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Parowan, Soaring Mecca Herb Kilian. OLC Soaring Camps? Not a Contest Not sanctioned by SSA Not about all-out competition Goal is to provide a reason to.

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1 Parowan, Soaring Mecca Herb Kilian

2 OLC Soaring Camps? Not a Contest Not sanctioned by SSA Not about all-out competition Goal is to provide a reason to fly your butt off Location must be attractive Triangles are the thing to do for optimizing OLC points Weather must be likely to cooperate Place must have OLC presence Means one thing: Illinois is no contender

3 Why they are becoming more popular Out West they always have been, not much was publicized Were seen as inferior to racing meets Contest flying seems to be declining, OLC-type flying on the increase every year No task is set, you go where you think the going will be good Less pressure, more fun? Aging glider population seems content with racking up OLC points Easy bragging rights if you are doing well (Hey, I was second on OLC yesterday, WORLDWIDE!). You will be noticed by some of your peers. Cost of weeklong contests prohibitive considering long drives across the country, some camps last 2 + weeks.

4 Scheduled Camps for 2015 Seminole Lake Florida, XC Racing Camp, March 22-29 Ionia Michigan, Midwest OLC Championship, May 24-30 Moriarty New Mexico, OLC Camp, June 1-15 ASA Camp Parowan Utah, June 16- 27 Nephi Utah OLC/XC Camp, June 27 – July 5 Reno Nevada, OLC/XC Camp, June 13 – 20 Ely NV has always been a prime destination for June-July for a long time

5 Cost and Benefits, What do these camps offer? Not much, but they can cost up to $250 for 6 days Mostly some infrastructure such as towplanes, water, oxygen, tie-down space Most have a pilots meeting with weather and turnpoint recommendations, review of previous day’s flights No scoring (other than OLC), you have to upload your flight No points toward SSA pilot ranking list Pick launch time at your convenience, within limits

6 How To Get There (Hope you like Nebraska…)

7 My Parowan Story Read it on Soaring Café or The Air Bubble: On Getting What You Deserve Best Soaring Vacation I had in 35 years of gliding Exceptionally lucky with the weather, 9 very good days out of 11 53 hours and 3,600 mi Bring your oxygen system, fly with water Friendly FBO, all services provided at reasonable cost Utah Canyon-Lands just a short drive away Made many new friendships Realized that motorgliders have some advantages

8 Things That Were Good Motorgliders all self-launched, we had about 7-9 pure gliders and one tow plane Could have launched earlier but left mostly around noon Nobody needed a relight throughout the camp Only 2 retrieve tows necessary during the entire camp Thermals worked until around 8 PM, sometimes later (after clouds had disappeared) About half of the days had working altitudes 15-18k No rain for the entire time but virga at altitude On the 2 non-flying days we had tons of choices for activities Prepared meals at airport for low cost EVERY Night Shared a condo with Mike McGlothlen from IA, perfect setting Motorglider pilots are surprisingly nice people Lots of public airports and landing fields throughout main flying area

9 Anything Negative? Parowan RW direction is 04/22 sloped downhill on 04. Winds mostly from the SW made for mostly downwind takeoffs on 04. Motorgliders had no problems but some glider pilots not familiar with situation did drop a wing and had to release. We launched on 22 on two days due to excessive tail wind. Marginal tow plane (Cessna 172) Lack of emergency landing fields when launching on 22 Couldn’t find fresh eggs one morning, limited shopping, also no-one had heard of Prosciutto ham, even in Cedar City! (can you believe it?)

