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Mobility Sponsorship Jan. 2015. Overview www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com2  Dedicated to rallying community spirit…  Honoring war heroes and veteran appreciation.

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1 Mobility Sponsorship Jan. 2015

2 Overview www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com2  Dedicated to rallying community spirit…  Honoring war heroes and veteran appreciation  Classroom and at-risk education  Interactive S.T.E.M. workshops, weather & history modules available  30+ pilots and teams from 15 states  Family-friendly event with broad demographic appeal  Easy access for day travelers and those seeking a "non-beach" experience WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest: The right stuff…

3 Overview www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com3  The same balloonmeister as Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta  A balloonmeister is the “flight director”  manages the safety and competition staff, works with the FAA, manages the balloon competition and exhibition, and coordinates pilot activities  Numerous ways to leverage event  Community development, sales, networking and branding opportunities  Long weekend offers flexibility to conduct flight, tether, and glow operations  Delivers on value proposition for attendees and sponsors WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest: The right stuff…

4 Overview www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com4  Volunteer Programs  Individual volunteers for core logistical and crew specific activities  Charitable Beneficiary Opportunities  Organizer offers fundraising space for recognized 501(c)3 charities  Committed to local charities  A portion of net proceeds will be given to:  Charities with local human service impact  Armed service families in need or recovery WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest: The right stuff…

5 Overview www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com5  Build large scale consumer awareness  Drive traffic in support of other sponsors  Activation well before event:  TV Spots, News, Weather & Features  Radio Spots, Consumer Contests, Promos & Interviews  Web & Social  Durham Bulls and other pre-festival activation A Title Sponsor committed to the success of the festival offering significant media exposure to…

6 Two Locations – One Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com6  Mass Ascension & Balloon Glow  Friday Night  Championship Competition Flights  Saturday, Sunday & Monday Morning  Public, Sponsored Tethered Balloon Rides & Balloon Glow  Saturday & Sunday afternoon/evening  Family friendly picnic, play and programming each day  VIP Hospitality and VIP On-site Parking Competition Site: Bennett Bunn Plantation, Zebulon

7 Two Locations – One Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com7  Tethered Balloon Rides For Special Populations  Thursday & Friday Morning  Public, Sponsored Tethered Rides, & Balloon Glow  Saturday & Sunday afternoon/evening  Family friendly picnic, play and programming each day Park Site: Spring Forest Road Park, Raleigh

8 Event Projections www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com8  Projected attendance greater than 34,000+ spectators over the 3-1/2 day event schedule  35% Wake County  50% day travelers within 50 miles of event sites  10-15% will travel greater than 100 miles to attend  15% of guests will spend at least one hotel room night

9 Research & Data www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com9  Family-Friendly & Female Driven  63% of all adults are accompanied by children*  69% are likely to be women**  Balloon festival attendees are likely more affluent  Nearly 45% HHI > $80K  26% HHI from $50-79K  Largest potential audience segment likely between age 30-49 *The International Council of Air Shows Study, 2010. **Audience Research & Economic Impact of Albuquerque International a Balloon Fiesta, 2009. Economic and attendance estimates based upon an extrapolation of measured impact reported by CBF 2013, AIBF 2009 and GCBF 2014.

10 Research & Data www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com10  Sponsor Awareness, Appreciation & Likelihood to Purchase is High  57% of balloon festival guests recall three or more sponsors (unaided)**  92% of respondents indicated having a positive attitude toward sponsors due to association with the event**  63% of attendees indicate they are more likely to purchase form sponsors because of their association with the event** *The International Council of Air Shows Study, 2010. **Audience Research & Economic Impact of Albuquerque International a Balloon Fiesta, 2009. Economic and attendance estimates based upon an extrapolation of measured impact reported by CBF 2013, AIBF 2009 and GCBF 2014.

