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Birdies for Charity Kick-Off Presentation January 26, 2015.

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1 Birdies for Charity Kick-Off Presentation January 26, 2015

2 PRESENTATION OUTLINE Welcome & Raffle Item Drawings Introductions Tournament Information Program Details Program Perks and Initiatives 2014 Results Tips for Success Changes Questions & Comments

3 INTRODUCTIONS Regions Tradition Staff −Liz Leckemby  Tournament Director −Allie Dunlap  Volunteers/Birdies −Ellis Ponder  Sales −Hunt Bowers  Ticketing

4 INTRODUCTIONS Charity Introductions Please stand and introduce yourself and your charity and let us know if you are a returning charity or new

5 TOURNAMENT OVERVIEW & HISTORY Major Championships on Champions Tour −The Regions Tradition −Senior PGA Championship −U.S. Senior Open −Senior Open Championship −Senior Players Championship The Tradition −Founded 1989, played in Scottsdale, AZ −Moved to Oregon in 2003 to 2010 −Shoal Creek as host 2011 - 2015 −Greystone to host 2015 - 2018

6 May 13-17, 2015 Regions Financial is title sponsor Staged at one of the world’s finest golf courses and tournament venues Purse $2.3 million 72 hole competition, no cut 66 player field to include Legends, Hall of Famers & Major Champions: −Mark Calcavecchia −Fred Couples −David Frost −Bernhard Langer −Tom Lehman −Corey Pavin −Kenny Perry* −Nick Price −Craig Stadler −Tom Watson *2014 Champion

7 FEATURED PLAYERS Fred Couples Bernhard Langer Davis Love III Billy Andrade

8 Nick Price Tom Watson Kenny Perry 2014 Champion Mark Calcavecchia FEATURED PLAYERS

9 Tournament Week Schedule of Events Tuesday – Closed to Public Practice Round Wednesday Celebrity Pro-Am Thursday First Round of play Live Golf Channel Broadcast Friday Second Round of play Live Golf Channel Broadcast Saturday Third Round of play Live Golf Channel Broadcast Preakness Party (South Lawn - post play) Sunday Final Round of play Live Golf Channel Broadcast

10 Donation and pledge-based fundraising program Organizations generate contributions based on the number of birdies made during the tournament Organizations solicit pledges from individuals and/or corporations Additional pledges may be obtained from ANY individual visiting the website Pledges may be made via pledge card or online PROGRAM OVERVIEW

11 Charities obtain a flat $20 minimum donation or pledges of $0.05 or more per birdie Official birdie count consists of birdies made by Champions Tour Players Thursday through Sunday It is expected that an average of 900 birdies will be made during the tournament this year PROGRAM OVERVIEW

12 January 26 – Online kick-off May 13-17 – Tournament dates (birdie count) May 13 – “Guess the Birdies” deadline May 31 – Collection Deadline OFFICIAL TIMELINE

13 EXAMPLE OF INDIVIDUAL PLEDGE If there were 900 birdies made during the tournament and the donor pledged $0.05 per birdie, then $0.05 x 900 = $45 donation OR A donor can make a flat donation of $20 or more

14 If there were 900 birdies made during the tournament and a corporation pledged $2 per birdie, then $2.00 x 900 = $1,800 donation OR A corporation can make a flat donation of $20 or more EXAMPLE - CORPORATE PLEDGE

15 If there were 900 birdies made and your charity has a volunteer force of 20, each getting 15 pledges at $0.05 each, you would receive $13,500 (900*20*15*.05) YOUR GOAL

16 If there were 900 birdies made and your charity has a volunteer force of 40 each getting 20 pledges at $0.05 each, you would receive $36,000 (900*40*20*.05) YOUR GOAL

17 No out of pocket expenses (unless you want to do mailings) No risk to participate No administrative fees No credit card fees Charities receive 100% of the collected donations Red Diamond Bonus Bucks (supported by SouthWest Water Company) opportunity PROGRAM BENEFITS