10 Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore Some advice on what to bring to the Wild West – Bullet-proof Oxygen System (you will die without one) – Mechanics and Electrics reliable, very good batteries – Plenty of drinking water on board – Emergency Kit, Emergency Locator – Warm clothes, consider insole heaters (more batteries required) – Good physical condition, long flights await day after day – Power-Flarm is not required at Parowan, may be mandatory at other camps (good thing with 50+ gliders) – Mountain flying experience, be comfortable with rock polishing to make it up to altitude

11 Not a Bad Day, 860 km

12 Should have made this 1,000 km but let caution prevail (806 km)

13 2014 OLC Champion USA and Canada #NameClubsumFlight 1Flight 2Flight 3Flight 4Flight 5Flight 6 1Jim Payne (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Perlan Project95612007.16pt. (29.03)1862.40pt. (06.03)1583.53pt. (22.04)1500.45pt. (25.04)1304.60pt. (02.07)1303.11pt. (25.03) 2Mitch Polinsky (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Minden Soaring Club70761376.96pt. (03.07)1295.84pt. (04.05)1205.12pt. (02.07)1140.36pt. (05.07)1065.26pt. (04.07)992.76pt. (25.07) 3Keith Essex (US / R8: AK ID MT OR WA)Alaska Mountain Soar66921144.94pt. (05.07)1126.12pt. (25.03)1121.59pt. (09.06)1112.27pt. (12.07)1095.67pt. (30.08)1091.72pt. (02.06) 4Uwe Kleinhempel (CA / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Minden Soaring Club62671222.30pt. (02.07)1191.61pt. (03.07)1010.01pt. (04.05)968.70pt. (30.06)959.69pt. (12.07)914.30pt. (07.06) 5Thorsten Streppel (DE / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra59331196.90pt. (24.06)1173.23pt. (23.06)1016.64pt. (25.06)991.11pt. (22.06)890.38pt. (27.06)665.18pt. (06.09) 6Michael Higgins (US / R4: DE DC MD VA WV)M-ASA Mid-Atlantic Soaring Assn59091384.33pt. (23.04)1013.43pt. (05.04)996.84pt. (23.05)884.18pt. (14.06)821.99pt. (08.11)808.37pt. (22.09) 7Ramy Yanetz (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Northern California Soaring Ass.59001034.43pt. (07.06)1030.99pt. (04.07)997.66pt. (05.07)981.27pt. (22.06)971.18pt. (06.07)884.13pt. (23.06) 8Brian Collins (US / R2: NJ NY-S PA-E)Ridge Soaring Irregulars58781592.39pt. (23.04)1165.29pt. (26.03)1127.25pt. (09.04)821.74pt. (05.04)632.12pt. (08.11)539.15pt. (08.04) 9Russ Owens (US / R12: CA-S)Warner Springs Gliders57681055.79pt. (02.07)1017.30pt. (05.07)954.98pt. (22.06)932.56pt. (24.06)932.35pt. (01.07)875.40pt. (25.06) 10Darren Braun (CA / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Soar Truckee55811106.80pt. (03.07)1092.43pt. (05.07)987.23pt. (04.07)854.95pt. (12.07)777.57pt. (07.06)761.52pt. (14.09) 11Rolf Siebert (CA / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Albuquerque Soaring54901126.31pt. (03.07)966.98pt. (22.06)953.27pt. (25.06)856.08pt. (24.06)821.74pt. (23.06)765.37pt. (05.07) 12Danny Sorenson (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Las Vegas Valley Soaring Association53951147.65pt. (05.07)1042.94pt. (04.07)883.14pt. (21.06)860.28pt. (22.06)844.27pt. (07.06)616.47pt. (06.09) 13Dennis Tito (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Perlan Project51961015.80pt. (18.05)1015.23pt. (16.06)934.16pt. (09.05)804.08pt. (28.05)762.13pt. (30.08)664.79pt. (25.06) 14Doug Levy (US / )126 