11 Mobility Sponsor: Objective www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com11  Make the magic of hot air ballooning more accessible to those with mobility challenges  Military veterans  Elderly  Children Festival to commission a custom, purpose-built basket designed to offer mobility challenged populations easier access to enjoy a bucket list experience – a ride aboard a hot air balloon

12 Mobility Sponsor Benefits – Pre-Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com12  Launch Event:  Festival will develop a launch event to showcase sponsor involvement and generate consumer awareness/support  Requesting coverage from WRAL-TV/WRAZ news  Interviews with key sponsor spokesperson(s) along with festival organizers.  Organizers will work to have representation from beneficiary mobility group(s) present for interviews  Cannot guarantee coverage however, very likely  Radio “Raid”  Organizers will request interview airtime on Title Sponsor radio stations’ morning or high traffic programming to promote sponsor/festival partnership  WRAL FM "Mix 101.5", WCMC FM "99.9 The Fan", and 850 The Buzz  Multiple sponsor brand references as available during promotional interviews

13 Mobility Sponsor Benefits – Pre-Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com13  Pre-Festival Promotional Appearances  Basket will be used for pre-festival promotional appearances* (as available; weather permitting)  Examples might include:  Fayetteville Dogwood Festival, Durham Bulls post-game mini-glow, ACC Baseball Tournament post-game mini-glow at DBAP  On-base appearances at Fort Bragg or Camp Lejeune *Assumes production of basket completed in time for pre-festival appearances.  Verbal recognition as Mobility Balloon Sponsor during speaking engagements, social media, interviews and appearances with news media (as appropriate)  Logo Placement on Chase Vehicle  Sponsor will receive prominent logo position on the balloon support vehicle  Size, location and execution based upon space availability

14 Mobility Sponsor Benefits – Pre-Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com14  Recognition on WRAL Out&About Festival Page  Prominent Logo Positioning  Logo link-back to sponsor's own landing page  Space for, or link to, video content from at least one supporting sponsor activation event (possible news story)  Recognition on Sponsor Page  Prominent Logo Positioning  Logo link-back to sponsor's own landing page  Space for, or link to, video content from at least one supporting sponsor activation event (possible news story)

15 Mobility Sponsor Benefits – Pre-Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com15  Pre-Festival Mobility Tethered Balloon Events at Spring Forest Road Park  Scheduled the morning of Thursday, May 21 and Friday, May 22  Thursday morning rain plan is to push to Thursday afternoon  Festival will request live news broadcast during these tethered events as final pre-festival “push”  Coverage is not guaranteed, however, it is likely  Sponsor will receive recognition during such broadcast and possible interviews during the event

16 Mobility Sponsor Benefits – During Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com16  On Site Signage  Presenting Sponsor logo included on event branded signage throughout both venues  Two additional premium banner positions at both venues (entrances and/or stage positions)  Logo on competition number banner  Displayed on each participating basket (may exclude certain participating corporate balloons)  On Site Hospitality  The Lodge at Bennett Bunn Plantation  20 VIP Hospitality & 2 Parking Passes

17 Mobility Sponsor Benefits – During Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com17  On Site Display – Promotional or Product Sampling  Mobility Sponsor will have access at both locations for branded tent, interactive display or product demonstrations  Display space at Bennett Bunn Plantation is equal to approximately 10’x20’  Display space at Spring Forest Road Park approximately 10’x20’  (Saturday & Sunday afternoon/evening only) Sponsor to provide tent(s), display vehicle, staff, content and materials. Distribution of certain materials which may become a waste disposal issue (ex. paper fliers or certain types of coupons) is not permitted.

18 Mobility Sponsor Benefits – During Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com18  Balloon Team Sponsorship  Event will assign one of the participating balloons to represent Presenting Sponsor during the festival*  Includes…  Basket Banner dedicated to one of the participating balloon teams  In addition to competition number banner carried by all balloons  Choice of either:  Competition or Mass Ascension Flight Experience for two people  Includes souvenir certificate, merchandise and traditional post-flight toast  Private Balloon Tether Party for 50  Invite up to 50 guests to join you with your own tethered balloon event during the Saturday and Sunday night tether-glow events at Bennett Bunn Plantation (private catering not included) *Note: It is possible the sponsor will not be assigned the balloon using the mobility friendly basket. If sponsor has an existing corporate balloon program, entry fee waived for sponsor balloon and festival will add six (6) additional hospitality passes to Presenting Sponsor Package.

