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2014 End Of Summer Challenge University of Northern Colorado Greeley, Colorado Sponsors Tournament Program.

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1 2014 End Of Summer Challenge University of Northern Colorado Greeley, Colorado Sponsors Tournament Program

2 Teams Participating 4 th Boys5/6 th Grade Boys Tier II BallersUniversity Bulldogs Wyoming Flight RedCeltics Family 1 st PiranhazWindsor Wizards Ft. Morgan Mustangs 5/6 th Grade Boys Tier ITeam Hook’Em Loveland Clutch CO Premier U12 Red7 th Grade Boys CO Premier U12 WhiteNorco Rage Black Colorado QuickEl Paso Athletes ChaosColorado Grizzlies BC Denver GrayRocky Mountain Fever U13 DIFF Eagles 8 th Grade BoysCheyenne Wind FREEZE Black FREEZE Blue4/5 th Grade Girls Rocky Mountain Fever 14 OrangeFreeze Rocky Mountain Fever 14 BlackKersey Crush Cheyenne WindRio Rancho Mustangs (NM) Norco Rage Elite Longmont Rush BB Club 7 th Grade Girls8 th Grade Girls Cheyenne Breeze (7/8)Colorado Ambush Colorado Lady JagsCO Premier U13 National EDGEJunior Lady Bison Rocky Mountain SoldierzColorado Springs BB Club Northeastern Shooters TESTIMONIALS “We have participated in leagues and tournaments and have never walked away feeling like I (or my teams) have received first-class treatment until we started to play in your events. You have such a wonderful organization, polite team members, and well trained officials. Thank you for running an organization where you epitomize integrity!” Stephanie Dishmon, Team Hustle “We have played all over the country, and wanted to share with you that your events are the best we have seen around the country.” Ken Moreano

3 LAST SUMMER EVENT OF 2014! August 2-3 *Division II and Junior College Exposure End Of Summer Challenge (9-12 th grade) *8 th grade teams may play up in 9 th grade division Colorado School of Mines, Golden Fall Leagues Denver and Colorado Springs September/October Northern Colorado and North Denver October/November **Over 700 teams played in our Leagues in 2013-14. Fall/Winter Tournaments Check out our Fall and Winter Qualifier Series of events that begin in September. 303.667.6264, NOT GETTING OUR EMAILS OR NEWSLETTERS FOR UPDATES? SEND US AN EMAIL AND BE INCLUDED IN OUR MONTHLY UPDATES ONLINE, AS WELL AS OUR QUARTERLY NEWSLETTERS.

4 Welcome! A special thanks to everyone participating in the End Of Summer Challenge on the beautiful campus of the University of Northern Colorado. Of course, kindness rules above all, and if we need to address anything, please do so in a manner that follows the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!” A special thanks to the entire staff at the University of Northern Colorado for their assistance during the weekend. We would also like to acknowledge Leslie Rogers, (athletic trainer) for providing care to our athletes. We provide our events in a manner in which we would expect to be treated. We care about the experience for your players, coaches, and fans. Schedules, updates, things-to-do in the area are all available online under the End Of Summer Challenge. Respectfully, Michael Peterson, President/Power To Play Sports

5 The amenities of Power To Play Sports events are why we are the premier youth basketball series in the Rocky Mountain Region Our tournaments feature the amenities as the focus. When you play in our events, you deserve first-class treatment. 3 is better than 2! Colorado State High School assignors Bruce Bird and Lloyd Martinez will be assigning the officiating crews. All games will feature 3-person high school and college officials. Prior to each game, they will host a coaches/officials pre-game as they would in any high school or collegiate game. We follow the National Federation of High School bench decorum with only 1 coach allowed to stand/coach, and communicate with the officials. We are the only organization in the Rocky Mountain Region that provides 3-person officials for every tournament game. We also follow up after every event to ensure officials followed protocol and performed at a level in which we expect appropriate. Premier Programs Use Premier Facilities Have you played in an event where short-courts, and nets draped down between courts are used? We select our tournament facilities based on the amenities and class it provides. The University of Northern Colorado features 5 beautiful college courts. All of the amenities of a first-class event are present, and fans attend knowing it’s climate controlled, and one of the best venues in the region.

6 Get-in, Get-out and Get-On with your life! Have you been to an event where you play at 9 am, 3 pm, and again in the evening? We schedule all games by hand and take in consideration and respect for your time. You get in, get out with 2-3 games in minimal time, and use the rest of your day to enjoy more than just basketball. Sit back, relax and enjoy the games! At a Power To Play Sports tournament, we DO NOT require parents to volunteer. We pay groups for working the event, and use it as a great opportunity to give back to the community. Wearing a medal around town looks silly! Success deserves recognition, and it should go beyond just the moment in which you receive the award. There is a reason the NCAA features championship t-shirts the moment a team is celebrating at mid-court in conference and NCAA championship games. We provide t-shirts for players to wear with pride after the event, acknowledging their efforts for everyone to see. We also provide a beautiful team trophy to the head coach of the championship team. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Safety and service is never more important than taking care of the players giving their all during an event. Have you ever attended an event where a player is hurt and no one is available to offer CERTIFIED AND APPROPRIATE help? All of our tournaments feature a Nationally Certified Trainer on location. Whether it be a finger nail cut, or severe emergency, parents feel comfort knowing the best care is available immediately. TESTIMONIALS “Your organization is the best in the area. We are so appreciative of the special considerations for our team accommodating our scheduling requests.” Sharon Pfenning, Colorado HAWKS “Thanks for hosting such a great tournament. First Class Event!. I especially enjoy as parents do not need to work the table and clock or scorebook.” Ken Jason, Loveland Indians

7 Parents are the biggest issue in youth sports. We follow a strict spectator code of conduct. Any violation results in indirect technical fouls assigned to the head coach. Repeat violations results in the violators being removed for the duration of the event. The Colorado School of Mines has a strict visitor code of conduct and campus authorities are available in the event of issues that arise. Parents attending our events understand and realize their conduct is a reflection of their team and son/daughter participating. We have to pay the bills! High amenities cost $$. Our events focus on the amenities and the budget comes second. If we aren’t able to offer the first-class, premier series of events in the region, we will not host events. Teams can attend the standard, low budget events every weekend. We believe in quality over quantity. Look around you with the facilities, 3-person officials, no parent volunteers for scoreboard and book operations and the quality awards. All of which provide a first-rate experience. Rates: Weekend pass adults: $15.00 Weekend pass students: 6-High School $10.00 Daily admission adults: $10.00 Daily admission students: 6-high school $7.00 5 Under FREE We ask that you respect the friendly staff members working the admissions gates. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF THE TEAMS!



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