Association5163975.02pt. (06.06)938.29pt. (05.07)911.80pt. (04.07)885.97pt. (10.08)728.86pt. (20.06)722.84pt. (07.06) 15Tom Serkowski (US / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra51581117.09pt. (07.06)823.00pt. (22.06)816.82pt. (04.07)810.16pt. (05.07)798.24pt. (13.07)792.53pt. (14.09) 16Garry Dickson (US / )126 Association50021012.04pt. (05.06)990.86pt. (07.09)851.12pt. (07.06)825.82pt. (13.07)665.54pt. (06.06)656.79pt. (12.07) 17Tom Kelley (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)White Sands Soaring Association49561038.21pt. (03.07)996.73pt. (05.07)954.88pt. (02.07)800.08pt. (13.07)595.91pt. (25.05)569.73pt. (30.08) 18Mark Grubb (US / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra4921893.80pt. (25.06)882.99pt. (02.07)880.03pt. (09.06)780.03pt. (13.07)766.29pt. (24.06)717.91pt. (05.07) 19Mike Abernathy (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Albuquerque Soaring4863981.37pt. (30.06)857.86pt. (22.06)828.69pt. (03.09)800.15pt. (24.07)699.23pt. (24.06)695.83pt. (21.06) 20Michael Mitton (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Minden Soaring Club4859969.51pt. (02.07)839.29pt. (20.06)834.51pt. (22.06)810.05pt. (23.06)707.59pt. (18.08)698.00pt. (04.06) 21Michael McGlothlen (US / R7: IL IA MN MO-E ND SD W)Blackhawk Soaring Club4813911.15pt. (24.06)898.14pt. (23.06)836.27pt. (29.06)781.25pt. (27.06)773.78pt. (22.06)612.37pt. (28.06) 22Randall Acree (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Tucson Soaring Club4803983.35pt. (30.05)908.23pt. (22.06)871.80pt. (24.05)756.58pt. (03.05)648.13pt. (23.05)634.49pt. (05.04) 23Wilfried Krueger (CA / ON/Q)York Soaring Association46711069.00pt. (03.07)928.97pt. (22.06)876.98pt. (24.06)613.03pt. (28.08)604.61pt. (01.07)578.14pt. (02.07) 24Eric Rupp (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Hollister Gliding Cl4638921.62pt. (05.07)908.22pt. (04.07)780.44pt. (06.09)717.69pt. (06.07)679.40pt. (03.07)630.26pt. (14.09) 25Walter Rogers (US / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra4595976.08pt. (09.08)968.18pt. (08.06)828.61pt. (13.09)707.73pt. (13.07)597.06pt. (14.09)517.44pt. (01.07) 26Bruno Vassel (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)NUTSO4573889.32pt. (22.06)855.47pt. (04.07)796.14pt. (02.07)772.80pt. (06.07)653.10pt. (03.07)605.98pt. (31.05) 27Pedja Bogdanovich (RS / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Soaring Society of Boulder45701025.05pt. (01.06)780.94pt. (28.06)710.44pt. (04.05)705.41pt. (19.05)678.60pt. (10.04)669.37pt. (27.05) 28Vitek Siroky (CZ / R8: AK ID MT OR WA)Cascade Soaring Society4555818.05pt. (31.05)799.63pt. (22.06)766.49pt. (27.05)754.42pt. (11.06)712.71pt. (20.05)703.63pt. (06.06) 29Herbert Kilian (US / R7: IL IA MN MO-E ND SD W)Chicago Glider Club4521874.75pt. (23.06)854.78pt. (24.06)764.14pt. (29.06)734.39pt. (22.06)726.58pt. (28.06)566.43pt. (25.06) 30Robert Spielman (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Air Sailing Nevada44881125.49pt. (04.05)891.93pt. (15.02)652.24pt. (29.03)618.12pt. (27.02)600.12pt. (06.03)600.00pt. (14.02) 31Martin Eiler (US / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra4483931.52pt. (05.07)906.98pt. (09.08)758.87pt. (17.08)718.65pt. (14.09)641.67pt. (02.07)524.81pt. (22.06) 32Tom Bjork (US / R12: CA-S)Hole in the Wall4418870.76pt. (04.05)755.81pt. (12.04)722.98pt. (25.06)707.74pt. (07.06)689.07pt. (12.06)672.05pt. (20.08) 