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The Match 2015!.

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1 The Match 2015!

2 Victoria Behrend Medical School: Rutgers (UMDNJ-RWJ) Undergraduate:
University of Pennsylvania Interviewed By: Dr. Hinchcliff & Dr. Uchida Interesting fact: Masters in Bio-engineering. President of the AMA Rutgers Chapter Basic science research background in cardiology. Speaks 4 languages! Born in New Brunswick, NJ

3 Brian Benjamin Medical School: UT – Southwestern Undergraduate:
Rice University Interviewed By: Dr. Adam Petrich & Dr. Gary Martin Interesting fact: Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship – ethnic differences in fatty acid metabolism. Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, racquetball, flag football, running, reading, politics, medical education. Born in Binghamton, NY

4 Madeline Bertha Medical School: Emory Undergraduate: Georgetown
Interviewed by: Dr. Saltoun & Dr. Foody Interesting fact: MSCI - GI research in IBD. Tanvi Dhere and JP Norvell recommended! Born in Milwaukee, WI

5 Claire Beveridge Medical School: University of Chicago Undergraduate:
University of Pennsylvania Interviewed By: Dr. Jane Winter & Dr. Gary Martin Interesting fact: Research on sleep in the admitted elderly. Speaks fluent Dutch. Born in Fairfax, VA

6 Baljash Cheema Medical School: Northwestern Undergraduate: Ohio State
Interviewed By: Dr. Ogunseitan & Dr. Choudhury Interesting fact: Biked across the US for a cancer charity. Avid chef, runner and sports enthusiast. Currently learning medical Spanish. Born in Cleveland, OH

7 Xisui “Shirley” Chen Medical School: University of Michigan
Undergraduate: Interviewed By: Dr. Choudhury & Dr. Vanessa Kim Interesting fact: Interest in food security.  Research on conveying cost of care to patients. Visual arts skills with training in painting, sculpture and printmaking. Born in Fuzhou, China

8 Lauren Chiec Medical School: University of Cincinnati Undergraduate:
University of Akron Interviewed By: Dr. Michelle Prickett & Dr. Leo Gordon Interesting fact: Credentialed in two-needle electro-acupuncture technique. Interested in Onc/Palliative Care. Born in Youngstown, OH

9 Erin Cleveland Medical School: University of Southern California
Undergraduate: Santa Clara University Interviewed By: Dr. Angarone & Dr. Ngan Interesting fact: Enjoys half marathons, board games, high altitude backpacking, bachata music, and basketball. Has traveled to Mexico multiple times to assist in medical clinics for disadvantaged communities. Is fluent in Spanish. Born in Portland, OR

10 David Coleman Medical School: Wayne State Undergraduate:
University of Michigan Interviewed By: Dr. Christian Stevoff & Dr. Aaron Silver Interesting fact: Did research on staph and planning on going into ID! Enjoys swimming, running, spinning, weightlifting, baking, opera, musical theater, hiking, camping, and reading. Born in Jackson, MI

11 Katharine Collier Medical School: Ohio State Undergraduate: Princeton
Interviewed By: Dr. Henkel & Dr. Heiman Interesting fact: Chemical Engineer. Masters in Chemistry in Dublin, Ireland. Member of the Princeton Women's Varsity Track and Field team. Born in Waukesha, WI

12 Lindsay “Shelley” Forbes
Medical School: Washington University – St. Louis Undergraduate: Duke Interviewed By: Dr. Tosetti & Dr. Ditto Interesting fact: Research in Breast Cancer survivors. Grew up on ranch in Wyoming. Completed Missoula Marathon (2011), Boston Marathon (2012) and St. Louis Marathon (2013). Born in Sheridan, WY

13 Amanda Fuchs Medical School: Northwestern Undergraduate: Dartmouth
Interviewed By: Dr. Vanagunas & Dr. Kalember Interesting fact: 2008 – 2011 worked as a residential counselor at Serious Fun Children’s Network camp for children with life threatening illnesses. Daughter of alum, Betty Fuchs! Born in Albany, NY