19 Mobility Sponsor – Beyond The Festival www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com19  Additional Tether Appearances Targeting Mobility Challenged Populations  Target audiences include:  Wounded Warrior Groups, Veterans Affairs, families of returning military with mobility challenges and similar groups  Senior populations  Children’s camps – Victory Junction, Camp Sunshine  Year 1  Minimum of 5 additional branded special tether events*  Year 2 & 3  Additional branded special tether events designed each year at a discounted rate to cover costs. *Note: Organizer will make best efforts to schedule events with outside entities but cannot control scheduling or availability. Wind/weather/weight restrictions may affect number of tethered events.

20 Mobility Sponsor Summary www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com20  Business Category Exclusivity  Year-Round Program with Multi-Year Agreement  Recognition via News, Radio Promotions & Special Events  News coverage not guaranteed  Logo + Link from Dedicated Out&About page  Logo and Recognition on Event’s Web and Social Media  On Site Hospitality & VIP parking  Balloon Team Sponsorship, Basket Banner & Balloon Trading Card  On Site Display Space and Banners  Choice of Competition/Mass Ascention Flight for Two or VIP Tether Party for Up to 50 Guests

21 Mobility Sponsor Investment www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com21  Year 1 - $36,000  Goes directly to production, import and shipping of basket  Year 2 & 3 – (opportunity to maintain sponsorship, or additional events available at a reduced rate.)  Investment includes:  Branded apparel for support crew, banner production for basket and event venues  FAA annual inspection fees, insurance, and required additional insured certificates  No additional charge for mileage or transportation for events within 50 mile radius of Raleigh; mileage after first 50 miles is charged at $.50/mile  Note: There will be no mileage charge for events in North Carolina specifically targeted to support injured veteran programs with mobility concerns  Any required overnight stays will be billed at a per diem rate $183 per night for pilot and per crew member (minimum 2 crew for most events unless sufficient volunteer crew are made available)

22 www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com22 Thank you! Brian Hoyle 919.272.3435 ©2014-2015 Hot Air Marketing, LLC. The WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest is an exclusive production of Hot Air Marketing, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The WRAL logo, WRAL name and names of its parent or other subsidiaries used by permission.

23 www.WRALFreedomBalloonFest.com23 Appendix

24 DateTimeEventLocation Thursday, May 217:00am-9:30amMedia & Promotional Flights and Special Needs Communities Tethered BalloonsSpring Forest Road Park (SFRP) 6:00pm-8:00pmMedia & Promotional FlightsWake County Friday, May 226:30am-9:00amMedia & Promotional Flights and Special Needs Communities Tethered BalloonsSFRP 3 :00 Venue Opens for Kids Play - Family FunBennett Bunn Plantation (BBP) 6:00pm-8:00pmMass Ascension Championship Flight #1; VIP Flights; General Consumer & VIP Tethered BalloonsBBP Saturday, May 236:30am-9:00amChampionship Flight #2BBP 2 :30 Venue Opens for Kids Play - Family FunBBP & SFRP 4:00pm-5:45pmPilot/Sponsor/Media Social-Meet & GreetBBP & SFRP 6:30pm-8:00pm Public & Sponsor/VIP Tethered Balloon Rides BBP & SFRP 8:15pm-9:15pmBalloon GlowBBP & SFRP Sunday, May 246:30am-9:00amChampionship Flight #3BBP 2: 30 Venue Opens for Kids Play - Family FunBBP & SFRP 4:00pm-5:45pmPilot/Sponsor SocialBBP & SFRP 6:30pm-8:00pm Public & Sponsor/VIP Tethered Balloon Rides BBP & SFRP 8:15pm-9:15pmBalloon GlowBBP & SFRP Monday, May 256:30am-9:00amChampionship Flight #4BBP 10:30am-12:00pmPilot Brunch & CeremonyBBP Tentative Event Schedule All times, scheduled activities and locations are tentative as permitted by weather conditions.

