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Section 10 2015 Programs 1. Agenda Program Overview – Tom Hartnell AYSO EXTRA Update – Tom Hartnell AYSO Challenge Rollout – Joe Franco 1:00-2:00 Management.

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1 Section 10 2015 Programs 1

2 Agenda Program Overview – Tom Hartnell AYSO EXTRA Update – Tom Hartnell AYSO Challenge Rollout – Joe Franco 1:00-2:00 Management Session II AYSO EXTRA/Challenge Roundtable 2

3 Program Overview Tom Hartnell 3

4 Fall 2015 Programs – Section 10 4 VIP AYSO Core AYSO Challenge AYSO EXTRA All Stars Three-tiered Program All programs follow the six AYSO philosophies (including U5, U16/19, VIP) Skill / competitive level

5 Fall 2015 Programs – Section 10 Section 10 will be the first AYSO Section in the country to offer soccer programs at appropriate competitive levels for players of all skill levels Recreational players looking for a fall activity More serious players looking to play soccer year- round More skilled players looking for a higher competitive level Highly skilled players looking for the competitive challenge to prepare for participation at the high school level and beyond And, special needs players (VIP) 5

6 Fall 2015 Programs – Section 10 Tier 1 – Core only Region offers only the AYSO core program (U6-U14), plus possibly U16/19, U5 and/or VIP Tier 2 – Core and EXTRA (first offered in 2010) Region offers the AYSO core program and the AYSO EXTRA pilot program (U9–U14) Tier 3 – Core, EXTRA and Challenge (new for 2015) Region offers the AYSO core program, AYSO EXTRA, and AYSO Challenge Lab program (U13-U19, limited U11-U12) 6

7 AYSO Core Traditional U6 – U14 primary season program For this presentation, Core will include VIP, U5 and/or U16/19 flex programs Until a division fills, all players who register are placed on balanced teams based on player rating or skill assessment Coaches recruited annually and teams balanced annually Teams play against other teams in Region, small Regions may player inter-Region Season ends with Section 10 League & All Star Championships Secondary season - All Star and Select teams play in AYSO tournaments 7

8 AYSO EXTRA Primary season program first offered in 2010 Players selected annually through an impartial tryout process Registered players not selected have a spot in the Core program Coaches approved annually Team selected by committee that includes the Team Coach Teams play against other AYSO EXTRA teams in a within a Section 10 gaming circuit Season ends with the Section 10 EXTRA Championship Secondary season – often teams reform as Select teams playing in AYSO tournaments (same as Core program) 8

9 AYSO Challenge New lab program in 2015 Players tryout annually Players not selected may tryout for EXTRA and registered players have a spot in Core program 9if not selected for EXTRA) Coaches approved annually Team selected by the Team Coach based on tryout rankings Players registered with AYSO and Cal South, playing in the Coast Soccer League against club teams Season culminates with League Cup, Region option to extend Fall season to include State Cup Secondary season – teams play in club tournaments and AYSO Open Invitational and invitational tournaments 9

10 Region/Area Considerations Core only or EXTRA/Challenge EXTRA/Challenge may not negatively impact Core programs (specifically coaches, referees, admin) Players – sufficient interest & enough highly skilled players, also enough players to conduct Core program in the division Coaches - enough to support multiple programs Volunteers – enough depth to support the Core program when EXTRA/Challenge parent volunteers have road games 10

11 Section 10 EXTRA Update Tom Hartnell S10 EXTRA Coordinator 11

12 AYSO EXTRA 2015 Changes Addition of U9 Elimination of program above U14 Coaches can only be listed on one roster Spectators expelled from games now must serve a two game suspension 12

13 AYSO EXTRA 2015 Changes Simplification of playing up policy 13 AYSO Age AYSO EXTRA Team Eligibility 7Too young 8U9, U10 9U10, U11 10U11, U12 11U12, U13 12U13, U14 13U14 14Too old No exceptions to these age divisions will be approved.

14 AYSO EXTRA 2015 Changes (changes approved by NBOD) Addition of coach to Team Selection Committee Coach DOES NOT have veto power No change to tryout process Coach may not be an Evaluator Clarification of timeliness when contacting players after tryouts All players must be notified promptly after tryouts end Players not selected must be notified within seven (7) days after team is announced 14

15 AYSO EXTRA 2015 Changes Preseason tournament requirements Coach and Player ID cards required No Guest Players from Core program Section 10 EXTRA Championship Sun., Nov. 15 at Kern County Soccer Fields Top 4 finishers from league season 15

16 AYSO EXTRA Key Dates April 4 – Region Application Form due Approved by AD (signature) E-mail pdf file to S10 EPC ( ) June 15 – Team Roster, League Fee & deposit deadline Roster approved by AD Send signed eAYSO roster, listing two fully trained & certified coaches along with one check per Region to S10 EXTRA Registrar, 12954 View Mesa St., Moorpark, CA 93021 (Lisa Viescas – ) League Fees – U9/10 = $75, U11/12 = $90, U13/14 = $110 Deposit remains $325, partial refund dates remain the same 16

17 AYSO EXTRA Key Dates July 11 – Field Availability Form due Email Word file to S10 EPC August 1 – draft schedule sent to Regions August 15 – fields and game times due Email Excel file to S10 EPC Fill in Excel file sent out, please don’t submit in another format August 29 – final schedule posted on website 17