14 Hawkins Gay Medical School: Emory Undergraduate:
University of North Carolina Interviewed By: Dr. Maganti & Dr. Baker Interesting fact: Worked as a financial analyst for 3 years before medical school. Won the ‘Paul Farmer’ Award in Medical school for starting a non-profit to implement rapid diagnostic testing for Malaria. Born in Savannah, GA

15 Nilasha Ghosh Medical School: University of California – Irvine
Undergraduate: Stanford Interviewed By: Dr. Peters & Dr. Priyanath - Gupta Interesting fact: IBD research on the impact of dance. Qualified for the 2008 Olympic trials in swimming. Invited to swim in the 2008 Beijing Olympics for India. Speaks Spanish and loves to travel. Born in West Lafayette, IN

16 Blair Golden Medical School: University of North Carolina
Undergraduate: Yale Interviewed By: Dr. Foody & Dr. Barish Interesting fact: Did Teach for America then worked at McKinsey for a few years before med school. Received a scholarship to work on mental health policies at the World Health Organization in Switzerland. Born in Washington, DC

17 Johan Guillaume Medical School: Stanford Undergraduate: NYU
Interviewed By: Dr. El Muayed & Dr. Denes Interesting fact: 2010 Stanford Community Health Award for “Improving Heath Care Access and Quality” 2011 SPARK Scholar. Very involved in humanitarian aid efforts in Haiti and interested in international medical aid as a career path. Born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti

18 Kirti Johal Medical School: Georgetown Undergraduate: Duke
Interviewed By: Dr. Vassallo & Dr. Bloomgarden Interesting fact: NIH basic science research in Gaucher Disease. Co-authored a textbook chapter exploring the link between Gaucher and Parkinson’s disease. Born in Mayfield Heights, OH

19 Ravi Kesari Medical School: Albert Einstein Undergraduate:
University of Illinois - Champaign Interviewed By: Dr. Maganti and Dr. Caprio Interesting fact: Gold humanism award winner. Research and leadership roles in diversity and LGBT communities. Emcee and producer of Einstein Skit Night and a class leader. Born in Oak Lawn, IL

20 Alexander Leidner Medical School: UT Southwestern Undergraduate:
University of Texas - Austin Interviewed By: Dr. Curry & Dr. Otto Interesting fact: Used to be quite good at video games and was sponsored to play freshman year of undergrad (2007) – placed 3rd at the world championship in Sweden. Has played guitar since the 7th grade. Born in San Antonio, TX

21 Marysa Leya Medical School: Northwestern Undergraduate: Yale
Interviewed By: Dr. Ganger & Dr. Akhter Interesting fact: Comic strip creator. Life long tennis player, captain of her college club team. Basic science research with Dr. Lowe on the genetics of DM. Wants to do cardiology. Born in Chicago, IL

22 Christine Limonte Medical School: University of Pennsylvania
Undergraduate: Brown University Interviewed By: Dr. Elissa Stern & Dr. Denes Interesting fact: Research in mobile apps to improve bedside communication.  Founded the New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema which is an annual competitive film festival that showcases filmmakers from Latin America. Daughter of a prelim-alum! Born in Miami, FL

23 Adam Lin - PSTP Medical School: Baylor Undergraduate:
University of California – Irvine Interviewed By: Drs. Choudhury, Ma, Wolf, Lowe, Bergan, McMahon and Munshi Interesting fact: Earned his PhD at Rice University. Research in nano-particles. Intramural Flag Football and Basketball champion in 2012! Over 17 articles published Born in Taipei, Taiwan

24 Jessica McClure Medical School: University of Washington
Undergraduate: Washington State University Interviewed by: Dr. Rashmi Sharma & Dr. Ami Desai Interesting fact: Has worked in rural underserved communities doing projects on mental health and diabetes as well as significant volunteer efforts. Born in Vancouver, WA