25 A Primer On Competition Flying About Balloon Competition Balloon races are popular throughout the world, especially during summer months. So, "How do balloons race?" In fact, racing may not be the best choice of words when talking about balloon competitions because balloons don't race in the normal sense of the word. It isn't a "first across the finish line" endeavor. In their simplest form, balloon competitions score how close a pilot can get to a pre-determined target. Small weighted markers are dropped at the target. The challenge is to be the closest to the target, but unlike all other forms of flying, balloon pilots do not have direct horizontal control of their direction of flight. The balloon simply moves with the wind. So, much effort is focused on selection of a proper launch site and winds aloft. Pilots can control their vertical position, and thereby, ascend or descend to an altitude where winds will steer the aircraft left or right to an intended target or landing site. Competition pilots have become quite skilled in reading the winds aloft and using the winds to their advantage to get where they want to be (the target). Competitors have gotten so skilled that the difference between first place and third or fourth can be fractions of an inch. With the evolution of GPS technology, competition directors - known as balloonmeisters - have developed extremely complicated tasks for pilots to accomplish, and many pilots lose points for rules violations even though they flew quite well. The following pages offer a sampling of some of the tasks competitors may be assigned to fly. The first four are fairly simple competitions that are very popular at festivals that offer light, entertaining competition. The others illustrate the complexity of tasks that occur during heavy competition like world or national championships.

26 A Primer On Competition Flying Types of Competition Tasks The following is a sample of common tasks used during competition events. Often many of these tasks are combined in a certain order during a single flight to hone and test the skills of the participating pilots. Hare and Hound - All the balloons launch from the same site, usually a festival competition site. One balloon takes off first and is the "hare" balloon. The other balloons are called the "hounds." The hounds will launch a predetermined time after the hare. The hare lands at a suitable site and lays out a large fabric X, usually about 50 feet in diameter. The hound balloons attempt to drop their markers as close to the center of the X as possible. The closest marker achieves the highest score. Convergent Navigational Task (CNT) - The target X is placed in a secure area, usually the festival site. The balloons can launch anywhere they want as long as they are outside of a predetermined radius from the X, usually 1, 2, or 3 miles. Pilots fly in, drop their markers at the X, and scoring is based on the distance from the center of the X. Watership Down - This is a two-part task that combines a CNT with a Hare and Hound. Competitors take off outside of a predetermined radius of the first target (usually at the festival site) and drop their first marker. The hare balloon launches from the first X and the hound balloons continue on to drop their second marker at the X set down by the hare.

27 A Primer On Competition Flying Key Grab - A Key grab is nearly identical to a CNT, but instead of an X at the target, a pole 10 or 20 feet high is the target. A detachable ring is fastened to the top of the pole. The first pilot who removes the ring wins the prize. Prizes can be almost anything; new cars, cash, and even new balloons have been given away. With multiple variations, a key grab task is often sponsored by a brand or local business, and is a crowd favorite. Minimum Distance Double Drop - The judges define two scoring areas. The task is to drop one marker in each scoring area, with the shortest distance between the two markers achieving the highest score. ELBO - Pilots take off from a common launch point (point A) and fly to a judge declared goal (point B). One marker is dropped at point B. The pilot then tries to change the direction of flight and drop a second marker at a point (point C) that will result in the smallest angle between point A and point C. Multiple Pilot Declared Goal - The competition director will assign pilots to drop markers at multiple targets of their choice. Targets are usually road intersections or road - railroad intersections. Sounds easy, but the targets must be identified by their map coordinates. The first target's coordinates must be declared before launch, the coordinates for the second target must be written on the tail of the marker dropped at the first target, and so on.

