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StemEnhance ® the Ultimate Fitness & Sports Nutrition Supplement.

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1 StemEnhance ® the Ultimate Fitness & Sports Nutrition Supplement

2 Traditionally driven by activity amongst the health conscious athlete Now this market is much wider Set to surpass growth up to 2011 Not just focused on specific performance needs but including the recreational athlete, fitness and exercising individuals The Market

3 High level professional High level amateur – age groupers Masters Athlete: Frank Condon shattered the 35-year-old M65 outdoor mile by almost 10 seconds USATF National Masters Championship. Won four Gold Medals Typical Demographics

4 Used-to-be-good-at's weekend warriors recreational athletes. Want optimal performance and are willing to spend extra money to achieve it The Market Cont.

5 The Newbie: Getting off the couch Just starting a fitness/sports program

6 Fitness minded people of any age Baby Boomers who want youthful performance Gen X ages 28 to 43 young adults of the Echo generation ages 18 to 28

7 They have a fitness routine aerobics classes adult sports league Participates in Triathlons Plays tennis or golf, surfs cycles, sails, runs or swims. They are active and that active life is part of their lifestyle.

8 Benefits of StemEnhance ® for fitness –Reduce Recovery Time

9 “Delayed onset muscle soreness” (DOMS) Due to microscopic tearing of the muscle during activity These microscopic tears cause loss of muscle strength, flexibility and power StemEnhance the Ultimate Sports Nutrition StemEnhance® the Ultimate Sports Nutrition

10 As the body rejuvenates these microscopic tears, we become stronger. Our own Adult Stem Cells are the natural rejuvenating system of the body StemEnhance® supports the natural release of our Adult Stem Cells

11 By supporting the body’s natural renewal system, we support this natural process of recovery from exercise to build strength and stamina.

12 USAT triathlon membership –Average annual income $90,000 –Spend 3 Billion annually on products –Largest age group 35-44 –67% are business & community leaders Unlimited Opportunities 12

13 Unlimited Opportunities Running: –40.5 million up 7% from 2006 and 80 million exercise walking –(ASD - American Sports Data) –11.5 million participated in US Road Running Events - (Running USA) –Ability to morph into a competitive sport, recreational sport or healthy activity for any demographic –Family oriented races - kids/youth –Running is affordable fitness activities to people of all types


15 Golf 29 million golfers US Average age 49 & more golfers now under age 40 Golf spending continues to grow Average household income $100,726 87% home owners When not playing golf they walk, jog, run, play baseball/softball, swimming, bicycle riding and tennis –(NGF - National Golf Foundation & Golf Digest: MRI Spring 2007) Unlimited Opportunities

16 23.5 million play tennis Average age 41 75% public 50:50 male female 71% buy vitamins 88% married 93% own home 87% use internet frequently 68% have income between $50-149,000 Demographics are reflective of USTA Southern Section Adult Members. Tennis Unlimited Opportunities

17 Cycling 31 million Cyclists Median age 32 Mean income $60,000 + Spend $5.5 billion 50/50 male female –Source: Bicycling Magazine 58 million swim 16 million play baseball 13 million play soccer Unlimited Opportunities

18 –Goal oriented –Achievers –Leaders of their community –Likely to share their success with others Unlimited Opportunities

19 Sports nutrition that will support Stamina – go longer with less effort Strength Feel better while competing and training

20 Healthy, Active & Fun STEMTech Lifestyle 65 and older Active & Enjoying Life Baby Boomers Enjoying Youthful Activities 30-45 Having Fun Staying Youthful 20-30 Doing the Activities that they enjoy even better


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