25 Marie McKinnon Medical School: University of Colorado Undergraduate:
Rice University Interviewed by: Dr. Clara Schroedl & Dr. Emily Martin Interesting fact: Obtained an MPH at Tulane. Research in barriers to getting HPV vaccine. Marathon runner. Member of a Modern Dance Company 2006 – Sculpture Installation Work featured at Rice Media Center Gallery (2009). Born in Fort Wayne, IN

26 Natalia Molinas Medical School: UT Southwestern Undergraduate:
Rice University Interviewed By: Dr. Sznajder & Dr. Dolan Interesting fact: Basic science research in angiogenesis. Runner and really into yoga. Couples matched with Raul Villarreal. Born in Asuncion, Paraguay

27 Luisa Morales Nebreda - PSTP
Medical School: University of Central Venezuela Undergraduate: Interviewed By: Drs. O’Connor, Ganger, Quaggin, Hauser, Wolf & Mutharasan Interesting fact: Has been working on research with Dr. Budinger and Dr. Mutlu – matrix laminins in pulmonary fibrosis. Has visited 31 countries and speaks 4 languages. Member of the Junior State Swimming Team in Venezuela. Born in Caracas, Venezuela

28 Cedric Munoz Medical School: Dartmouth Undergraduate:
University of California – Santa Barbara Interviewed By: Dr. Greenberger & Dr. Tschoe Interesting fact: Tennis (USTA member from ), played intramural soccer and hockey in undergrad and med school. 1st degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do. Provided translation and basic medical services for migrant workers in the northeast. Born in Manteca, CA

29 Emily Nosova Medical School: University of California – San Francisco
Undergraduate: University of California - Berkeley Interviewed by: Dr. Lam & Dr. Repasy Interesting fact: Received a year long training grant to study diet and exercise on vascular health. Is a certified Pilates instructor. Born in Odessa, Ukraine

30 Andrew Para Medical School: Ohio State Undergraduate: Michigan State
Interviewed By: Dr. Wunderink & Dr. Buck Interesting fact: Research on STI in the LGBT community. Also conducted research at the National Cancer Institute analyzing the human intestinal microbiome. Enjoys weightlifting/physical fitness, tennis, music-collecting, pop culture, and PC gaming. Born in Detroit, MI

31 Phillip Santoiemma Medical School: University of Pennsylvania
Undergraduate: Interviewed By: Dr. Benson & Dr. Yentz Interesting fact: Significant oncology and GI research. Avid Chicago sports fan and dedicated fantasy football player. Born in Elmhurst, IL

32 Michael Schieber - PSTP
Medical School: Northwestern Undergraduate: Interviewed By: Drs. Liebovitz, Roemer, Licht, Agulnik, Wolf & Eklund Interesting fact: PhD from Northwestern – mechanisms of aging. Cellist in Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra ( ). Outstanding research Presentation - Northwestern MSTP Annual Retreat (2013). Heme/Onc – oxygen radicals Born in Orland Park, IL

33 Jillian Simard Medical School:
University of California – San Francisco Undergraduate: Pomona College Interviewed By: Dr. Pope & Dr. Quaggin Interesting fact: Awarded multiple research fellowships. Worked for 3 years in drug development as a chemist. Born in Evanston, IL

34 Stanley Swat Medical School: Rush Undergraduate:
University of Illinois – Champaign Interviewed By: Dr. Schimmel & Dr. Komanduri Interesting fact: Research on imaging modalities for nephrolithiasis. Chicago sports enthusiast. Born in Chicago, IL

35 Raul Villarreal Jr. Medical School: UT Southwestern Undergraduate:
Rice University Interviewed By: Dr. Avila & Dr. Dave Neely Interesting fact: Managed a camp hospital in Texas during the summer of Couples with Natalia Molinas…also likes yoga. Born in Laredo, TX

36 Joshua Waitzman - PSTP Medical School: Northwestern Undergraduate:
Brown University Interviewed By: Drs. Sheridan Meyers, Liebovitz, Alfred George, Paparello, Wolf, and Quaggin Interesting fact: PhD from Northwestern – biophysics and small molecules. Plays the trumpet and ran the Chicago Marathon in Awarded ASN Kidney STARS (2014) – Myhrvold Family Fellowship. Born in Palo Alto, CA

