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Personality Disorders You actually do have something wrong with you!

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1 Personality Disorders You actually do have something wrong with you!

2 Explanation  A personality disorder is an accentuation of one or multiple characteristics in which the bystander emits, to a degree that the trait significantly impairs an individual's social or occupational functioning.

3 Symptoms  Paranoia: Intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion, which can bring on sense of rage, hatred, and betrayal. High capacity to annoy or enrage others because of rigid and maladaptive behavior. Some identifiable beliefs and actions of paranoid-related disorders include mistrust, taking offense easily, difficulty with forgiveness, defensive attitude in response to imagined criticism, preoccupation with hidden motives, fear of being deceived or taken advantage of, inability to relax, argumentative, abrupt, stubborn, self-righteous, and perfectionistic.

4 Diagnosis  Diagnosis of a personality disorder is that you need to meet the standards of the Daignostic and Statistcal Manual of Mental Disorders.

5 Those effected  Borderlines are the patients psychologists fear most. They are powerfully connected to the people close to them and terrified by the possibility of losing them--yet attack those people so unexpectedly that they often ensure the very abandonment they fear.

6 Causes  The cause of paranoia is a mental and emotional functions involving reasoning and assigned meanings. The reasons for these breakdowns are varied and uncertain

7 Treatment  Treatment of paranoia is usually via behavior therapy which is aimed at reducing sensitivity to criticism and improving social skills. It can be difficult to treat a person with paranoia as they may be irritable, emotionally guarded, hostile, and unwilling; therefore, progress is slow. Therapy attempts to break the cycle of suspicion and isolation by using relaxation and anxiety management and by aiding the person to change certain behaviors

8 Getting Help  offers free, anonymous support from other people suffering from personality disorders.

9 Related/Interesting Information  A majority of people with personality disorder don't realize they do have a personality disorder because it is natural for them and is considered to be a personality trait. The disorder is more common among first degree biological relatives. The main character from Girl,Interrupted is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

10 Paranoid Disorder caught on film! Omg! (Sit back an shut up) 

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