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Bank on something You can be sure of it Get on the bandwagon Do what everyone else is doing.

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2 Bank on something You can be sure of it

3 Get on the bandwagon Do what everyone else is doing

4 Bite one’s tongue Stop talking, or take back what you said

5 Break new ground Start something brand new

6 Come away empty-handed Losing everything, leaving with nothing

7 To cramp someone’s style To bother someone, hinder, annoy

8 At the crack of dawn Very early in the morning, sunrise

9 A cut above Better than the rest

10 Cut loose Relax, or act wild (as in dancing)

11 Dirt cheap Very inexpensive

12 Don’t hold your breath Don’t wait… it will probably never happen

13 Down the drain Gone forever, wasted

14 Down in the dumps Sad, depressed

15 Drive a hard bargain Tough negotiations, usually about price

16 To drop the ball Forgot to do something, made a careless mistake

17 Face the music Accept unpleasant consequences for your actions

18 Fall flat on one’s face To fail

19 Fair-weather friend Someone who is not there for you when you really need him/her

20 Fall into place Everything works out

21 A far cry Extremely different, not even close

22 Fifth wheel An extra person, someone not wanted, or not fitting in

23 To fill someone’s shoes To take someone’s place, as in a job, or on a team

24 A fine line A very small distinction

25 First and foremost The most important part

26 A fork in the road A clear choice, options

27 To get down to business To get to work

28 To get one’s foot in the door To be introduced, acknowledged, or become part of a group or company

29 To get on someone’s nerves To bother, annoy

30 To get something off one’s chest To say something that a person has been wanting to say for a long time

31 To get something straight To clarify, explain

32 To go over something with a fine-toothed comb To look over something very slowly and carefully

33 To go over someone’s head To talk to someone’s boss or supervisor

34 To hang on to every word To listen very closely, to pay attention

35 To have an edge To have a slight advantage, or to be just a little bit aggressive

36 To hit the spot A meal or drink that is especially tasty and satisfying

37 In bad taste Rude, or inappropriate

38 In the long run Over time, or at the end

39 Just what the doctor ordered Exactly what someone needs

40 Last, but not least The person or topic was mentioned last, but still has importance

41 Leave someone high and dry To leave a task undone, or to leave someone “stuck”

42 Lock horns To disagree, have an argument or confrontation

43 Make ends meet To be able to pay all the bills, to “break even”

44 Move up in the world To get a better job, better place to live, drive a better car, etc…

45 Nest egg A large amount of money saved up

46 Not in the least Not at all, none

47 On one’s own accord Someone’s choice, or someone acted individually

48 On the house Free, no charge

49 Pass the buck Blame someone else, or give the task or responsibility to someone else

50 Promise (someone) the moon Make a very big (unrealistic) promise

51 Quick and dirty A very short explanation; straight to the main point

52 To rest one’s case To stop arguing (and give the other person time to think)

53 To rub elbows with someone Meeting people, especially influential or famous people

54 To see eye to eye To agree with someone

55 To set one’s sights on something To have a goal in mind

56 Skeletons in the closet Hidden secrets, problems, etc…

57 To take it with a grain of salt Don’t believe every word of what the person says, be skeptical

58 To tie the knot To get married

59 To turn a blind eye to something To ignore something, “Look the other way”

60 To turn one’s back on someone To not help someone in need…

61 To use every trick in the book To try every solution possible Magic

62 To wait on someone hand and foot To be very helpful, offer lots of support and assistance

63 A wild goose chase A hopeless quest

64 Yes-man Someone who never argues or disagrees with his/her boss or co-workers

65 Your guess is as good as mine You don’t have any idea what the answer or solution is What is the square root of negative one?

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