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HEARING CONSERVATION Protecting Employees From Noise Hazards.

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1 HEARING CONSERVATION Protecting Employees From Noise Hazards

2 2 DEFINITIONS Sound pressure – Level of sound wave energy measured in decibels Sound – Pressure variations in the air that can be detected by the ear Noise – Sound that provides no information; unwanted sound Attenuation - Process of reducing sound to acceptable levels

3 3 EFFECTS OF NOISE Psychological - Can startle, annoy, and disrupt concentration, sleep, or relaxation Interference with communication, resulting in interference with job performance and safety Physiological - Noise induced hearing loss, aural pain, or even nausea

4 4 SOUND MEASUREMENTS Hertz (Hz)- Measurement of sound cycles per second Decibel (dB) - Logarithmic scale for sound volume measurement Normal hearing range for human ear is between 20 and 20,000 Hz

5 5 SOUND MEASUREMENTS Normal Hearing - 25 dBA At 500 To 2,000 Hz Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) - An 8- Hour Exposure To 90 dBA 5 dBA Doubling Rate - Each Increase In dBA By 5 Reduces The PEL By Half

6 6 OCCUPATIONAL NOISE EXPOSURE LIMITS 115 dBA Is Maximum Level Without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 140 dBA Is Maximum Impulse Or Impact Level Monitoring Program Must Be Started If A Time-Weighted-Average Of 85 dBA Over An 8-Hour Period Is Exceeded

7 7 CONSERVATION PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Measure And Monitor Noise Levels Audiometric Testing Of Exposed Employees Hearing Protection Through PPE Use And Engineering And Administrative Controls Provide Employee Training Written Program And Record Keeping

8 8 HEARING PROTECTION DEVICES Ear Plugs - Premolded Rubber Ear Plugs - Foam Rubber Ear Plugs - Custom Molded Ear Muffs Canal Caps

9 9 FACTORS AFFECTING HEARING LOSS Noise Intensity Or Sound Pressure Frequency Or Pitch Length Of Daily Exposure Duration Of Exposure In Years Individual Susceptibility Other Factors (Disease, Genetics, Lifestyle, Age, Etc.)

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