using accelerometer

11 Further Work It’s hard to detect children’s current sleeping status Need field study to confirm assumption

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