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#GAAyout h Report by Youth Ambassadors to GAA Congress 2015.

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1 #GAAyout h Report by Youth Ambassadors to GAA Congress 2015

2 What is #GAAyouth? #GAAyouth  #GAAyouth is a Programme for Youth Consultation within the GAA  Objectives of #GAAyouth are: to seek the views of children and young people within the GAA on the issues that matter to them; to explore existing mechanisms for children and young people to voice their opinions; to make recommendations on how suitable mechanisms can be developed going forward. Youth Ambassadors Cathal Pádraig Michael Lauren

3 Partnership with the DCYA #GAAyouth Anne O’Donnell, Head of the Citizen Participation Unit Department of Children & Youth Affairs Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures: National Strategy on a Framework for Children & Young People 2014-2020

4 Having our voices heard  GAA Youth Consultation Day – June 2014  Identifying the challenges and opportunities we experience in having our voices heard in the GAA #GAAyouth

5 Having our voices heard #GAAyouth So what does “having our voices heard” mean to young people in the GAA?  Listening  Respect  Feeling involved

6 Having our voices heard #GAAyouth What helps young people to “have our voices heard”?

7 Having our voices heard #GAAyouth What stops young people from “having our voices heard”?  Being excluded from planning  Being “caught in the middle”  Being treated differently from others

8 Having our voices heard #GAAyouth On what issues do young people in the GAA want to “have our voices heard”? Coaching Committees Dual Players Fixtures & Training Schedules Fundraising Gender Equality Health, Nutrition, Injury & Burnout Referee Support & Development Youth Development

9 Having our voices heard  9 themes identified and 1 theme per table;  Youth Ambassadors chose a theme to discuss;  Placemats – Club/County/National level;  Voting at each table #GAAyouth

10 Having our voices heard Examples of recommendations put forward by each table:

11 Having our voices heard #GAAyouth Voting  Based upon the list of recommendations from each table there was a general vote  Voted for top recommendation at Club, County and National Level Club: All women and men’s Championship Finals should be played in the main county ground County: To have a youth representative at county board level National: That everyone is under the same umbrella with equal representation of ladies and other sports (Handball/Rounders) on the national committee

12 #GAAyouth Workshop #GAAyouth Croke Park – 29 th November 2014 30 Youth Ambassadors attended Presentations from Young People followed by a Q&A Group Break-out sessions – strategies to improve having youth voices heard at club level

13 #GAAyouth Workshop - Purpose #GAAyouth  The main purpose of the day was to get more detailed feedback and discussion on the topics raised at the initial Consultation Day;  Presentations on youth structures already in place in clubs- more insight into how these are run;  Problems/Areas for improvement identified from the consultation day were discussed in greater detail in smaller groups;  7 main topics of importance to GAA youth were identified.

14 Models of Youth Consultation #GAAyouth  Newport GAA, Tipperary  Ballyboden St. Enda’s, Dublin  Comhairle na nÓg

15 Newport GAA #GAAyouth  Youth forum held by the club – 45 attended (both male and female)  Instigated by adult members but facilitated by youth members of the club  Has taken place for last 2 years  Contributed to the overall Club Strategic 5 Year Plan

16 Breakout Sessions #GAAyouth 7 main topics of discussion: Formal representation - Club Committee, County, Congress Rules- more interaction outside of games with referees to properly teach rules, understand them better, comparison to rugby, “Give Respect, Get Respect” Initiative Planning & Scheduling- opinions gathered at youth forum at beginning of the year (equipment, funds) / Scheduling – club weekly planner and regulation

17 Breakout Sessions #GAAyouth 7 main topics of discussion: Player Welfare & Development - views of youth about own development needs, dietary and S&C information provided Gender Equality- future one umbrella association, many are not aware, equal opportunities for same effort Communication- between school and clubs- PLAYER BURNOUT Welfare

18 Next steps #GAAyouth  ​ Report made to GAA Management and they approved recommendations from the Youth Consultation Day;  Next steps – hope to continue to grow #GAAyouth;  Next year a group of the Youth Ambassadors will be central to the organisation of a Youth Forum for young GAA members from all over the Country.

19 Go raibh míle maith agaibh

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