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Tricia RayaVanessa AotrizHacel Dela Cruz SCI 10 section J Report by:

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1 Tricia RayaVanessa AotrizHacel Dela Cruz SCI 10 section J Report by:

2 What is a Cyber Predator? Someone who uses the internet to take advantage of another in any way: Sexually Financially Emotionally Psychologically

3 Forms: Accd. To “Cyber Stalking and Internet Harassment: What the Law Can Do” by Judge David Harvey Sending unwanted, abusive, obscene messages e-mails Spamming (sending junk e-mails) Live chat sessions, message boards, newsgroups Indirect Way: Harasser may impersonate the victim and send abusive e-mails in the victim’s name. The victim will then receive the hate mails.

4 Why the internet? “Cyber Stalking and Internet Harassment: What the Law Can Do” by Judge David Harvey Anonymity Creating an “online persona” with little relationship to one’s own personality Pseudonymity Forging an e-mail header to create a digital persona Impersonation Making an e-mail appear as if it was sent from a different account Re-mailer technology: Mixmaster

5 Mixmaster uses public key cryptography granting unprecedented anonymity A user may chain several re-mailers together and send communications safe the trail created would be so complex that it would be impossible to follow Ease of Dissemination Readily available audience One-dimensional nature of online communication Face to face: listener can balance the content of the message with facial expression, body language, intonation, volume Online: Vulnerable to misinterpretation Cheap Without leaving the house Technology of database Becomes easier to search for a victim by typing a name, address, etc. on search engines Why the internet?

6 Cyber Predators Predators Characteristics: Close to 100% are male 91% are white and non-Hispanic 91% hold a full-time job.

7 What does this say about cyber predation? Do not stereotype Gives a new meaning to “Don’t talk to strangers.” even though they look trustworthy

8 Catching a Cyber Predator Counterattack against cyber-predators The Sting of Online Predators Microsoft Collaborates With Global Police

9 Do not disclose contact details to strangers (text, internet, etc.) Online shopping, read the reviews Detecting predators (Philippine context)

10 Disturbing Statistics 100,000 Web sites offering child pornography. 79% of teens aren’t careful when giving out information 64% teens do things online without parents knowledge.

11 $3 billion Child pornography revenue annually. 1 in 5 Children are sexually solicited online only 25% of those told a parent 89% Sexual solicitations occurred in chat rooms Instant Messaging

12 Death of Megan Meier (Missouri) ; 13 years old “she was a bad person and the world would be better without her” (Josh’s last message to Megan)

13 Patrick Sicat Transferred from Lasalle to UP Diliman Blog: complains about UP “disgusting chairs…nerdy students” The Oblation: “…the statue that upholds a bold representation of what it means to be a jackass” Got bullied by UP Students “Hindi mo pa nae-encounter ang term na HIT? Pwes, alamin mo before other UP students introduce this word to you the hard way” (“Have you been a victim of cyber-harassment?” by Annelle Tayao, PDI)

14 According to “Real-Word Dangers in an Online Reality: A Qualitative Study Examining Online Relationships and Cyber Abuse” by Mishna, McLucki, Saini Cyber Harassment/Predation can happen Between strangers And real-life acquaintances

15 Where predators are found Chat Rooms Instant Messenger Myspace Facebook Xanga

16 Software You can find software that will Limit the time your child spends online Block inappropriate web pages Monitor Instant Messenger chats Restrict game-play Block file sharing programs Keep your kids from sending personal information online

17 Protective Settings Set up content advisor on internet explorer List of approved and block sites or Content Advisor Safe Surf

18 Protective Tools Kid-safe search engines – Hazoo – Yahooligans – KidsClick Internet Filters All in one parental control software Banning Myspace from schools Kinds of Software – Mach 7 the Remote Spy Keylogger

19 Put a password on the computer. Teach your child about internet safety. Warn your child not to join any mailing lists Encourage your child not to visit strange sites. Reputation Defender Company which offers services such as “Search and Destroy” and “My Child”

20 Books The Smart Mom’s Guide to Online Safety Learn how to keep your children safe Learn the warning signs Discover what happens on social networking sites, blogs and other online channels.

21 Learn why nothing is permanently deleted from the Internet Discover online dangers at your public library. Learn why photo and video sharing sites can impact your child’s life

22 Laws against Cyber Predation Senate Bill Number 818 Modifies various provisions relating to stalking and harassment. June 30, 2008 In Missouri, signed by Governer Matt Blunt removing the requirement in the legislation requiring that such harassing communication be written or made over the telephone. harassment from computers, text messages and other electronic devices may also be considered illegal

23 the Philippines Resolution number 915 By Senator Manny Villar “URGING THE SENATE COMMITTEES ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, PUBLIC INFORMATION AND MASS MEDIA AND OTHER APPROPRIATE COMMITTEES TO CONDUCT AN INQUIRY, IN AID OF LEGISLATION, ON THE OCCURRENCE OF CYBER STALKING CASES AND THE MODUS OPERANDI ADOPTE TO PERPETUATE CRIMES IN THE INTERNET WITH THE END IN OF FORMULATING A POLICY THAT WILL CURB CYBER STALKING AND PROTECTONLINE USERS IN THE COUNTRY” Incident Cited Jehzeel Laurete (Blog: Jehzlau’s Concepts) the stalker created another e-mail with an address very similar to the genuine email address of Laurente and used the fake e-mail to ask money from other internet users and annoy and pester others by retorting bad words on comments and web pages, pretending to be the real Laurente

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