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Sasso US I. HHome: New York, NY LLargest Market in sports DDivision: American League East 227 World Championships MMost valuable franchise in.

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Presentation on theme: "Sasso US I. HHome: New York, NY LLargest Market in sports DDivision: American League East 227 World Championships MMost valuable franchise in."— Presentation transcript:

1 Sasso US I

2 HHome: New York, NY LLargest Market in sports DDivision: American League East 227 World Championships MMost valuable franchise in MLB according to Forbes 22 nd highest payroll in baseball: frequently exceeds $200 million ($203+ million this year)

3 77 th season as Yanks manager VVery accomplished major league player WWon multiple championships as a player 22006 National League Manager of the Year (Florida Marlins) KKnown throughout baseball as very intelligent; can’t miss as a manager HHis smarts have also generated criticism- he’s been accused at times of “over-managing” SSome have also criticized his ability to relate to his players


5  The Yankees have a certain “it” factor  Yankee history speaks for itself (39 Hall of Famers, etc.)  They have been perceived as very corporate  No long hair, no facial hair, dress codes, lots of rules, etc.  Players must conform to the “Yankee Way”

6 HHome: Tampa, FL SSmall market franchise DDivision: American League East TTraditionally they have been awful VVery limited resources (both physical and financial) 330 th most valuable franchise (out of 30) 228 th highest payroll (out of 30): $77+ million

7 WWorked in the Angels organization for 31 years! NNever made it to the majors as a player WWon the 2002 World Series as an asst. coach PPassed over several times when the Angels searched for a manager TTook the top job with the Rays- thought to be a dead-end job KKnown throughout baseball as an excellent teacher- especially with young players VVery quirky- uses crazy strategies and motivational tools AAlways wears signature thick-rimmed glasses


9  The Rays have always searched for their own identity- it hasn’t been easy!  There’s really no history (1 Hall of Famer)  Their stadium has been unfavorably compared to a urinal  Sabrmetric principles- run prevention  The players have some free reign to be individuals  They do some tremendous things for team building: themed road trips and interesting special guestsinteresting special guests

10 Rays SSmall UUnknown NNo history UUnknown Manager EExciting, Fun to watch AAggressive HHungry, Passionate EEXCELLENT on defense TThey WANT to win NNothing to lose Yankees BBig FFamous- “Evil Empire” RRich History FFamous Manager CCan be a little boring PPassive SSatisfied SSupposed to win AAll the pressure is on them

11 Yanks  1901-present  Games- 17,496  Wins- 9,913  Losses- 7,495  Win %-.569 (best in history) Rays  1998-present  Games- 2,752  Wins- 1,272  Losses- 1,480  Win %-.462 (worst in history)

12 Rays since 2008  627-508 (.552)  2 division championship  4 playoff appearances  1 league championship  1 World Series appearance (lost)  Wins against Yanks- 61 Yanks since 2008  648-486 (.571)  3 division championships  4 playoff appearances  1 league championship  1 World Series championship  Wins against Rays- 54

13 Tampa Bay RaysNew York Yankees

14 Some of this….….And some of that

15 TThe Intolerable Acts are a massive threat to all of the colonies CColonial leaders feel the need to establish some sort of defense for MA CCommittees of Correspondence call for a “Continental Congress” DDelegates from 12 out of 13 colonies come to Philadelphia in September of 1774

16 11) Reject plan for colonial union under England 22) Come up with Declaration of Grievances 33) Make military preparations for MA 44) Agree to a series of boycotts, enforced by the Continental Association 55) Agree to meet again in the spring of 1775

17 FFarmers and townspeople were encouraged to gather weapons and ammo SStart to train as “Minutemen” TThese aren’t massive invading armies- only supposed to respond to British aggression

18 BBritish Commander in Boston is General Thomas Gage HHe believed that his army was too small for any type of attack or invasion EEssentially a really formal police force HHe receives orders to arrest both Samuel Adams and John Hancock, and that they are in Lexington, MA HHe is also told that there is a stash of weapons in Concord, MA

19 GGage wants to avoid as much trouble and bloodshed as possible- this would limit the amount of soldiers he may lose (and hopefully avoid angering the colonists) DDecides to send 1,000 troops out of Boston on the evening of April 18 th, 1775 TThis is where the committees of correspondence come into play

20 TThe Midnight Riders PPaul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott ““The Regulars are coming” RRevere and Prescott are both apprehended; Dawes makes it to the countryside and back

21 WWhen the British arrive at Lexington there are roughly 70 minutemen waiting for them QQuick fight, nothing that seems real significant, but this will ultimately be the first battle of the Revolution BBritish will then march to Concord, but they don’t find any weapons of significance SSet fire to the town, but waste a lot of time in doing so

22 MMinutemen have lined the roadways all the way back to Boston TThey will use guerilla warfare tactics on the British CChase British all the way back to Boston LLexington was basically a trap to set up the events at Concord

23 MMeet again 3 weeks after Lexington and Concord KKind of split in terms of emotions- you have an extreme side (Sam Adams, John Adams) and a conservative side (John Dickinson) OOlive Branch Petition (rejected) BBegin to draft a Declaration of Independence IIssue paper $ CCreate a Continental Army- appoint George Washington as commander NNo turning back at this point


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