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Project made by Utigenova Kamila and Yakubova Tatyana.

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1 Project made by Utigenova Kamila and Yakubova Tatyana

2 Officially, a teenager is anyone aged from 13 to 19 inclusively, but most people would probably think first of the younger age group and exclude 18 and 19-year-olds. After all, once you reach 18 you can vote, get married without your parents’ permission, and join the army. On the other hand, children are growing up and developing more quickly, and these days 11 and 12-year-olds would like to include themselves in the ‘teenager’ group.


4 1)Is it easy to be young? 3%-yes 97%-no 2)Why yes or no? The most popular answer is “I have problems as adults too. 3)Name problems which annoy you On the basis of this question we have drawn a conclusion that the basic problems of youth are family and school problems unfortunate love violence and poverty Fear before the future drug and alcohol addiction

5 Drinking and taking drugs have become the most actual problems of the modern society. As for drinking, teenagers don’t realize the harm it does to their health. Teenagers are greatly influenced by social problems such as unemployment, dysfunctional families and the stress of getting into new college. They don’t know how to cope with the problems which do not depend on them. They are badly prepared for their solution mentally, spiritually and even physically. If they fail, they can be driven to despair and won’t find the way out if not helped by their families and school.

6 The first love is examination for the all family. This is one of the most difficult time in teenager’s life. Everything that occurs with him occurs for the first time. He doesn’t know how to express sympathy, how to build relations. More often the first love is unfortunate. It is undivided or quickly passes. But just this feeling is very important. It is the first step in adult life. The teenager forms a sight on relations between the man and the woman. He learns to trust to a new man. For the first time he learns that mean treachery. That’s why support of friends and understanding of parents are needed for young people.

7 Each teenager has an idol because they want to equal to someone. Some change image and try to be outwardly similar to the star. Others simply collect the possible information about the idol. But sometimes such sympathy becomes persuasive. Teenager surround itself things which connecting with him idol. It may be clothes, music, posters and others. All his life turns a pursuit of an idol. More often it is girl’s problem.

8 The third problem is a fear for the future. The young man should become independent and take the place in a society. Many questions are there before him. How choose the profession? Teenager want to have a profession while is liked him and is a high paid. But for it he must to graduate a high education. That’s why there is the second question. How to choose a university? Now in Russia there are a lot of institutes. But only a few of them give a really good education. To graduate to such university is difficult.

9 К чему стремиться? It is necessary for young man to understand life and surrounding the world. He needs to understand what is good and what is bad. He needs to know laws of the world in which he lives. This information arrives to the child from parents, friends, teachers, from fairy tales, animated cartoons, songs and films. And the youth receives a world picture from mass-media, products of mass culture and the life experience. Modern picture of the world show powerlessness. It says that money decide everything.

10 Often this problems are reasons for suicide. In Russia for last decade the number of suicides among youth has grown in 3 times. Every year each twelfth teenager at the age of 15-19 years tries to make suicide. By absolute quantity of teenage suicides Russia wins first place. Suicides from for one-way love among teenagers till 16 years make practically half from total number of suicides. According to independent psychiatrists, 30 % of young men at the age from 14 to 24 years visit suicide thoughts, and 6 % of young men and 10 % of girls from thoughts pass to business.

11 Some experts write that in 10 % the suicide behavior has the purpose to finish itself, and in 90 % the suicide behavior of the teenager is an attraction to itself of attention. According to the state statistics, the quantity of children and the teenagers who have committed suicide, makes about 13 % from total number died of the unnatural reasons. The teenagers making a suicide, usually suffer from strong mental anguish and have a stress condition. They also feel impossibility to consult with the problems. Such teenagers need first of all the psychological help.

12 Young people have as many problems as grown-ups. The main one is to find a good, real friend. I know the proverb “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” I agree with this, that’s why I try to make friends with gay and honest persons. I want to have a friend who understand me. It will be simple and interesting to speak to him or her. I think that young people have problems with their parents. What are they? Our parents do not always understand us. For example, my parents want me to be a teacher, as they are skilled teachers; but I have a taste for music and my dream is to be a composer.

13 Where can we go? What can we do if we have free time? My friend Yulia lives in a village. Her village is far from Saratov. It takes her three hours to get to Saratov. She says that there is nowhere to go and nothing to do in her village. There are no many clubs, museums, cinemas or parks there. If she wants to go to Saratov it takes her a lot of money. She can’t afford it.

14 I am sure that all teenagers want to have a lot of money in order to dress well, to go to the theatres, to visit foreign countries, to eat what they want, to buy books… How can they solve all these problems? They have to earn money. I think it is possible to do it. Some boys wash cars, others sell newspapers; some of my friends help elderly people. We have some problems, but we are sure that we can solve them in a proper way. I think that young people in other countries have many problems too. However, sometimes these problems seem to be incomparably easier than ours.




18 Young/ Яндекс картинки

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