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3 Connect the Dots

4 Solution

5 Understanding DIVERSITY The ability to relate well to all types of people – becoming increasingly important –Face of U.S. is changing e.g. races, cultures, languages, religious beliefs, widening gap between rich and poor, physical and mental challenges Accept/understand and respect the differences/similarities in people

6 HARASSMENT Form of *discrimination which subjects a person to offensive – unwelcome behavior: –Sex, race, color ancestry, religion, disability, military service, or any other protected status under the law

7 Harassment – con’t Annoyance Irritation Pestering Provocation Subject to persistent attacks and criticism

8 Types of Harassment & Bullying Bullying – persistent negative attacks Stalking – pestering an individual in writing, electronically, phone, following an individual or spying on them Sexual harassment – unwanted behavior of a sexual nature Racial Harassment – written or verbal threats or insults based on race, ethnicity or skin color, ridicule based on cultural grounds

9 Types of Harassment & Bullying – con’t Religious Harassment – unwanted behavior based on religious beliefs or practices Disability Harassment – Sexual Orientation Harassment – unwanted behavior based on known or presumed sexual orientation Cases of Physical Assault

10 Harassment – con’t Harassment includes... –Words or actions that, whether intended or not, annoy or bother another, causes another to feel embarrassed, threatened or pressured to comply with a demand –E.g. name calling, hazing, body posturing, or gesturing to make a person feel uncomfortable/offended

11 Harassment – con’t Harassment is about... –Unwelcome advances –Hostile atmosphere –Perceptions and feelings –Power and control

12 Harassment – con’t When I was harassed, I felt... –Shame, embarassed, humiliated, uncomfortable, afraid, trapped, hurt When I was harassed, I wanted to... –Run away, hide, hurt myself, get even

13 Victim Avoid / ignore the person Stop it!!! I don’t appreciate what you did Tell someone Report it!!! *It takes courage

14 Bystander That’s uncool! What if that was your relative or close friend? Knock it off! Coach told us to be leaders, set a positive example! Tell someone or report it! -It takes courage-

15 Stopping Harassment In Its Tracks Assess if you are physically safe Address the harassment Put the focus on the bully Name the harassment and its consequences Refuse to join in

16 Reporting Harassment Tell someone File a complaint w/Vice-Principal Consequences for offender –Offenders realize behavior is wrong

17 School Policy

18 Consequence Warning Conduct Probation Suspension Expulsion

19 Situations 1. You are participating in an ILH sport. You have worked hard to earn a starting position. You and your teammate lose track of time after are late for practice. Coach starts yelling at both of you. When he’s done you start to walk away but he thinks you said something under your breath. He starts swearing at you. Is this harassment? What would you do?

20 Situations – con’t 2. You are a new ninth grade girl. Everyday you have to walk by a group of boys at Paki to get to your third period class. They make comments you can’t quite hear but you are positive they are talking about you. Furthermore, you think their comments are not nice. Is this harassment? What should you do?

21 Situations – con’t 3. You are a new ninth grade boy and you have recently broken up with your girlfriend who is also one of your classmates. When you pass by her friends they call you a “jerk” and a “dick.” Is this harassment? How should you handle this?

22 Situations – con’t 4. You have a friend in one of your classes who is failing. The teacher seems to dislike him. A couple of times each quarter the teacher talks about how some students don’t deserve to be at Kamehameha and he looks at your friend when he says this. What should your friend do?

23 Situations – con’t 5. You are a ninth grade girl. You have broken up with your boyfriend who is also a Kamehameha student. He is hurt and angry. He starts telling stories about you that are not true. What should you do?

24 Harassment Response Sheet




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