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WHAT 'S UP WITH QUIZ?. 2011 Quiz Rulebook and Organizer’s Guide.

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2 2011 Quiz Rulebook and Organizer’s Guide

3 2011 Quiz Committee Members Amanda Biles - Rocky Mountain Mary Eagle - Delmarva Diane Hoffman - Middle California Derek Jones - South Judy Kosanovich - Southwest Deborah Reuter - Rocky Mountain Marilee Tussing - Cimarron Nancy MacIsaac - Southwest - Chair Dick Adams - Rocky Mountain -Resource Donna Dorminey - Midsouth

4 Significant Changes/Clarifications Written test required phase - Article 2 Section 5 Point value increased from 1 to 2 positive points for Written test - Article 53 Section E-1 Penalty for inappropriate attire 3 points per occurrence – Article 53 Section F-12 Age limit for Champs–21 – Article 6 Section 2 Collared shirts required for Champs Article 7 Section 5 9. Time Line added to Quiz Organizer’s Guide 10. Reference to ‘knowledgeable individuals’ removed

5 Competitors can only request 1 level above in Barn - Article 22 Section 2 Recommended 15 minute time limit in Barn - Article 22 Section 10 Recommend 5-minute time limit in Stations - Article 28 Section 8 Time Line added to Quiz Organizer’s Guide Reference to ‘knowledgeable individuals’ removed

6 New Addendum in Quiz Rulebook Addendum A - corrects wording concerning H/HA/A competitors to be consistent with the change requesting only 1 level above in Barn Addendum B - will be changed changed back to the two level above option in Classroom only Addendum C - Article 12 Inquiries/Protests section has additional wording for clarification

7 New Addendum in Quiz Organizer’s Guide Addendum A - Clarifies wording to be consistent with Rulebook as to requirement of Written Test Addendum B - removes two levels above option in Barn for H/HA/A competitors

8 New Classroom Questions Horse Sports/Activities: Disciplines/Rulebooks/HM Handbook: Dressage, Eventing, ShowJumping, Games, Polocrosse. Tetrathlon USPC Activities: Fox Hunting, Vaulting, Competitive Trail Riding Non-USPC Sports: Racing, Competitive Driving and Polo

9 Tack/Turnout/Safety Tack/Tack Fit: Bit/Bitting, Tack Care Training Aids Horse Clothing: Boots Blankets Safety: Horse/Rider, Travel/Trail Attire: Mounted/Unmounted

10 Pasture/Land Management and Horse Care Routine Care: Grooming, Clipping Handling: Ground Handling/Training, Vices and Restraints Stabling/Stalls: Bedding, Care and Construction Land/Pasture Management: Toxic Plants, Conservation


12 Health Care/Veterinary Diseases/Disorders Parasites Systems Maintenance First Aid: Vital signs, Wounds, Emergency care Drugs

13 Evaluation Anatomy/Parts of the Horse Conformation: Unsoundness Lameness Teeth Foot/Hoof: Farrier, Shoes/ Shoeing Breeds, Colors, Markings

14 Reference/Resource List Clarification of questions/answers accepted beyond the list - Article 1 Section A-7 “The prepared questions and answers, as well as answers offered by competitors, are not strictly limited to what appears in the listed references or what is presented on the answer keys.” Article 1 Section 7 Use the SOPs as guidelines for your Individual question development

15 Philosophy of Regional vs. National Competitions Teaching/Team selection vs. Identifying National winners In all phases, no correct answers are given at Championships Classroom questions at Championships are one category a round, not randomly chosen

16 Championship Format Article 6 Section 4 In the Classroom Phase: The first two rounds at competitor’s rating Third round option-at rating or one level aboveFourth round option- at rating or one/two levels above Jr D’s option to confer only during first two rounds

17 In the Barn Phase: Jr Ds may not confer at any time

18 Importance of Technical Delegate and Coordinators Must review all questions prior to competition Must be knowledgeable and know the Rulebooks Must be fair and impartial Must be approachable and friendly Technical Delegate:


20 Quiz Website Shared information and tips Examples of good Megaroom and Station Sample score sheets Reference list FormsRulebook/Organizer’s Guide

21 Opportunities for Competitions/Applications such as: North Atlantic Challenge International Exchange Post Photos and articles Results of regional and national competitions

22 Horse Facts category at Champs?

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