18 Donor Cards Promotional Items Birdies Website/Pledge Page Custom E-blasts (upon request) Direct Link Which Defaults to your Charity Birdies Logo and Tournament Logo Program Administration Weekly Reports Billing/Financial Management WE WILL PROVIDE

19 A donor can fill out a card and return to soliciting charity or send into us via U.S. mail Donations will NOT be accepted without a completed donor card A donor may NOT put credit card information on donor card. These cards cannot be accepted due to credit card privacy rules Charities then mail or bring in the donor cards with check/cash attached to the Regions Tradition Office 100 Grandview Place, Suite 110 Birmingham, AL 35243 Attn: Allie Dunlap DONOR CARD



22 ONLINE PLEDGE FORM A donor can go online and pledge at

23 We will send you a direct link which will default to your charity name ONLINE PLEDGE FORM

24 Payment is to be made to the PGA TOUR Charities, Inc. and NOT the soliciting charity If the donor pledges per birdie online, we will not charge the credit card until after the tournament (be aware of expiration dates) If the donor makes a flat pledge online, we will charge the credit card immediately Donor will receive an email receipt of this transaction PAYMENT INFORMATION

25 “Guess the Birdies” Contest Each donor will have the chance to guess the exact amount of birdies that will be made Those who guess the exact number will be entered into a drawing to win: Two Weekly Gallery ticket packages to the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, PA! PROGRAM PERKS

26 Weekly Give-A-Ways for donors o Every donor will be entered in to a random drawing for prizes every Friday starting January 30th through May 15 th o Prizes include items such as: 2015 Iron Bowl tickets, Joe Namath autographed football, Bo Jackson autographed item, gift certificates, and much more! PROGRAM PERKS

27 Red Diamond with the help of SouthWest Water Company are thrilled to take a more aggressive initiative in the program by being the proud sponsors of the “Bonus Bucks” Red Diamond with the help of SouthWest Water Company will award $40,000 to be shared in proportion to the top ten charities that collect the most money; with the top charity receiving $11,000! BONUS BUCKS

28 The Top TEN charities will also receive Red Diamond Bonus Bucks with support from SouthWest Water Company Bonus Bucks are paid based on the amount collected Standings will be determined in June − 1st Place Charity: $11,000 − 2nd Place Charity: $8,000 − 3rd Place Charity: $6,000 − 4th Place Charity: $3,000 − 5th Place Charity: $2,500 − 6th Place Charity: $2,500 − 7th Place Charity: $2,000 − 8th Place Charity: $2,000 − 9th Place Charity: $1,500 − 10th Place Charity: $1,500 RED DIAMOND BONUS BUCKS

29 Ticket Package o All participating charities will receive 24 Good-Any- One-Day Grounds tickets to the tournament (valued at $480) o Each charity will be emailed these in April or earlier as needed o Use tickets as incentive for donors or volunteers Donor Letter Template o We will provide you with a basic donor letter template that you can send via email to your database PROGRAM PERKS

30 Promotion of Campaign o Link on tournament website o Charities may use Tournament & Birdies logo o Mentioned in every E-Newsletter o Press Releases o Media Partners (TV and Radio) −PSA Announcements on multiple TV stations o Editorial Features o Corporate Partners PROGRAM PERKS

31 Facebook and Twitter o Who uses social media? o Facebook Group Page −Search “Regions Tradition-Birdies for Charity” −Updated weekly with information o Regions Tradition Twitter Page −Search “Regionstradition” −Sending tweets every week Please become a fan today! INITIATIVES

32 Encourage Charities o Ensure that all charities are maximizing opportunity o Call to get updates and needs o E-mail Communication −Weekly E-blasts with current standings −Daily updates during tournament Training Sessions o One on One Training o Conference Calls o Volunteer Training INITIATIVES