37 Chen Xie Medical School: University of Washington Undergraduate:
Amherst College Interviewed By: Dr. Amdur & Dr. Kalhan Interesting fact: Research tech in an obesity lab for 2 years. Also received grant to study documentation of the goals of care in ICU settings. Poster and paper coming for second project. Born in Shanghai, China

38 Cindy You Medical School: Harvard Undergraduate:
California Institute of Technology Interviewed By: Dr. Jennifer Tuazon & Dr. Wenyu Huang Interesting fact: HFpEF research. Background in applied math and big data. Avid reader (especially science fiction). Born in Herbei, China

39 Quentin Youmans Medical School: Northwestern Undergraduate:
Brown University Interviewed By: Dr. O’Leary & Dr. Yusra Cheema Interesting fact: Summer of 2012 conducted research in Uganda on health needs, clean water practices and health literacy. Interests in health disparities. Enjoys performing as a tenor, music composition and tennis. Born in Columbia, SC

40 Medicine Dermatology

41 Lida Zheng – Med Derm Medical School: Washington University –St. Louis
Undergraduate: Cornell Interviewed By: Dr. Katie Hufmeyer & Dr. Gary Martin Interesting fact: Significant work in nursing homes. Interested in geriatrics and dermatology. Born in Zheng Zhou, China

42 Preliminary

43 Brandon Imber - Prelim Medical School:
University of California – San Francisco Undergraduate: Harvard Interviewed By: Dr. Aashish Didwania Interesting fact: Matching into Radiation Oncology. Grant supported research at the NIH on neuro-oncology projects. Enjoys traveling and aspires to visit every Hard Rock Cafe in the world. Couples with Emily Nosova. Born in Park Ridge, IL

44 Oyinlolu Adeyanju - Prelim
Medical School: Northwestern Undergraduate: Washington University – St. Louis Interviewed By: Dr. Maganti Interesting fact: Matching into Radiology. Has a PhD. Application quote ‘Work hard. Come early. Stay late. Be nice’!!! Born in Ibadan, Nigeria

45 Congrats on 30 years in the DOM
An Ode to Maija!!! Congrats on 30 years in the DOM


47 Maija’s Interns - alum still on faculty!
2010 – Dave Vermylen, Tony Alvarado 2009 – Tim Caprio, Sadiya Khan, Randy Orr, Jessica Yarber 2008 – Yusra Cheema, Nick Furiasse, Emily Martin 2007 – Ryan Buck, LVW, Jane Wilcox 2006 – Alka Basil, Tom Nealis, Dan Schimmel, Clara Schroedl, Kelley Wachsberg, Priya Vellanki 2005 – Khade Kane, Brad Sabin, Amisha Wallia 2004 – Mobola Campbell, Michelle Pricket, Mike Hoffman, Bijal Jain, Jess Montalvo, Susan Russell, John Wilkins 2003 – Kannan Mutharasan, Dan Toft, Dave Shapiro 2002 – Ami Desai, Allison Hahr, Minh Dinh, Aashish Didwania 2001 – Mike Cuttica, Leo Urdenetta 2000 – Nita Kulkarni, Anna Lam, Dan Evans, Lee Lindquist, Marianne Tschoe 1999 – Jeff Barsuk, Micah Eimer, Jim Flaherty, Dan Lee, Nimi Gonsalves 1997 – Kevin O’Leary, Ana Zakarija 1996 – Jyoti Patel 1993 – Angelo Costas, Pete Kallas, John Pandolfino, Vanessa Kim, Anju Peters 1992 – Tina Stosor 1991 – Greg Brisson, Vinky Chadha 1990 – Jeff Trunsky 1989 – Liz Apolonio, Anne Ditto, Mary McDermott 1988 – Evan Abel, Chris Cutler, Vera Rigolin 1987 – Frank Palella 1986 – Gary Noskin, Rich Green, Carol Chu 30 years of recruiting over 1200 interns!

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