18 AYSO EXTRA Calendar September 12 – Opening Day November 7 – Closing Day Last date league games will be scheduled November 15 – Section 10 EXTRA Championship, Kern County Soccer Fields (4 teams per division) If weather cancellations force make-up games after Nov. 8, the standings at end of play on Nov. 8 will determine 4 teams) March 19-20, 2016 – State Games (Western States Championship) hosted by Section 1, site TBD 18

19 AYSO Challenge Rollout Joe Franco S10 Challenge Coordinator 19

20 An introduction to AYSO Challenge Where did it all begin? Why AYSO Challenge? Who is Who? What’s Required? First Steps to starting up the program Volunteerism Finances IS IT WORKING??? 20

21 Who is the madman behind AYSO Challenge? Circa 1979 Circa 2004 Commish, circa 2013 Since 2008

22 Who’s really behind AYSO Challenge? 22

23 Why is the time right for AYSO Challenge? 23 Player development – Not just about Ws Affordable progressive play Volunteer Retention A club model for AYSO – Not to battle local clubs Meeting today’s youth sports needs

24 How is AYSO Challenge different? 24 Not your “typical AYSO OR Club program” AYSO Philosophies Experienced – and dedicated – volunteer coaches Money is not a driver – No cattle calls No hidden fees Fair and open tryouts All-volunteer and managed at the local level

25 AYSO Challenge Starting a Program AYSO – National all-volunteer organization for youth soccer Sponsor of AYSO Challenge Cal South –Southern California organization for youth & adult club soccer Player registration, referees & administration. Coast Soccer League – a gaming circuit Offers progressive levels of play, bronze, silver, gold, etc. 25 No. 1: Know Who is Who

26 AYSO Challenge First Steps AYSO Structure Open to “approved” Section 10 Areas Managed at the Region level Some Challenge programs may be run at an Area level Operates under Area oversight Area Challenge Director Regional Challenge Coordinators Supplemental guidelines Section 10 acts in advisory role 26

27 AYSO Challenge First Steps Cal South Key administrators Registrar – Cal South trained Club President / Area Challenge Director Region Challenge Coordinator Risk Management Field insurance 27

28 AYSO Challenge First Steps Coast Soccer League Team Registration Applications due May 15 Field permits & Scheduling Team/Coach/Manager certifications Risk Management Volunteer background check Area-designated Liaison 28

29 AYSO Challenge First Steps Area & Region Appropriate staffing (Area/Regional) Team Eligibility Ensure compliance Team, Coach and Player management Tryouts, Registration, Postseason Volunteerism 29

30 AYSO Challenge First Steps Volunteerism “Give Back” A team is more than just players and coaches. Challenge is built on the premise that our players and volunteers remain connected to the region Teams must “give back” to enhance overall Region experience – Referee for the region – Field Set up & breakdown – Field Monitoring – Picture day – Registration assistance – Uniform distribution – Become a board member 30

31 AYSO Challenge First Steps Setting Fees Example - Valencia United Fall 2015: $425 Expenses that factor into registration fees Field Permits AYSO player registration Cal South player registration Coast League team admission Professional training (optional) Uniform (optional upgrade) Picture package State Cup tournament (optional) Contracted fees & marketing 31

32 Is AYSO Challenge it Working? 32 Team Retention

33 Is AYSO Challenge it Working? 33 2015 Tryouts

34 Is AYSO Challenge it Working? 34 Volunteerism

35 Is AYSO Challenge it Working? 35 Results

36 Is AYSO Challenge it Working? 36 Results For 2014 76-31-16 Club Record – 10 teams (Region 678 & 46) (3) Coast Soccer League Champions (3) 2 nd place in CSL (2) 3 rd Place in CSL (1) Reached Quarterfinals of State Cup (3 rd place in league) For 2015 18 Teams (Region 678 & 46) 1 Gold team U19 & at least 3 Silver

37 AYSO Challenge: Where to get info 37 Joe Franco, Section Challenge Director Cell: 661-210-6942 Home: 661-210-6942 Region 678 Valencia United Challenge web site : Section 10S Challenge Program CalSouth: Coast Soccer League

38 Backup Slides 38

39 Considerations EXTRA vs Challenge Geography (isolated Regions) EXTRA – would require an Area EXTRA gaming circuit Challenge – play in an existing club gaming circuit Number of teams EXTRA – all teams play half their games at Region fields Challenge – if fewer than 5 or 6 teams, Coast Soccer League won’t schedule at Region fields Field Scheduling EXTRA – draft schedule August 1 st Challenge – schedule available late August 39

40 Considerations EXTRA vs Challenge Strength of Teams EXTRA – all teams play at same competitive level Challenge – strong teams have opportunity to advance to higher competitive level in subsequent years Field Availability EXTRA – U11/U12 play on smaller sized field Challenge – U11/U12 play on full size field Referees EXTRA – Region provided, appropriate badge level Challenge – paid referees 40

41 Considerations EXTRA vs Challenge Roster Size (talent pool) EXTRA – U11/U12: 11-12; U13/U14: 14-15 Challenge – U11/U12: up to 15; U13/U14: up to 18 U10 EXTRA  U11 Challenge Roster size expands by 4-6 players 7 v 7 to 11 v 11 Field size doubles 41

42 Questions??? 42

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