33 Website o Please encourage online pledging o We will provide you with a Direct Link o Your charity link will be on both tournament website and Birdies pledge page o Charities can log on and check current status and download multiple reports −I will provide you with a Username and Password

34 Charity Golf Tournaments o Do you have an annual golf tournament? o We will provide donor cards for gift packages INITIATIVES

35 72 charities participating 855 birdies made 1,058 total pledges Non collection rate was less than 1% $315,000 total amount raised Online (25%) vs. Pledge Card (75%) Flat Donation (77%) vs. Pledge per birdie (23%) 2014 RESULTS

36 1.Vestavia Hills Athletic Association 2.Norwood Resource Center 3.Assistance League of Birmingham 4.Child Advocacy Center of Marshall County 5.Grace Klein Community, Inc. 6.Fellowship House, Inc. 7.Methodist Home for the Aging 8.Community Grief Support Service 9.Voices for Alabama’s Children 10.Metro Changers, Inc. 2014 RESULTS

37 SUCCESS STORIES Birdies for Charity in Birmingham John Deere Classic in Illinois Last year raised $6.79 Million alone They have raised over $38 Million since 1993 2008: 93 charities raised $121,000 2009: 141 charities raised $200,000 2010: 165 charities raised $221,091 2011: 167 charities raising $260,000 2012: 64 charities raising $324,000 2013: 72 charities raising $384,000 2014: 72 charities raising $315,000

38 Your Checklist: ✓ Put Birdies logo and Regions Tradition logo on your homepage ✓ Create an E-blast or E-newsletter and send to donors ✓ Include your direct link to our website ✓ Form a committee and get your board members involved ✓ Set a high goal ✓ Train your volunteers (I can help you with this) ✓ Have your board members and volunteers send an e- blast TIPS FOR SUCCESS

39 Your Checklist: ✓ Make labels for your donor cards ✓ Mass mailing with correspondence ✓ Promote prizes! ✓ Promote Bonus Bucks (why is their pledge important?) ✓ Advertise: E-mail signature, Flyers, Pins ✓ Go to local businesses (put pledge cards up) ✓ Once you receive your tickets, use these as incentive ✓ Corporate Sponsors (matching funds) ✓ Create competition within

40 WHAT’S NEXT? Fill out commitment form and send to Allie Dunlap or fax: 205-967-9940 Pick up donor cards here or you at our office at anytime Online kick off is TODAY, January 26 th We will be sending you a detailed email with your direct link as well as your Username/Password

41 KEEP IN MIND FOR 2015 Tournament dates May 13-17, 2015 All checks must be made out to PGA TOUR Charities, Inc. Minimum flat donations are now $20 Minimum pledges are now $.05 per birdie Credit card information is NO longer accepted on donor cards (must submit via online) Collection deadline, May 31st Checks will be issued approximately 6-8 weeks after the end of the respective month

42 KEEP IN MIND FOR 2015 How the check process works: Month closes - for instance MARCH 31 BET receives bank reconciling information by approx. 2 weeks after end of month - APPROX. APRIL 15 BET takes approx. 2 weeks to reconcile donations and send to PGA TOUR (depending on how many donations there are) - APPROX. APRIL 30 TOUR takes approx. 2-3 weeks to review reconciliation, for checks to be approved, signed and placed in mail Your monthly check should arrive 6-8 weeks after month closes NOTE: ONLINE DONATIONS SPEED UP THIS PROCESS!!!

43 KEEP IN MIND FOR 2015 Charity Of The Year Award $30,000 award given to a Champions Tour charity partner Guidelines o Provides volunteers or services during tournament week o Onsite presence during tournament week o Measurably impacts lives in community o Promotes the tournament and partnership ✓ Participates in BFC ✓ Communicates partnership year-round ✓ Uses PR opportunities to acknowledge tournament o Has a good plan for using the $30,000 donation and can communicate the need

44 Raffle Prize Drawings Thank you all for participating! QUESTIONS?

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