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Users Council, April 10, 2009 Leslie Wolf & Lena Zentall, Project Managers, Bibliographic Services Bibliographic Services.

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1 Users Council, April 10, 2009 Leslie Wolf & Lena Zentall, Project Managers, Bibliographic Services Bibliographic Services

2 What does Bibliographic Services do? Discovery and delivery Provide instant access to content in the libraries of 10 UC campuses Key services: Melvyl: Union catalog Request: Interlibrary loan and document delivery service UC e-links: Access to electronic content Pilot projects and next gen tools

3 Next Gen Melvyl: WorldCat Local

4 Major project to replace current union catalog – Melvyl - with a UC version of WorldCat Local Partnering with OCLC to develop academic version that meets needs of our user OCLC’s extensive database provides services and content beyond that of a standard catalog Shared user base with libraries outside of UC WorldCat Local brings us “the world”

5 Next Gen Melvyl: WorldCat Local Continuous improvement 50+ significant enhancements so far – OCLC is listening! Search for articles within journals “Return to Search Results” link from the detailed record – easier navigation WorldCat Local tutorials New sorting option: “Relevance only” Tools for series and editions

6 Next Gen Melvyl: WorldCat Local Upcoming Enhancements in April Completely redesigned detailed record will give us Better electronic access to materials Improved print and email capability Easier copy and paste for citations or lists Logical groupings of similar services

7 Next Gen Melvyl: WorldCat Local When will we launch? The latest information from OCLC says we will not be releasing WorldCat Local before Fall 2009 We are closely monitoring progress We’ll share information as we receive it

8 Next Gen Melvyl: WorldCat Local What is UC doing to ensure success? Detailed project plans by the Implementation Team to ensure UC is ready Communication planning Campus preparation for reclamations, training, etc. Continuous testing and monitoring Strong partnership with OCLC: UC is “at the table” and helping to shape future developments

9 Next Gen Melvyl: WorldCat Local What will happen to current Melvyl? “Belts and suspenders” – we’ll keep Melvyl running until WorldCat Local has passed agreed-upon criteria. Only then would we decommission it We will communicate our timeline clearly, with plenty of advanced notice

10 Melvyl: Current Version Status quo – maintenance but no new development Team is currently working to integrate UC Berkeley’s new OPAC

11 Request

12 Request: ILL and document delivery Request has two pieces 1. UC proprietary product – “Request” 2. OCLC’s VDX software hosted at CDL UC Request Interactive interface gives user immediate feedback Leverages our investment in UC-eLinks - users can get electronic content in the same session Worked hard to remove roadblocks for a seamless user experience

13 Request What’s new for Request? Working hard behind the scenes towards a seamless transition from Melvyl to WCL Request button will work the same way - it just gets holdings and availability from WCL instead of Melvyl

14 Request/VDX Software product for Interlibrary loan and digital document delivery We are actively working on enhancing our reporting capability so campuses can run their own reports on demand and export the data One of our highest priority development items for 2009 Upcoming enhancements Secure electronic document delivery - waiting for vendor release

15 UC-eLinks A year in the life of a button

16 UC-eLinks: Behind the Button e=book&isbn=9781575666518&title=The+after+house&date=2001&aulast=Rinehar t&aufirst=Mary&auinitm=Roberts&id=doi%3A&pid=%3Caccession+number%3E45900 204%3C%2Faccession+number%3E%3Cfssessid%3Efsapp8-38245-fss17fsb-buuc63%3 C%2Ffssessid%3E&url_ver=Z39.88-2004& = %3Csessionid%3Efsapp8-38245-fss17fsb-buuc63%3C%2Fsessionid%3E&rfe_dat=%3 Caccessionnumber%3E45900204%3C%2Faccessionnumber%3E&rft_id=info%3Aoclcnu m%2F45900204&rft_id=urn%3AISBN%3A9781575666518&rft.aulast=Rinehart&rft.a ufirst=Mary&rft.auinitm=Roberts&rft.btitle=The+after+house& &rft.isbn=9781575666518& ton+%3B%3BAmalgamated+Book+Services&rft.genre=book

17 UC-eLinks: working hard Most heavily used service…and GROWING 2 million (2,032,295) uses during the first 10 weeks of 2009 (Jan 4 - Mar 14, 2009) High use day: 45,731 uses in a single day on March 9, 2009 up from 35,623 on Feb. 25, 2008

18 What’s working against us?

19 UC-eLinks: Changing Landscape Trends & Issues: Technical Web products change rapidly Access problems on the rise Publishing industry in flux

20 UC-eLinks: Changing Landscape Trends & Issues: Perceptions/Behavior Shifts in scholarly research workflow Anything “good” will be online Preference for PDFs Trust Interaction flow/too many options Language Spawning new windows continues to annoy users

21 What’s working for us?

22 UC-eLinks: Changing Landscape Continual improvement strategies Assessment Feedback Testing

23 UC-eLinks: Poised to innovate Complementary perspectives on the team Experienced librarians and Next generation librarians

24 UC-eLinks: Brand recognition

25 UC-eLinks: in the user’s flow Google Scholar, a source since 2005 Increasing usage over time Distributed model In the Top 10 sources licensed resources still most popular: PubMed, Web of Science, PsycInfo

26 UC-eLinks: New “targets” Google Books

27 UC-eLinks: New “targets” Springer Link Books

28 UC-eLinks: New “targets” eScholarship Journals

29 UC-eLinks: UI Improvements

30 UC-eLinks: Upcoming Integration with Serials Solutions ERMS Integration with WCL Strategic planning for future UI enhancements

31 Questions? Contact us

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