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This picture shows me in the lead! Would you like to take the lead of your particular market? Read on if you do.

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1 This picture shows me in the lead! Would you like to take the lead of your particular market? Read on if you do.

2  Hello my name is Jack Barber and I am a kart racing driver based near Billingshurst in West Sussex. I currently race in the Junior Max category at circuits across the south of England. My main circuit is the Forest Edge kart track which is in close proximity to Andover. I am currently driving for the RS Racing kart team who coach me, look after my kart and run it for me.

3  Forest edge kart club near Andover in Hampshire.  I also occasionally race at circuits such as Whilton Mill in Northamptonshire, Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire and Clay Pigeon raceway in Dorset.  As you can see some of these are hundreds of miles away from my base in Sussex.

4  Camberley kart club Honda Cadet category vice Champion 2009 and 2010.  Forest Edge Kart club Honda cadet 5 th place 2010  These results were achieved despite me only being in karting for 2 years and on a very limited budget!

5  In 2013, I have been competing in the Forest Edge Kart Club Junior Rotax championship. This was supported by partial campaigns at circuits such as Clay pigeon, kimbolton and Whilton mill. These meetings where selected as they all provided maximum experience for myself as many teams and drivers from across the country where competing in them. Please find my full 2013 calendar enclosed.

6  After spending 2012 and 2013 developing my skills and race craft at club level, I have set my sights high for 2014. If I can raise a budget of around £20,000, I will compete in the 2014 MSA Super One British Kart championship!!. This championship is televised on Motors TV, which has an audience of 8.7 million homes across the UK. In addition, events such as the MSA British Kart Grand Prix (Kartmasters) and the British Open Championship are also televised. Also, these events feature in recognised magazines such as the karting Magazine and Motorsport News. To find out more about the championship and the TV Coverage visit the super One website:

7  In the future, I am looking to further build on my current results and win more races and championships. Of course my main ambition is to get myself higher up the motorsport ladder, and obviously my main drive is towards Formula 1. However all of this isn't possible without financial support, because, as you probably know, motorsport is incredibly expensive. This is where you could help me and also help increase your business appeal......

8  If you invest in my racing you will gain a substantial amount of promotion for your company. This could include being mentioned in articles in newspapers about my progress or indeed your company logo on my kart and racewear. We could also use my website, facebook and twitter pages in order to help promote your company on the worldwide web. This would help you because your company would be exposed to a lot of people that could be interested in your business and your product as I race at some of the most popular tracks in the united kingdom. In addition I am looking to compete in meetings that are televised which will further increase your exposure country wide. A sponsorship deal with me could also allow you the use of me and my kart for promotional and customer events.

9 RS Racing is the kart team that currently manages me, and runs my kart at race meetings. They also act as a coach to help me improve my driving and my Race craft. They are one of the fastest developing business in the karting industry, as they have recently become the sole UK importer for wild kart and Lotus Racing Karts, as well as being one of the biggest Gillard Racing Kart dealers in Britain. They also not only compete in the British championship, but also in the European based BNL series. All of this adds up to a huge customer base and therefore, the potential for huge promotion for your enterprise.

10  As I have already mentioned, I am looking to expand my race program to include national championship rounds which would further increase your exposure via TV coverage, miles travelled e.t.c. In addition I am looking to upgrade our equipment as currently I am struggling to compete with better funded drivers on newer, faster equipment. This would allow me to achieve better results which would mean a better image for your business. Continue reading for some idea of the costs of competing in karting.

11  Team costs per year :£3,000+  Race entry fee costs per weekend:£80+  New tyres:£140  Engine rebuild: £600 +  New engine: £2,500  New chassis:£3,000  Fuel to get to and from circuit:£100  If I where to compete in the Super One series in 2014 the costs of me competing in karting would rocket from around £5000 a year to around £15,000!

12  This package would include company logos on kart and racewear, as well as inclusion in promotional material(such as karting magazines and newspaper articles).  Cost: £2500 per annum

13  As Bronze package but with website, facebook and twitter page logos and client and/or company employees visits to championship rounds.  Cost: £7500 per annum

14 As silver package but with a full kart and racewear livery. Cost: £15000 per annum (This package is exclusive to one company per annum only so don't miss out) All sponsorship packages would include Mention in website press releases and TV Interviews, as well as the use of my kart fro promotional events.

15 Front fairing Nosecone Sidepods Suit Helmet visor sticker For the Gold sponsorship package, my kart livery could be designed to suit your company colours.

16  This could be a massive opportunity to branch out for your business. Just imagine the shear amount of exposure you will get from my racing. So don't miss out, Contact my mother Gail Barber for more information on Tel:01403871167 Tel:01403871167 or... Email: In addition, please visit our website for more information at or visit my facebook and Twitter pages at Racing/212267985515605 and to follow my racing Racing/212267985515605

17 If you have read this far, I appreciate you giving up some of your time to read this presentation. I hope you will consider this as a great opportunity for your business and I hope to be in contact with you soon!

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