33Duncan Cumming (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Minden Soaring Club43981002.92pt. (03.12)853.83pt. (25.04)732.45pt. (18.08)640.03pt. (09.08)617.71pt. (02.08)550.97pt. (03.07) 34Kevin Wayt (US / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra4388947.75pt. (06.06)912.51pt. (14.09)908.81pt. (13.07)853.79pt. (06.09)764.82pt. (13.09) 35Tom Seim (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Assn.4352800.54pt. (02.07)798.01pt. (22.06)751.81pt. (05.07)731.96pt. (13.07)644.44pt. (24.06)625.06pt. (29.06) 36David Leonard (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Black Forest Soaring4343835.12pt. (01.06)764.57pt. (06.07)756.44pt. (29.06)729.41pt. (05.07)662.87pt. (03.05)594.85pt. (06.08) 37DAVID VOLKMANN (US / R11: CA-N GU HI NV)Air Sailing Nevada4319810.15pt. (10.06)773.38pt. (09.06)722.41pt. (11.06)694.34pt. (18.08)684.05pt. (06.06)634.77pt. (04.06) 38Robert Macys (US / R7: IL IA MN MO-E ND SD W)Chicago Glider Club4311868.19pt. (02.07)798.63pt. (05.07)743.93pt. (23.06)691.89pt. (22.06)632.89pt. (03.07)575.66pt. (24.06) 39Whitney Ganz (US / R12: CA-S)Southern Sierra4308835.54pt. (10.08)786.01pt. (13.07)711.10pt. (22.06)675.77pt. (17.08)664.01pt. (07.09)635.50pt. (27.07) 40Robert Caldwell (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Soaring Society of Boulder4298942.30pt. (04.07)784.49pt. (02.07)658.06pt. (19.07)639.87pt. (01.06)637.88pt. (16.08)635.83pt. (29.06) 41Nicolas Bennet (US / )#NAME?4289829.10pt. (20.06)750.19pt. (27.08)731.64pt. (23.06)700.29pt. (26.08)649.43pt. (25.08)628.22pt. (20.08) 42Ian Spence (CA / BC/A)Canadian Rockies Soaring Club4267829.22pt. (11.06)735.39pt. (22.06)715.39pt. (29.07)703.68pt. (06.06)647.58pt. (11.05)636.17pt. (30.05) 43Bill Hill (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Albuquerque Soaring4265801.84pt. (22.06)762.99pt. (03.09)724.48pt. (29.06)721.87pt. (30.06)627.25pt. (21.08)626.37pt. (28.05) 44Robert Templin (US / R2: NJ NY-S PA-E)Aero Club Albatross42391137.15pt. (09.04)791.84pt. (28.08)785.79pt. (24.04)650.38pt. (03.11)461.47pt. (22.09)412.07pt. (11.08) 45Steve Dee (US / R9: AZ CO NM UT WY)Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Assn.4220872.58pt. (22.06)796.97pt. (24.06)717.38pt. (23.06)682.80pt. (29.06)613.74pt. (25.06)536.09pt. (07.07)

14 Cost Considerations Total gas cost was about $800, would be $600 today (8cyl. 4x4 SUV) 9 tows, oxygen and airport tie-down: $800 Condo for 13 nights, food and incidentals: $800 2 nights in motels on the road: $150 You’ll have to budget about $2,000 - $2,700 for a 2 week trip if the flying is good. Tows are now around $60 to 2,000’, higher in places like Ely The high cost of travel a reason to extend your stay Who said this was a cheap vacation?

15 Why Would You Want To Go? It took me 9 years of flying in N. IL to get a 500k, in Parowan my shortest flight was 426 km Chances of good weather much stronger than in Central and Eastern US (disregard what Ray Konrath and Mark Akerly will tell you) Completely different environment, new challenges, great rewards Chances of really long flights, locals will inspire you to go long Adventure! Road Trip! Siren Song of the West! Karl Striedieck quote: “this is what our gliders were made to do”

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