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Man builds 35-foot Snowman builds-35-foot-snowman.

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1 Man builds 35-foot Snowman builds-35-foot-snowman

2 A northern New York man has topped his own record by building a (1) 35 foot top hat wearing snowman on his property. Vern Scoville started building huge snowmen (2) sevaral years ago as something fun for his family and friends to do after the holidays.

3 (3) Last year his snowman topped out at 25 feet. (4) This year, Frosty stands 35 feet high just off Route 126 in the (5) Jefferson county town of Champion, 70 miles north of Syracuse. The snowman sports (6) three, black, car tires for (7) buttons an orange and white traffic cone for a nose and part of an old pool for a top hat.

4 8. This article could be defined as which of the following? a.An editorial b.A classified ad c.A brief, international news item d.A human interest story

5 9. It can be inferred from the article that a.There is very little to do in upstate New York. b.Snow is a common occurrence in and around Syracuse. c.Car tires don’t stick to snowman bellies. d.The snowman will probably melt very soon.

6 10. Vern Scoville began building giant snowmen win a contest. b.because he already had a huge top hat. pass time during the holiday season. annoy his neighbors.

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