28 Glossary  Accident. An occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight and all such persons have disembarked, and in which any person suffers death or serious injury, or in which the aircraft receives substantial damage. See also "incident."  Aircraft. A device that is used or intended to be used for flight in the air. Hot air balloons are federally licensed and inspected aircraft.  Annual inspection. A maintenance term, which states that “no person may operate an aircraft unless, within the preceding 12 calendar months, it has had—(1) an annual inspection...and has been approved for return to service...” Some more regular inspections may be required given the hours of operation within a given timeframe.  Basket. That portion of a hot air balloon that carries the pilot, passengers, cargo, fuel, and instruments.  Balloonmeister. A title associated with balloon festivals and competitions. Typically, this person is responsible for the organization and designation of certain tasks pilots will perform during a given flight. The balloonmeister is responsible for filing NOTAM's, FAA waiver documents for a festival, and can make group "fly/no fly" rulings related flight operations on behalf of the festival/event.

29 Glossary  Balloon Federation of America (BFA). A national association for balloon pilots and enthusiasts in the United States. The BFA is the sanctioning body for balloon competitions.  Controlled airspace. Airspace designated by the FAA as Class A, B, C, D, or E within which air traffic control (ATC) service is provided to some or all aircraft. Balloons can operate in all airspace (given appropriate authorization and communication with ATC (if any).  Crew chief. A crew-member who is assigned the responsibility of organizing and directing other crew-members. Most balloon teams have an assigned crew chief.  Envelope. Fabric portion of a balloon that contains hot air or gas.  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The federal agency responsible to promote aviation safety through regulation and education. The FAA has authority over all airspace within the United States.  Flight review. Required for all certificated pilots every 24 months in order to retain pilot in command privileges.

30 Glossary  Ground crew. Persons who assist in the assembly, inflation, chase, and recovery of a balloon. Festivals organizers often enlist and train volunteer ground crew to assist out-of- town balloon pilots (often for their knowledge of local roads as well).  Heater. Propane-fueled device to heat air inside the envelope of a balloon, often referred to as a burner.  Incident. An occurrence other than an accident, associated with the operation of an aircraft, which affects or could affect the safety of operations.  Instrument. A device using an internal mechanism to show visually or aurally the attitude, altitude, or operation of an aircraft or aircraft part. There are only two instruments required in a hot air balloon: vertical speed indicator (VSI) and altimeter.  Log. A record of activities: flight, instruction, inspection, and maintenance. Balloon pilots log their time in flight and aircraft use time.

31 Glossary  Mooring. Operation of an unmanned balloon secured to the ground by lines or controlled by anything touching the ground. See "tethering."  Notice to Airmen (NOTAM). A notice containing information concerning facilities, services, or procedures, the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with flight operations.  Pibal. Pilot balloon; a small helium-filled balloon sent aloft to help determine wind direction, velocity, and stability.  Pilot in Command (PIC). The pilot responsible for the operation and safety of an aircraft during flight.  Preflight. All preparations, including gathering information, assembly, and inspection performed by the pilot before flight.  Propane. A colorless and odorless gas. Hot air balloons burn this gas in a controlled manner to provide buoyancy or lift. Balloon pilots are specially trained and federally certificated to refuel and transport propane.

32 Glossary  Repair station. A facility where specified aircraft and their parts may be inspected, repaired, altered, modified, or maintained. Approval is issued to a facility upon qualifications specified by the FAA.  Tethering. Operation of a manned balloon secured to the ground by a series of lines.  Thermal. A column of rising air associated with adjacent areas of differing temperature. Thermal activity caused by the sun’s heating usually starts 2 to 3 hours after sunrise.  Type certification. Official recognition that the design and operating limitations of an aircraft, engine, or propeller meet the airworthiness standards prescribed by the Federal Aviation Regulations for that particular category or type of aircraft, engine, or propeller.  Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Flight rules governing aircraft flight when the pilot has visual reference to the ground at all times. Balloons are only authorized to fly when VFR conditions exist within the area of intended flight operations.

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