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Trigger Based Selling and the Value of Social Media Kevin Tan – Sales Director, Asia-Pacific, OneSource Online Information – Asia-Pacific Conference March.

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1 Trigger Based Selling and the Value of Social Media Kevin Tan – Sales Director, Asia-Pacific, OneSource Online Information – Asia-Pacific Conference March 24 th, 2011

2 Agenda Framing the Challenge of Sales Executives Sales Triggers Value of Social Media Leveraging Social Media –LinkedIn –Jigsaw –Marketing Automation Potential Recommendations/Actions

3 Daily Sales Challenge You need more revenue and you do not have enough leads to grow the revenue… this need never seems to end

4 How You May Be Addressing This Challenge Rely on Marketing to find leads for your sales people Turn over your destiny to marketing department, lead gen, web sites, direct marketing etc…and its still not enough Your sales people have to find their own leads The internet has made it easier for sale people to have business information on their desktop….and this increases research time and decreases selling time; –While doing research “the sale” is not happening –Finding leads on the internet is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack

5 First Mover Advantage in a Sales Opportunity Early Position Advantages  Time of Maximum Influence  Best position to become sole-source provider  More opportunity to expand size of deal Entry Point in Deal EarlyLate Low High Probability of Win First Mover Domain Active Pursuit of Solutions Acquisition Of Solution Recognition Of Need Unarticulated Need For Product or Service

6 Improving Sales Prospecting: a Key Component of Sales Productivity Sales teams ranked outbound prospecting as their number one source of qualified opportunities. 2010 B2B Sales Pulse Survey by OneSource Sales professionals spend over twenty percent of their time on lead generation and conducting research on accounts. Jim Dickie, CSO Insights

7 Critical B2B Sales Prospecting Challenges Getting to the hottest opportunities at the right time Finding the right executive and management contacts Crafting a compelling reason for a discussion

8 Triggers & Time OneSource Company Confidential8 What was at Stake: Untold riches, prosperity The Trigger: Gold found at Sutter’s Mill The Technology: Telegraph, Newspaper Distribution The Window: Days/Weeks

9 Triggers & Time OneSource Company Confidential9 What was at Stake: Tickets to Disney’s Halloween Party, memories to last a lifetime The Trigger: Disney tweet The Technology: Internet, Social Media, Smart Phones The Window: Minutes

10 Timing is Everything Happy with current serviceCommitted to new service Potential buyers are in “non-buying” mode most of the time Calling them wastes your time and may even annoy them Prospecting works most effectively when targeting companies in the “open to change” zone Sales Triggers identify those prospects most likely to be in this zone Prospect Buying Timeline Open to changeActive buying cycle From Shift Selling

11 How to Prioritize Prospects to Maximize Revenues Company fits right into your sweet spot (target industry, size, geography, etc.) 2. Right Person Contact has the right title and role for being a key decision- maker for your offering 3. Right Timing Getting in touch with the company when they are just starting the buy cycle 4. Right Issues Finding the most relevant business issues that the prospect is facing Best Opportunities 1. Right Company

12 Sales Triggers Drive Sales Opportunities Executive Changes Charged with making fast impact (e.g., 100-day plan) Easier to change a service the last exec selected Need help and often have resources to spend New Funding Infusion of new capital to spend Need sales/marketing services to help fuel growth Often make investments to support growth Hiring Initiatives Indicate investment in specific business areas Opportunities for Recruiting firms New executive/manager triggers

13 Executive Change Trigger

14 Additional Sales Triggers to Help Uncover Opportunities Conferences, Speeches & Shows Product Launch Contract Win Joint Ventures & Partnerships Venture Capital Mergers and Acquisitions Public Offering Debt & Equity Earnings Announcement Earnings Results Dividends Commercial Real Estate Opening New Office Legal Bankruptcy Divestitures Closing Facilities Corporate Relocations FDA Approval Layoffs SEC Filings Accounting & Regulatory Issues

15 Finding Triggers in Social Media is Valuable but has Challenges Challenges A lot of junk mixed in with the valuable discussions Disruptive to the sales process to jump to social media sites Time-consuming to follow and track relevant threads Value of Social Media Survey of B2B Sales Pros Source: B2B Sales Pulse Survey by OneSource

16 The Value of Social Media to the Sales Process

17 Leveraging LinkedIn to Business Advantage Find past co-workers Find new prospects and really ‘know’ your prospects Keep an eye out for people on the move Build your online identity Get new opportunities Learn something new Get some credibility Become an expert Grow your pipeline

18 Marketing Automation – Leverage technology Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua Monitor which web pages our clients and prospects are visiting and the content they are downloading (real-time) Gives hints about what work challenges our customers are facing Gives reps a reason to make that call – allowing us to tailor our conversations to help our customers solve the problems they face.

19 Four Key Pillars to Increasing Sales Productivity Prioritize prospects by those that are most likely to lead to sales Use Sales Triggers to identify potential buying opportunities Give sales reps the Context they need to have a compelling discussion with each prospect Leverage Social Media for sales opportunities

20 LiveContent™ Overview Combines 4 major types of content into one service Intelligently uses the best data elements from each source Unique process leverages both technology and editorial research

21 Sales 2.0 Technology - Options Facebook-like feed of the latest hot prospects & triggers LinkedIn Integration Prioritize by preferences, territory and trigger events –Executive Changes –Product Launches –20+ Trigger Types Comprehensive Company/ Contact information Imagine a sales team’s workday with an accurate feed of relevant, hot opportunities…

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